Analog Mitigation of Frequency-Modulated Interference for Improved GNSS Reception

Modeling and Mitigating 5G Wireless Downlink Interferences for Low-altitude Aerial vehicles

Positioning Based on Noise-Limited Censored Path Loss Data

Radio-based Sensing and Indoor Mapping with Millimeter-Wave 5G NR Signals

Adaptive Normalization for Forecasting Limit Order Book Data Using Convolutional Neural Networks

Peer to Peer Offloading with Delayed Feedback

An Adversary Bandit Approach

5G new radio evolution towards sub-THz communications

Circularly Polarized Corner-Truncated and Slotted Microstrip Patch Antenna on Textile Substrate for Wearable Passive UHF RFID Tags

Gaussian mixture models for signal mapping and positioning

Headband Antenna for Wireless Power Transfer to Millimeter-Sized Neural Implants with Minimal Misalignment Effects

Measurements of Reflection and Penetration Losses in Low Terahertz Band Vehicular Communications

Protective Coating Methods for Glove-Integrated RFID Tags - A Preliminary Study

Towards Asteroid Tomography

Modellings and Measurements Using an Analogue Model

Comparing capacity gains of static and UAV-based millimeter-wave relays in clustered deployments

Compressive sensed video recovery via iterative thresholding with random transforms

Constrained PSK

Energy-efficient modulation for Sub-THz systems

Digital Predistortion for Multiuser Hybrid MIMO at mmWaves

Functional electrical stimulation for facial pacing

Effects of waveforms on movement intensity and ratings of discomfort

Fusion enhancement for tracking of respiratory rate through intrinsic mode functions in photoplethysmography

Multimodal subspace support vector data description

Online Spectrogram Inversion for Low-Latency Audio Source Separation

Parametric exploration of cellular swelling in a computational model of cortical spreading depression

Passive RFID-based Textile Touchpad

Reinforcement learning for improved UAV-based integrated access and backhaul operation

Self-Supervised Light Field Reconstruction Using Shearlet Transform and Cycle Consistency

Vehicle Attribute Recognition by Appearance

Computer Vision Methods for Vehicle Type, Make and Model Classification

Bayesian receiver operating characteristic metric for linear classifiers

Gamified coding

Toy robots and playful learning in early education

Optimized wake-up scheme with bounded delay for energy-efficient MTC

Prototyping directional UAV-based wireless access and backhaul systems

Closed-Loop DPD for Digital MIMO Transmitters under Antenna Crosstalk

V2X Connectivity

From LTE to Joint Millimeter Wave Vehicular Communications and Radar Sensing

Fast fourier color constancy and grayness index for ISPA illumination estimation challenge

Towards Algebraic Modeling of GPU Memory Access for Bank Conflict Mitigation

An approval of MPPT based on pv cell’s simplified equivalent circuit during fast-shading conditions

Generalization of the K-SVD algorithm for minimization of β-divergence

Performance analysis of single-query 6-DoF camera pose estimation in self-driving setups

A perspective on wireless M-bus for smart electricity grids

Design and implementation of a multi-sensor newborn EEG seizure and background model with inter-channel field characterization

Input magnitude data setting in error-reduction algorithm for one-dimensional discrete phase retrieval problem

On the performance of narrow-band internet of things (NB-IoT) for delay-tolerant services

User Experience Study of 360° Music Videos on Computer Monitor and Virtual Reality Goggles

Socially inspired relaying and proactive mode selection in mmWave vehicular communications

1-D Convolutional Neural Networks for Signal Processing Applications

Convex Energy Optimization of Streaming Applications for MPSoCs

Deep Learning for Audio Signal Processing

Deep Reinforcement Learning for Financial Trading Using Price Trailing

Deep Temporal Logistic Bag-of-features for Forecasting High Frequency Limit Order Book Time Series

Low-latency Deep Clustering for Speech Separation

Open framework for mammography-based breast cancer risk assessment

Random Forest Oriented Fast QTBT Frame Partitioning

Time Difference of Arrival Estimation of Speech Signals Using Deep Neural Networks with Integrated Time-frequency Masking

Variance Preserving Initialization for Training Deep Neuromorphic Photonic Networks with Sinusoidal Activations

Automatic detection of water inside concrete slabs using ground penetrating radar

Exploiting Multipath Terahertz Communications for Physical Layer Security in beyond 5G Networks

Convolutional low-resolution fine-grained classification

Energy Detection-Based Spectrum Sensing over Fisher-Snedecor F Fading Channels

Improved Session Continuity in 5G NR with Joint Use of Multi-Connectivity and Guard Bandwidth

