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Role and nature of systemic innovations in construction and real estate sector



JulkaisuConstruction Innovation: Information, Process, Management
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TilaJulkaistu - 7 huhtikuuta 2015
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Purpose - The paper aims to clarify the role of systemic innovations and the subsequent profound change these can have on the construction and real estate sectors. Systemic innovation as a concept has an inherent capability for viewing factors, actors and conditions as a system or several systems. This has a direct relevance in construction and real estate sector where operations are composed of temporary and continual networks of stakeholders and where the end products can be understood as systems. Design/methodology/approach - The paper builds additional viewpoints and interpretations on some recently completed research where sector wide innovation aspects and challenges have been studied. Two doctoral dissertations supervised by the author and an action research effort where innovative cellular building products were developed and implemented are presented. Findings - The paper provides insights about systemic innovations in the construction and real estate sectors. It presents research topics that explain further what is required for having successful systemic innovations. Research limitations/implications - This is a synthesis paper. The presented viewpoints and interpretations can be used as starting points for research, development and innovation actions. Practical implications - The paper presents starting points for companies and other service providers targeting new innovative products which have systemic implications. Originality/value - This paper explains the need and challenges of systemic innovations in the construction and real estate sectors.