1180nm VECSEL with 50 W output power

1.3μm U-bend traveling wave SOA devices for high efficiency coupling to silicon photonics

1.55-μm wavelength wafer-fused OP-VECSELs in flip-chip configuration

405-nm pumped Ce3+-doped silica fiber for broadband fluorescence from cyan to red

A comparative analysis of multidimensional features of objects resembling sets of graphs

A comparison between joint regression analysis and the AMMI model

A case study with barley

A Comprehensive Framework for Spectrum Sensing in Non-Linear and Generalized Fading Conditions

Acoustic Modelling

Action and power efficiency in self-organization

The case for growth efficiency as a cellular objective in escherichia coli

Action recognition using the 3D dense microblock difference

Adaptive autoregressive model for reduction of noise in SPECT

A general framework for island systems

A hand-held immaterial volumetric display

A hybrid optimization grey model based on segmented gra and multi-strategy contest for short-term power load forecasting

A membrane external-cavity surface-emitting laser (MECSEL) with emission around 825 nm

A method for predicting DCT-based denoising efficiency for grayscale images corrupted by AWGN and additive spatially correlated noise

A mixed-integer linear programming approach for global discrete size optimization of frame structures

A multi-purpose automated vehicular platform with multi-radio connectivity capabilities

Analysis of common rail pressure signal of dual-fuel large industrial engine for identification of injection duration of pilot diesel injectors

Analysis of the damping characteristics of two power electronics-based devices using ‘individual channel analysis and design’

Analytical model for magnetic anisotropy of non-oriented steel sheets

An efficient heuristic approach to detecting graph isomorphism based on combinations of highly discriminating invariants

A New Approach to Sign-Bit-Based Parameter Estimation in OFDM Receivers

A novel stochastic channel modeling approach for mmWave systems with beamforming

A perceptual quality metric for high-definition stereoscopic 3D video

A similarity measure for graphs with low computational complexity

A Simple Controller with a Reduced Order Internal Model in the Frequency Domain

A simulation case study of production planning and control in printed wiring board manufacturing

Asymptotic expansion of European options with mean-reverting stochastic volatility dynamics

Asymptotics for infinite systems of differential equations

Asymptotics for periodic systems

A topological algorithm for identification of structural domains of proteins

Benchmarking of several disparity estimation algorithms for light field processing

Bio-inspired service management framework

Green data-centres case study

Capacity of Multiconnectivity mmWave Systems with Dynamic Blockage and Directional Antennas

Cauchy–Riemann Operators in Octonionic Analysis

Characterization and Performance Improvement of Cooperative Wireless Networks with Nonlinear Power Amplifier at Relay

Characterization of Radio Links at 60 GHz Using Simple Geometrical and Highly Accurate 3-D Models

Characterizing Radio Wave Propagation in Urban Street Canyon with Vehicular Blockage at 28 GHz

Combining full-reference image visual quality metrics by neural network

Comparative evaluation of gene set analysis approaches for RNA-Seq data

Comparing large graphs efficiently by margins of feature vectors

Compressive strain measurement using RFID patch antenna sensors

Computational wavelength resolution for in-line lensless holography

Phase-coded diffraction patterns and wavefront group-sparsity

Continuum approach to high-cycle fatigue. The finite life-time case with stochastic stress history

Customized dimensional analysis conceptual modelling framework for design optimization—a case study on the cross-flow micro turbine model

Damped Posterior Linearization Filter

Data augmentation approaches for improving animal audio classification

Depth map occlusion filling and scene reconstruction using modified exemplar-based inpainting

Design and simulation of a slotted patch antenna sensor for wireless strain sensing

Development of a constant dilution sampling system for particulate and gaseous pollutant measurements

Development of artificial neuronal networks for molecular communication

Diffusion and Fokker-Planck-Smoluchowski equations with generalized memory kernel

Dimensionality reduction for data visualization

Dots-on-the-fly electron beam lithography

Dynamic laser speckle metrology with binarization of speckle patterns

Early analysis of resource consumption patterns in mobile applications

Effects of structure on spontaneous activity in simulated neuronal networks

Efficient Noise Variance Estimation under Pilot Contamination for Large-Scale MIMO Systems

Energy Efficiency Maximization of Full-Duplex Two-Way Relay with Non-Ideal Power Amplifiers and Non-Negligible Circuit Power

Energy-efficient and high-precision control of hydraulic robots

Engineering motif search for large graphs

Entropy analysis of word-length series of natural language texts

Effects of text language and genre

Entropy and Channel Capacity under Optimum Power and Rate Adaptation over Generalized Fading Conditions

Entropy bounds for dendrimers

Enzyme-based circuit design for nano-scale computing

Ergodic Capacity Analysis of Wireless Transmission over Generalized Multipath/Shadowing Channels

Estimation of additional losses due to random contacts at the edges of stator of an electrical machine

Evolutionary dynamics of the spatial Prisoner's Dilemma with self-inhibition

Exploiting local class information in extreme learning machine

Fabrication and characterization of broadband superluminescent diodes for 2 μm wavelength

Forward simulation and inverse dipole localization with the lowest order Raviart - Thomas elements for electroencephalography

Frequency domain robust regulation of signals generated by an infinite-dimensional exosystem

Frequency-selective PAPR reduction for OFDM

Functional and genetic analysis of the colon cancer network.

