X-ray microtomographic confirmation of the reliability of CBCT in identifying the scalar location of cochlear implant electrode after round window insertion

Advances in Human Stem Cell-Derived Neuronal Cell Culturing and Analysis

Nonlinear recurrent neural networks for finite-time solution of general time-varying linear matrix equations

Neurofunctional plasticity in fraction learning

An fMRI training study

CNN-based edge filtering for object proposals

Atomistic fingerprint of hyaluronan–CD44 binding

Network-wide adaptive burst detection depicts neuronal activity with improved accuracy

Improving efficiency in convolutional neural networks with multilinear filters

Comparison of Feature Selection Techniques in Machine Learning for Anatomical Brain MRI in Dementia

Morphological Differentiation Towards Neuronal Phenotype of SH-SY5Y Neuroblastoma Cells by Estradiol, Retinoic Acid and Cholesterol

Unique Features of Network Bursts Emerge From the Complex Interplay of Excitatory and Inhibitory Receptors in Rat Neocortical Networks

Evaluation of the different sleep-disordered breathing patterns of the compressed tracheal sound

Assessment of respiratory effort during sleep with noninvasive techniques

Deep audio-visual saliency

Baseline model and data

Automatic objective thresholding to detect neuronal action potentials

Human anterior thalamic nuclei are involved in emotion-attention interaction

Building new computational models to support health behavior change and maintenance

new opportunities in behavioral research

Real-time hidden gaze point correction

Look and lean

Accurate head-assisted eye pointing

Comparison of eye movement filters used in HCI

Epileptiform and periodic EEG activities induced by rapid sevoflurane anaesthesia induction

Severe cerebral white matter lesions in ischemic stroke patients are associated with less time spent at home and early institutionalization

Post-stroke depression and depression-executive dysfunction syndrome are associated with recurrence of ischaemic stroke

The effect of different text presentation formats on eye movement metrics in reading

Neuroprotective effect of RO-20-1724-a phosphodiesterase4 inhibitor against intracerebroventricular streptozotocin induced cognitive deficit and oxidative stress in rats

COX-2 regulates the proliferation of glioma stem like cells

Inhibition of Aβ Amyloid Growth and Toxicity by Silybins

The Crucial Role of Stereochemistry

Podocyte apoptosis is prevented by blocking the Toll-like receptor pathway

Measures of spike train synchrony for data with multiple time scales

Disconnection between periodic leg movements and cortical arousals in spinal cord injury

The relationship between recognition memory for emotion-laden words and white matter microstructure in normal older individuals

Overview of Sources and Characteristics of Nanoparticles in Urban Traffic-Influenced Areas

Improved EEG source localization with Bayesian uncertainty modelling of unknown skull conductivity

Randomized Multiresolution Scanning in Focal and Fast E/MEG Sensing of Brain Activity with a Variable Depth

Advanced boundary electrode modeling for tES and parallel tES/EEG

Salivary cortisol reactivity to psychological stressors in infancy

A meta-analysis

Patient-specific induced pluripotent stem cell—derived RPE cells

Understanding the pathogenesis of retinopathy in long-chain 3-hydroxyacyl-CoA dehydrogenase deiciency

Effects of exogenous alpha-synuclein on stimulated dopamine overflow in dorsal striatum

Cortical spreading depression in alpha-synuclein knockout mice

Neuromuscular pathology in mice lacking alpha-synuclein

Assessment of mutation probabilities of KRAS G12 missense mutants and their long-timescale dynamics by atomistic molecular simulations and Markov state modeling

How Many Is Enough? Effect of Sample Size in Inter-Subject Correlation Analysis of fMRI

Fault tolerant machine learning for nanoscale cognitive radio

Extracting the dynamics of perceptual switching from 'noisy' behaviour

An application of hidden Markov modelling to pecking data from pigeons

A constrained HMM-based approach to the estimation of perceptual switching dynamics in pigeons


Extracting the dynamics of perceptual switching from 'noisy' behaviour: An application of hidden Markov modelling to pecking data from pigeons (Journal of Physiology Paris (2000) 94:5-6 (555-567) PII: S0928425700010950)

From in silico astrocyte cell models to neuron-astrocyte network models

A review

Assessment of PIV performance in validating CFD models from nasal cavity CBCT scans

Autoimmunity-related immunological serum markers and survival in a tertiary care cohort of adult patients with epilepsy

Mortality by clinical characteristics in a tertiary care cohort of adult patients with chronic epilepsy

Melatonin pathway genes are associated with progressive subtypes and disability status in multiple sclerosis among Finnish patients

Defining the anterior nucleus of the thalamus (ANT) as a deep brain stimulation target in refractory epilepsy

Delineation using 3 T MRI and intraoperative microelectrode recording

Predicting symptom severity in autism spectrum disorder based on cortical thickness measures in agglomerative data

Calcium Assists Dopamine Release by Preventing Aggregation on the Inner Leaflet of Presynaptic Vesicles

A realistic, accurate and fast source modeling approach for the EEG forward problem

Extensive white matter changes predict stroke recurrence up to 5 years after a first-ever ischemic stroke

Cost-effectiveness of decompressive craniectomy in non-traumatic neurological emergencies

Fluorescent probes as a tool for cell population tracking in spontaneously active neural networks derived from human pluripotent stem cells

On the effect of network structure and synaptic mechanisms on sustained bursting activity

