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Schedule health assessment of construction projects



JulkaisuConstruction Management and Economics
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TilaJulkaistu - 12 heinäkuuta 2016
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Several factors can contribute to the success of construction projects. A sound and good quality construction schedule is considered to be one of them. The quality of schedules has been a research topic only for a few efforts and amongst them construction-oriented research is even more rare. Methodical grounds for assessing schedule quality have been studied via literature study for the development of appropriate solutions to assess the quality of construction schedules. These findings combined with the experiences from practical implementations have resulted in the definition of a metric to measure schedule quality for construction projects. It includes 75 schedule requirements classified into 5 groups: general requirements, construction process, schedule mechanics, cost and resources and control process. This structure forms a core for the developed method to assess construction schedule quality termed as Schedule Health Assessment. The developed method has also the purpose of assisting project planners to produce and maintain good quality schedules starting from the project initiation until its completion, as via using the method to detect deficiencies of project schedules and other critical issues having importance with respect to schedule maintenance.