ALMARVI System Solution for Image and Video Processing in Healthcare, Surveillance and Mobile Applications

Digital Predistortion for 5G Small Cell

GPU Implementation and RF Measurements

The Direction Cosine Matrix Algorithm in Fixed-point: Implementation and Analysis

Video coding of dynamic 3D point cloud data

Cascade of Boolean detector combinations

Efficient Solving of Markov Decision Processes on GPUs Using Parallelized Sparse Matrices

Acoustic scene classification

An overview of dcase 2017 challenge entries

An active learning method using clustering and committee-based sample selection for sound event classification

Deep neural network based speech separation optimizing an objective estimator of intelligibility for low latency applications

Multichannel NMF for source separation with ambisonic signals

Time-frequency masking strategies for single-channel low-latency speech enhancement using neural networks

Using sequential information in polyphonic sound event detection

Skew-t Filter and Smoother with Improved Covariance Matrix Approximation

Toward Efficient Execution of RVC-CAL Dataflow Programs on Multicore Platforms

Data-driven study of synchronous population activity in generic spiking neuronal networks: How much do we capture using the minimal model for the considered phenomena?

Deep Learning Case Study for Automatic Bird Identification

Eigen Posture Based Fall Risk Assessment System Using Kinect

Identification of Parkinson's Disease Utilizing a Single Self-recorded 20-step Walking Test Acquired by Smartphone's Inertial Measurement Unit

The Accuracy of Atrial Fibrillation Detection from Wrist Photoplethysmography. A Study on Post-Operative Patients

Benchmark database for fine-grained image classification of benthic macroinvertebrates

Guest Editorial Special Issue on Multimedia Big Data in Internet of Things

LoTTA: Energy-Efficient Processor for Always-on Applications

Data-driven study of synchronous popula on ac vity in generic spiking neuronal networks: How much do we capture using the minimal model for the considered phenomena?

A joint target localization and classification framework for sensor networks

Estimation of time-varying room impulse responses of multiple sound sources from observed mixture and isolated source signals

Low-energy graph fourier basis functions span salient objects

Statistical Evaluation of Visual Quality Metrics for Image Denoising

2D Video Coding of Volumetric Video Data

Inertial Odometry on Handheld Smartphones

User Positioning in mmW 5G Networks Using Beam-RSRP Measurements and Kalman Filtering

Anisotropic Spatiotemporal Regularization in Compressive Video Recovery by Adaptively Modeling the Residual Errors as Correlated Noise

Multi-source localization using a DOA Kernel based spatial covariance model and complex nonnegative matrix factorization

Data Clustering Based on Community Structure in Mutual k-Nearest Neighbor Graph

Performance Evaluation of UAV-Assisted mmWave Operation in Mobility-Enabled Urban Deployments

Improvement of GPS and BeiDou extended orbit predictions with CNNs

Nonlocality-Reinforced Convolutional Neural Networks for Image Denoising

Summarization of User-Generated Sports Video by Using Deep Action Recognition Features

Adjusting university education with workspace training and self-education

Role of the user in information systems development

Full-duplex radio technology for simultaneously detecting and preventing improvised explosive device activation

Stabilization to trajectories for parabolic equations

Delay-Accuracy Trade-off in Opportunistic Time-of-Arrival Localization

Digital Predistortion for Hybrid MIMO Transmitters

Sample-based regularization for support vector machine classification

Subaperture image segmentation for lossless compression

Analysis of common rail pressure signal of dual-fuel large industrial engine for identification of injection duration of pilot diesel injectors

Deep multiresolution color constancy

360-Degree video streaming and its subjective quality

Detection and Classification of Acoustic Scenes and Events

Outcome of the DCASE 2016 Challenge

Damped Posterior Linearization Filter

Estimation and Mitigation of Channel Non-Reciprocity in Massive MIMO

Model-Based Dynamic Scheduling for Multicore Signal Processing

Modeling and estimation of signal-dependent and correlated noise

Multi-view predictive latent space learning

Probabilistic saliency estimation

Separation of Moving Sound Sources Using Multichannel NMF and Acoustic Tracking

Multilinear class-specific discriminant analysis

Sparse approximations in complex domain based on BM3D modeling

Model-based dynamic scheduling for multicore implementation of image processing systems

Big Media Data Analysis

An optimized embedded target detection system using acoustic and seismic sensors

Full search equivalent fast block matching using orthonormal tree-structured haar transform

