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Printed soft-electronics for remote body monitoring



Otsikko Hybrid Memory Devices and Printed Circuits 2017
AlaotsikkoSPIE Organic Photonics + Electronics | 6-10 August 2017
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TilaJulkaistu - elokuuta 2017
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TapahtumaSPIE Organic Photonics + Electronics -
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NimiSPIE Conference Proceedings
ISSN (painettu)0277-786X
ISSN (elektroninen)1996-756X


ConferenceSPIE Organic Photonics + Electronics
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Wearable electronics has emerged into the consumer markets over the past few years. Wrist worn and textile integrated devices are the most common apparatuses for unobtrusive monitoring in sports and wellness sectors. Disposable patches and bandages, however, represent the new era of wearable electronics. Soft and stretchable electronics is the enabling technology of this paradigm shift. It can conform to temporary transfer tattoo and deform with the skin without detachment or fracture. In this paper, we focus on screen-printed soft-electronics for remote body monitoring. We will present a fabrication process of a skin conformable electrode bandage designed for long-term outpatient electrocardiography (ECG) monitoring. The soft bandage is designed to be attached to the patient chest and miniaturized data collection device is connected to the bandage via Micro-USB connector. The fabricated bandage is tested in short exercise as well as continued long-term (72 hours) monitoring during normal daily activities. The attained quality of the measured ECG signals is fully satisfactory for rhythm-based cardiac analysis also during moderate-intensity exercise. After pre-processing, the signals could be used also for more profound morphological analysis of ECG wave shapes.

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