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Project feedback as a tool for learning



OtsikkoProceedings of the 13th Annual Conference of the International Group for Lean Construction (IGLC 2005)
TilaJulkaistu - 2005
Julkaistu ulkoisestiKyllä
OKM-julkaisutyyppiA4 Artikkeli konferenssijulkaisussa
Tapahtuma13th International Group for Lean Construction Conference, IGLC 13 - Sydney, NSW, Austraalia
Kesto: 19 heinäkuuta 200521 heinäkuuta 2005


Conference13th International Group for Lean Construction Conference, IGLC 13
KaupunkiSydney, NSW


In construction, project feedback has often been seen primarily as a means to measure customer satisfaction. Even though the measurement of customer satisfaction is an important factor, feedback infor mation also has other purposes, for example, it highlights the frailties of the operations. With the help of the feedback information, companies can uncover development targets and develop their own com petencies and co-operation competencies. Thus feedback information is also a vehicle for sharing knowledge about experiences and good solutions and thereby operates as a part of knowledge mechanism and learning. Construction can be characterized as a specific type of project industry, with specific features concerning production, such as temporality, bounded location and one-off products. From the point of view of learning, the uniqueness and temporality of the project organization bring their own challenges and difficulties. In this article we concentrate on how those challenges and difficulties can be overcome with the help of feedback information. The questions of this paper are defined as follows: • How does the uniqueness and temporality of a project organisation affect the learning processes? • How can feedback be used to intensify knowledge transfer and learning for the parties of the construction project?