Sparse Overcomplete Denoising

Aggregation Versus Global Optimization

Convergence analysis of error-reduction algorithm for solving of the extended one-dimensional discrete phase retrieval problem

Lossless compression of high resolution disparity map images

Binary Non-Negative Matrix Deconvolution for Audio Dictionary Learning

Analysis of multipath propagation for 5G system at higher frequencies in microcellular environment

Angular wall loss model and Extended Building Penetration model for outdoor to indoor propagation

A k-nearest neighbor multilabel ranking algorithm with application to content-based image retrieval

An accumulative fusion architecture for discriminating people and vehicles using acoustic and seismic signals

Inband full-duplex radio access system with self-backhauling

Transmit power minimization under QOS requirements

Reduced-complexity digital predistortion for massive MIMO

Guest Editorial

Implementation Issues in System-on-Chip

Introduction to the Special Section on Sound Scene and Event Analysis

Power Mitigation by Performance Equalization in a Heterogeneous Reconfigurable Multicore Architecture

The variation of air and surface temperatures in London within a 1km grid using vehicle-transect and ASTER data

The Effect of Light Field Reconstruction and Angular Resolution Reduction on the Quality of Experience

Compact modeling and management of reconfiguration in digital channelizer implementation

HEVC-compliant viewport-adaptive streaming of stereoscopic panoramic video

Sparse phase imaging based on complex domain nonlocal BM3D techniques

Advanced architectures for self-interference cancellation in full-duplex radios

Algorithms and measurements

Neighborhood Matching for Image Retrieval

Low power design methodology for signal processing systems using lightweight dataflow techniques

Color-distribution similarity by information theoretic divergence for color images

State Estimation for a Class of Piecewise Affine State-Space Models

A Hybrid Task Graph Scheduler for High Performance Image Processing Workflows

Data Flow Algorithms for Processors with Vector Extensions

Handling Actors With Internal State

Data Rate Assessment on L2–L3 CPU Bus and Bus between CPU and RAM in Modern CPUs

Design Flow for GPU and Multicore Execution of Dynamic Dataflow Programs

Implementation of a Multirate Resampler for Multi-carrier Systems on GPUs

Minimum description length sparse modeling and region merging for lossless plenoptic image compression

On the existence of the solution for one-dimensional discrete phase retrieval problem

Parallel Digital Predistortion Design on Mobile GPU and Embedded Multicore CPU for Mobile Transmitters

Models of architecture

Reproducible efficiency evaluation for signal processing systems

Adaptive tracking of people and vehicles using mobile platforms

Blind Separation of Audio Mixtures Through Nonnegative Tensor Factorization of Modulation Spectrograms

Generalized Hampel Filters

Ensembles of dense and dense sampling descriptors for the HEp-2 cells classification problem

Improved image quality in fast inpainting with omnidirectional filling

A software tool for studying the size and shape of human cardiomyocytes

Image interpolation based on non-local geometric similarities and directional gradients

Nyström-based approximate kernel subspace learning

Automatic objective thresholding to detect neuronal action potentials

Compressive Detection of Random Subspace Signals

Variance Stabilization for Noisy+Estimate Combination in Iterative Poisson Denoising

Optimization of Flexible Filter Banks Based on Fast Convolution

Rotation Invariant Texture Description Using Symmetric Dense Microblock Difference

Visual Voice Activity Detection in the Wild

Blind sub-Nyquist GNSS signal detection

On Renyi's entropy estimation with one-dimensional Gaussian kernels

Supervised subspace learning based on deep randomized networks

A Wideband Front-End Receiver Implementation on GPUs

Coordinating proactive social devices in a mobile cloud

Lessons learned and a way forward

Statistical analysis of interference for nanoscale electromechanical wireless communication at VHF-band

On prediction of DCT-based denoising efficiency under spatially correlated noise conditions


Bringing bigram to supervised topic model

Which wavelength is the best for arterial pulse waveform extraction using laser speckle imaging?

