Soft computing-based controller design for a telecom rectifier

A hybrid optimization grey model based on segmented gra and multi-strategy contest for short-term power load forecasting

Frequency domain robust regulation of signals generated by an infinite-dimensional exosystem

On Robust Output Regulation for Continuous-Time Periodic Systems

Robust Regulation of SISO Systems: The Fractional Ideal Approach

Towards dependable automation

Computationally efficient optimization algorithms for model predictive control of linear systems with integer inputs

Robust Regulation for First-Order Port-Hamiltonian Systems

Robust Regulation for Port-Hamiltonian Systems of Even Order

Asymptotic Behaviour of Platoon Systems

A reformulation of the internal model principle using factorization approach

Asymptotics for infinite systems of differential equations

Robust controllers for regular linear systems with infinite-dimensional exosystems

Determining maximum MPP-tracking sampling frequency for input-voltage-controlled PV-interfacing converter

Secure and connected wearable intelligence for content delivery at a mass event

A case study

Locomotion of light-driven soft microrobots through a hydrogel via local melting

Pneumatically actuated elastomeric device for simultaneous mechanobiological studies & live-cell fluorescent microscopy

Dynamic modeling and analysis of PCM-controlled DCM-operating buck converters-A reexamination

Mixed-integer linear programming approach for global discrete sizing optimization of frame structures

Online learning in neural decoding using incremental linear discriminant analysis

Analysis of differentially modulated cooperative communications over asymmetric fading channels

Capacity analysis under generalized composite fading conditions

Maximum achievable throughput and interference mitigation for SUN in coexistence with WLAN

Outage probability of multi-carrier NOMA systems under joint I/Q imbalance

Stabilization to trajectories for parabolic equations

Dual-frequency signal processing architecture for robust and precise positioning applications

Sustainable electric vehicle - Prosumer framework and policy mix

An approach for implementing key performance indicators of a discrete manufacturing simulator based on the ISO 22400 standard

Towards the deployment of cloud robotics at factory shop floors

A prototype for smart material handling

Improved modelling of electric loads for enabling demand response by applying physical and data-driven models

Project Response

Improvement of GPS and BeiDou extended orbit predictions with CNNs

Complete Odometry Estimation of a Vehicle Using Single Automotive Radar and a Gyroscope

Inertial Sensor-Based State Estimation of Flexible Links Subject to Bending and Torsion

Real-time and Robust Collaborative Robot Motion Control with Microsoft Kinect ® v2

Role-based visualization of industrial IoT-based systems

Constrained Long-Horizon Direct Model Predictive Control for Synchronous Reluctance Motor Drives

Kalman-Type Filters and Smoothers for Pedestrian Dead Reckoning

A Real-Time Big Data Control-Theoretical Framework for Cyber-Physical-Human Systems

Customized dimensional analysis conceptual modelling framework for design optimization—a case study on the cross-flow micro turbine model

Identification of three-phase grid impedance in the presence of parallel converters

Power electronics in renewable energy systems

Direct fixed-step maximum power point tracking algorithms with adaptive perturbation frequency

Impedance-based interactions in grid-tied three-phase inverters in renewable energy applications

Monitoring of production processes and the condition of the production equipment through the internet

On the complexity of restoring corrupted colorings

Direct model predictive power control of a series-connected modular rectifier

Operating point dependent variable switching point predictive current control for PMSM drives

Automatic numerical differentiation by maximum likelihood estimation of a linear Gaussian state space model

Composite nonlinear feedback control of a JIB trolley of a tower cranebehaviors

Approximate Controllability for Navier–Stokes Equations in 3D Rectangles Under Lions Boundary Conditions

Blockchain Technology for Smartphones and Constrained IoT Devices

A Future Perspective and Implementation

Visibility-Aware Part Coding for Vehicle Viewing Angle Estimation

Maximum perturbation step size in MPP-Tracking control for ensuring predicted PV power settling behavior

Towards the EU emission targets of 2050

Cost-effective emission reduction in Finnish detached houses