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Remote diagnostics application software for remote handling equipment



JulkaisuFusion Engineering and Design
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TilaE-pub ahead of print - 2019
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The ITER Remote Handling Control System (RHCS) controllers provide measurement and diagnostics data about the remote handling equipment and tools they control. This paper presents the Remote Diagnostics Application (RDA) software for the analysis and archiving of the RHCS diagnostics data. The RDA provides a basic set of diagnostics tools, including trends, spectra, histograms, scatter plots, cross-correlation plots, as well as archiving and retrieval of history data. The ITER RH operators can extend diagnostics capabilities for specific RH equipment needs by incorporating custom diagnostics functions. To facilitate customization, RDA implements an architecture with three nested levels: the RDA Framework, its Diagnostics Workbenches and their Diagnostics Primitives. The RDA Framework has a user interface that can load one or several special diagnostics cases implemented as custom Diagnostics Workbenches with custom or default Diagnostics Primitives, such as rules, analysis functions and filters. As a result, the RDA features a diagnostics framework to execute complex and dedicated diagnostics and prognostics for the RH experts to monitor performance data, to run diagnostics tests and rules on equipment systems and to analyse historical data. The RDA helps the RH operators reduce downtime of the Remote Handling systems by exposing failure conditions and maintenance needs.