Digital full-band linearization of wideband direct-conversion receiver for radar and communications applications

Random Value Impulse Noise Removal Based on Most Similar Neighbors

Innovative e-Tourism Services on Top of Geo2Tag LBS Platform

Guest editorial special issue on the internet of nano things

Importance of maintenance data quality in extended warranty simulation

Accurate depth estimation from a sequence of monocular images supported by proprioceptive sensors

Computer vision aided navigation systems

Dominant Rotated Local Binary Patterns (DRLBP) for texture classification

Efficiency of texture image filtering and its prediction

IEEE 802.11ac MIMO Transceiver Baseband Processing on a VLIW Processor

Instrumentation-Driven Validation of Dataflow Applications

Online tests of Kalman filter consistency

OpenCL Programmable Exposed Datapath High Performance Low-Power Image Signal Processor

Still image/video frame lossy compression providing a desired visual quality

Unbiased Injection of Signal-Dependent Noise in Variance-Stabilized Range

BM3D image denoising using heterogeneous computing platforms

Using multi-step proposal distribution for improved MCMC convergence in Bayesian network structure learning

Energy cooperation for throughput optimization based on save-then-transmit protocol in wireless communication system

Generative part-based Gabor object detector

Whole-cell morphological properties of neurons constrain the nonrandom features of network connectivity

Binomial Gaussian mixture filter

Programming graphics processing units in the RVC-CAL dataflow language

A fast universal self-tuned sampler within Gibbs sampling

Kalman filter with a linear state model for PDR+WLAN positioning and its application to assisting a particle filter

A New Approach to Sign-Bit-Based Parameter Estimation in OFDM Receivers

Cosparse dictionary learning for the orthogonal case

Coupled dictionaries for exemplar-based speech enhancement and automatic speech recognition

Entropy and Channel Capacity under Optimum Power and Rate Adaptation over Generalized Fading Conditions

Robust Inference for State-Space Models with Skewed Measurement Noise

Sparse extreme learning machine classifier exploiting intrinsic graphs

Model selection for linear classifiers using Bayesian error estimation

The effect of region of interest size on textural parameters

Solutions to integrals involving the marcum Q-function and applications


Content delivery optimization over DVB-H system

The extended one-dimensional discrete phase retrieval problem

Collaborative filtering based on group coordinates for smoothing and directional sharpening

Enhancing class discrimination in Kernel Discriminant Analysis

Exemplar-based speech enhancement for deep neural network based automatic speech recognition

Exploiting subclass information in one-class support vector machine for video summarization

Low-complexity robust DOA estimation

Low-Latency Sound-Source-Separation using Non-Negative Matrix Factorisation with Coupled Analysis and Synthesis Dictionaries

Similarity induced group sparsity for non-negative matrix factorisation

Adaptive Randomized Coordinate Descent for Sparse Systems

Lasso and Greedy Algorithms

3D/inkjet-printed origami antennas for multi-direction RF harvesting

Additively manufactured multilayer high performance RF passive components on cellulose substrates for internet-of-things electronic circuits

A flexible hybrid printed RF energy harvester utilizing catalyst-based copper printing technologies for far-field RF energy harvesting applications

Ambient energy harvesting from a two-way talk radio for flexible wearable devices utilizing inkjet printing masking

Adaptive sampling for compressed sensing based image compression

Lossy-to-lossless progressive coding of depth-maps

Actor Merging for Dataflow Process Networks

Partial expansion of dataflow graphs for resource-aware scheduling of multicore signal processing systems

Spectrum Sensing under RF Non-Linearities

Performance Analysis and DSP-Enhanced Receivers

Multiresolution analysis for compactly supported interpolating tensor product wavelets

On the kernel Extreme Learning Machine classifier

Lossless compression of regions-of-interest from retinal images

Classification of iPSC colony images using hierarchical strategies with support vector machines

Image database TID2013

Peculiarities, results and perspectives

Analytical model in discrete time for cross-layer video communication over LTE

Digital correction of frequency response mismatches in 2-channel time-interleaved ADCs using adaptive I/Q signal processing

Non-negative tensor factorization models for Bayesian audio processing

Smart home gateway system over Bluetooth low energy with wireless energy transfer capability

Subjective evaluation of Super Multi-View compressed contents on high-end light-field 3D displays

Class-Specific Reference Discriminant Analysis With Application in Human Behavior Analysis

GPU parallel implementation of the approximate K-SVD algorithm using OpenCL

Human action recognition in stereoscopic videos based on bag of features and disparity pyramids

Discriminant Bag of Words based representation for human action recognition

Kernel reference discriminant analysis

Radar micro-Doppler feature extraction using the Singular Value Decomposition

Compressed video quality assessment with modified MSE

Data flow algorithms for processors with vector extensions

Handling actors with internal state

Just-in-time scheduling techniques for multicore signal processing systems

Dynamic, data-driven spectrum management in cognitive small cell networks

The lord of the sense

A privacy preserving reputation system for participatory sensing applications

An Unsupervised Audio Segmentation Method Using Bayesian Information Criterion

Julkaisun otsikon käännös: : An Unsupervised Audio Segmentation Method Using Bayesian Information Criterion