Effects of local structure of neuronal networks on spiking activity in silico

Effects of structure on spontaneous activity in simulated neuronal networks

Significance of graph theoretic measures in predicting neuronal network activity

In silico study on structure and dynamics in bursting neuronal networks

Membrane-Dependent Binding and Entry Mechanism of Dopamine into Its Receptor

A Computational Model of Interactions Between Neuronal and Astrocytic Networks

The Role of Astrocytes in the Stability of the Neuronal Firing Rate

Improvement of computational efficiency of a biochemical plasticity model

Cell culture chamber with gas supply for prolonged recording of human neuronal cells on microelectrode array

Diffusion tensor imaging and disability progression in multiple sclerosis

A 4-year follow-up study

Astrocyte lineage cells are essential for functional neuronal differentiation and synapse maturation in human iPSC-derived neural networks

Eustachian tube mucosal inflammation scale validation based on digital video images

Functional brain segmentation using inter-subject correlation in fMRI

Haptic feedback to gaze events

Mismatch negativity abnormality in traumatic brain injury without macroscopic lesions on conventional MRI

Effects of cytokine activation and oxidative stress on the function of the human embryonic stem cell–derived retinal pigment epithelial cells

Negatively Charged Gangliosides Promote Membrane Association of Amphipathic Neurotransmitters

Origins and functional consequences of somatic mitochondrial DNA mutations in human cancer

Reduced level of docosahexaenoic acid shifts GPCR neuroreceptors to less ordered membrane regions

The validity of using non-representative users in gaze communication research

Distance-based human action recognition using optimized class representations


Fast neural network regularization with Dropout and DropConnect

Regularized extreme learning machine for multi-view semi-supervised action recognition

Extreme learning machine based supervised subspace learning

Learning sparse representations for view-independent human action recognition based on fuzzy distances

One-Class Classification based on Extreme Learning and Geometric Class Information

Spinal cord injury induces widespread chronic changes in cerebral white matter

MetrIntMeas a novel metric for measuring the intelligence of a swarm of cooperating agents

Gaze gestures or dwell-based interaction?

Automatic assessment of the myoclonus severity from videos recorded according to standardized Unified Myoclonus Rating Scale protocol and using human pose and body movement analysis

Mesopic background lights enhance dark-adapted cone ERG flash responses in the intact mouse retina

A possible role for gap junctional decoupling

Simple gaze gestures and the closure of the eyes as an interaction technique

Zeffiro User Interface for Electromagnetic Brain Imaging

a GPU Accelerated FEM Tool for Forward and Inverse Computations in Matlab

Immediate effects of deep brain stimulation of anterior thalamic nuclei on executive functions and emotion-attention interaction in humans

Analysis of apoptosis-related genes in patients with clinically isolated syndrome and their association with conversion to multiple sclerosis

Disease-associated inflammatory biomarker profiles in blood in different subtypes of multiple sclerosis

Prospective clinical and MRI follow-up study

Tidal breathing flow profiles during sleep in wheezing children measured by impedance pneumography

Cognitive load and metacognitive confidence extraction from pupillary response

Experiments of the sonification of the sleep electroencephalogram

Transfer learning using a nonparametric sparse topic model

Concerted regulation of npc2 binding to endosomal/lysosomal membranes by bis(monoacylglycero)phosphate and sphingomyelin

Influence of the experimental design of gene expression studies on the inference of gene regulatory networks

Environmental factors

Pathway analysis of expression data

Deciphering functional building blocks of complex diseases

Influence of the neural network topology on the learning dynamics

Inhibition of Casein kinase-2 induces p53-dependent cell cycle arrest and sensitizes glioblastoma cells to tumor necrosis factor (TNFα)-induced apoptosis through SIRT1 inhibition

A Primal Neural Network for Online Equality-Constrained Quadratic Programming

Standardized evaluation of algorithms for computer-aided diagnosis of dementia based on structural MRI

The CADDementia challenge

Effect of rhodopsin phosphorylation on dark adaptation in mouse rods

Elevated levels of soluble CD26 and CD30 in multiple sclerosis

Association between soluble L-selectin and anti-JCV antibodies in natalizumab-treated relapsing-remitting MS patients

Human-robot interactive learning architecture using ontologies and symbol manipulation

Teaching semantics and skills for human-robot collaboration

Viability of Mouse Retinal Explant Cultures Assessed by Preservation of Functionality and Morphology


A tool for measuring the gaze tracking quality

Computational study of structural changes in neuronal networks during growth: a model of dissociated neocortical cultures

Julkaisun otsikon käännös: : Computational study of structural changes in neuronal networks during growth: a model of dissociated neocortical cultures

Computational modeling of growth in cortial cultures using the NETMORPH simulation tool

Julkaisun otsikon käännös: : Computational modeling of growth in cortial cultures using the NETMORPH simulation tool

The effects of neuron morphology on graph theoretic measures of network connectivity

The analysis of a two-level statistical model

Computational tools for assessing the properties of 2D neural cell cultures

Whole-cell morphological properties of neurons constrain the nonrandom features of network connectivity

Emergence of global and local structural features during development of neuronal networks

Data-driven study of synchronous popula on ac vity in generic spiking neuronal networks: How much do we capture using the minimal model for the considered phenomena?

Neural networks, cell cultures and some older work on data analysis.

Data-driven study of synchronous population activity in generic spiking neuronal networks: How much do we capture using the minimal model for the considered phenomena?

Comparison of stapedotomy minus prosthesis, circumferential stapes mobilization, and small fenestra stapedotomy for stapes fixation