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Operation of a PV power plant during overpower events caused by the cloud enhancement phenomenon



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TilaJulkaistu - 1 toukokuuta 2020
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Partly cloudy days possess two characteristics that can significantly increase the photovoltaic (PV) generator power: the operating temperature of the PV panels can cool down during the shade periods, and the irradiance can be enhanced due to the cloud enhancement phenomenon. If an overirradiance event is preceded by a long shade period, the maximum power of a PV generator can occasionally be much higher than the nominal nameplate power. During the overpower events, the inverter is operating in power-limiting mode whereby the operating voltage is increased to decrease the power of the PV generator. We created a simulation model of a 31.9 kW PV generator and used 12 months of irradiance and PV panel temperature measurement data to analyze its operation. We analyzed the PV generator power during the overirradiance events and applied various static power limits to calculate the operating voltage ranges in case of power curtailment. During the observation period, the maximum power produced by the PV generator was 1.42 times its nominal power. The duration of the overpower events was up to several minutes, but the typical duration was only some tens of seconds. The strongest overpower events occur seldom and their duration is only some seconds. Due to the overpower events, the operating voltage may receive high values, especially if the DC-to-AC power ratio is large.