Data-driven stream mining systems for computer vision

Impact of received signal on self-interference channel estimation and achievable rates in in-band full-duplex transceivers

Implementation of a high-throughput low-latency polyphase channelizer on GPUs Design and Architectures for Signal and Image Processing 2008

Minimum Variance Extreme Learning Machine for human action recognition

On application of rational Discrete Short Time Fourier Transform in epileptic seizure classification

Julkaisun otsikon käännös: : On Application of Rational Discrete Short Time Fourier transform in Epileptic seizure Classification

Automated design of networks of transport-triggered architecture processors using dynamic dataflow programs

Towards generic embedded multiprocessing for RVC-CAL dataflow programs

Configurable, resource-optimized FFT architecture for OFDM communication

Programmable lowpower implementation of the HEVC Adaptive Loop Filter

Passive wireless antenna sensor for strain and crack sensing - Electromagnetic modeling, simulation, and testing

On the effect of network structure and synaptic mechanisms on sustained bursting activity

Multi-view action recognition based on action volumes, fuzzy distances and cluster discriminant analysis

Integration of dataflow-based heterogeneous multiprocessor scheduling techniques in GNU radio

An efficient GPU implementation of an arbitrary resampling polyphase channelizer

An image guided treatment platform for prostate cancer photodynamic therapy

A system-level design approach for dynamic resource coordination and energy optimization in sensor network platforms

Automatic hierarchical discovery of quasi-static schedules of RVC-CAL dataflow programs


An R package for integrative analysis and management of gene expression microarray data

Design space exploration and implementation of RVC-CAL applications using the TURNUS framework

Dynamic action classification based on iterative data selection and Feedforward Neural networks

Dynamic action recognition based on dynemes and Extreme Learning Machine

High-performance programs by source-level merging of RVC-CAL dataflow actors

Multiplicative update for fast optimization of information retrieval based neighbor embedding

Multi-view human action recognition: A survey

Parameterized core functional dataflow graphs and their application to design and implementation of wireless communication systems

Parameterized scheduling of topological patterns in signal processing dataflow graphs

Programmable implementation of zero-crossing demodulator on an application specific processor

Rate-distortion based reversible watermarking for JPEG images with quality factors selection

Julkaisun otsikon käännös: : Rate-distortion based reversible watermarking for JPEG images with quality factors selection

Representative class vector clustering-based discriminant analysis

Application-specific instruction processor for extracting local binary patterns

Design and synthesis for multimedia systems using the targeted dataflow interchange format

Efficient optimization for data visualization as an information retrieval task

GPU-based acceleration of symbol timing recovery

Mapping parameterized cyclo-static dataflow graphs onto configurable hardware

Multidimensional dataflow graph modeling and mapping for efficient GPU implementation


A co-simulator for networked signal processing applications

Parameterized scheduling for signal processing systems using topological patterns

Systematic integration of flowgraph- and module-level parallelism in implementation of DSP applications on multiprocessor systems-on-chip

Effects of local structure of neuronal networks on spiking activity in silico

Emergence of global and local structural features during development of neuronal networks

Overview of the MPEG reconfigurable video coding framework

Quasi-static scheduling of CAL actor networks for reconfigurable video coding

Effects of structure on spontaneous activity in simulated neuronal networks

Exploiting statically schedulable regions in dataflow programs

Forward simulation and inverse dipole localization with the lowest order Raviart - Thomas elements for electroencephalography

Dimensionality reduction for data visualization

Automatic synthesis of TTA processor networks from RVC-CAL dataflow programs

Blind estimation of mixed noise parameters in images using robust regression curve fitting

Model-based precision analysis and optimization for digital signal processors

Modeling and optimization of dynamic signal processing in resource-aware sensor networks

On delay distribution in IEEE 802.11 wireless networks

Scheduling of CAL actor networks based on dynamic code analysis

Topological patterns for scalable representation and analysis of dataflow graphs

Vectorization and mapping of software defined radio applications on heterogeneous multi-processor platforms

Computational modeling of growth in cortial cultures using the NETMORPH simulation tool

Julkaisun otsikon käännös: : Computational modeling of growth in cortial cultures using the NETMORPH simulation tool

Computational tools for assessing the properties of 2D neural cell cultures

Neural networks, cell cultures and some older work on data analysis.

Influences of digital band-pass filtering on the BCG waveform