Further hardness results on rainbow and strong rainbow connectivity

Geometric solution strategy of Laplace problems with free boundary

Graph distance measures based on topological indices revisited

Graph entropy based on the number of spanning forests of c-cyclic graphs

Green (In,Ga,Al)P-GaP light-emitting diodes grown on high-index GaAs surfaces


Bioconductor package for Gene Set analysis in R

>8W GaInNAs VECSEL emitting at 615 nm

Harnessing the complexity of gene expression data from cancer

From single gene to structural pathway methods

Hierarchical coordination of periodic genes in the cell cycle of Saccharomyces cerevisiae

Highly-efficient Ho:KY(WO4)2 thin-disk lasers at 2.06 μm

High-performance programs by source-level merging of RVC-CAL dataflow actors

High-power 1550 nm tapered DBR lasers fabricated using soft UV-nanoimprint lithography

Homogeneous (α,k)-Polynomial Solutions of the Fractional Riesz System in Hyperbolic Space

Hot pen and laser writable photonic polymer films

Hyperbolic Function Theory in the Skew-Field of Quaternions

Hypermonogenic Functions of Two Vector Variables

Hypermonogenic Plane Wave Solutions of the Dirac Equation in Superspace

Hypermonogenic solutions and plane waves of the Dirac operator in Rp×Rq

Improving reliability for classification of metallic objects using a WTMD portal

Independent Loops Search in Flow Networks Aiming for Well-Conditioned System of Equations

Indirect NOx emission monitoring in natural gas fired boilers

Inferring the conservative causal core of gene regulatory networks

Information processing in the transcriptional regulatory network of yeast

Functional robustness

Information theoretic measures of UHG graphs with low computational complexity

In silico study on structure and dynamics in bursting neuronal networks

Integral kernels for k-hypermonogenic functions

Integrated multi-wavelength mid-IR light source for gas sensing

Integrating III-V, Si, and polymer waveguides for optical interconnects


Interference and SINR in Millimeter Wave and Terahertz Communication Systems With Blocking and Directional Antennas

Iterative unsupervised domain adaptation for generalized cell detection from brightfield z-stacks

Labyrinth based left-handed metamaterials and sub-wavelength focusing of electromagnetic waves

Machine learning for adaptive bilateral filtering

Magnetomechanical coupled FE simulations of rotating electrical machines

Julkaisun otsikon käännös: : Magnetomechanical coupled FE simulations of rotating electrical machines

Measuring bend losses in large-mode-area fibers

MECSELs with direct emission in the 760 nm to 810 nm spectral range

A single- and double-side pumping comparison and high-power continuous-wave operation

Meeting a deadline

shortest paths on stochastic directed acyclic graphs with information gathering

Mode coupling in few-mode large-mode-area fibers

Model-based dynamic scheduling for multicore implementation of image processing systems

Modeling carbon dioxide transport in PDMS-based microfluidic cell culture devices

Modeling probability densities with sums of exponentials via polynomial approximation

Modeling Transmit Power Reduction for a Typical Cell with Licensed Shared Access Capabilities

Models of architecture

Reproducible efficiency evaluation for signal processing systems

Monolithic GaInNAsSb/GaAs VECSEL emitting at 1550 nm

Multi-carrier CDMA for network assisted device-to-device communications for an integrated OFDMA cellular system

Multicolor nonlinear pulse compression by consecutive optical parametric amplification in quasi-phase matched structures

Multidimensional dataflow graph modeling and mapping for efficient GPU implementation

Multiresolution analysis for compactly supported interpolating tensor product wavelets

Multiwavelength surface contouring from phase-coded diffraction patterns

Nonlocality-Reinforced Convolutional Neural Networks for Image Denoising

No-reference visual quality assessment for image inpainting

Novel frequency domain cyclic prefix autocorrelation based compressive spectrum sensing for cognitive radio

Observation of local electroluminescent cooling and identifying the remaining challenges

On derivatives of hypergeometric functions and classical polynomials with respect to parameters

On efficient network similarity measures

On k-Hypermonogenic Functions and Their Mean Value Properties

Online Spectrogram Inversion for Low-Latency Audio Source Separation

On the complexity of restoring corrupted colorings

On the Degree of Multi-Connectivity in 5G Millimeter-Wave Cellular Urban Deployments

On the effect of deformation twinning and microstructure to strain hardening of high manganese austenitic steel 3D microstructure aggregates at large strains

On the Performance of Visible Light Communication Systems with Non-Orthogonal Multiple Access

On the Temporal Effects of Mobile Blockers in Urban Millimeter-Wave Cellular Scenarios

Opportunistic routing through conjugation in bacteria communication nanonetwork

Optical and topographic changes in water-responsive patterned cholesteric liquid crystalline polymer coatings

Optical Asymmetric Modulation for VLC Systems - Invited Paper

Optical fiber amplifier with spectral compression elements for high-power laser pulse generation

Optimal energy decay for the wave-heat system on a rectangular domain

Organizational structure and the periphery of the gene regulatory network in B-cell lymphoma.

Parameterized core functional dataflow graphs and their application to design and implementation of wireless communication systems

Performance analysis of simultaneous communications in bacterial nanonetworks

Performance Analysis of Single Carrier Coherent and Noncoherent Modulation under I/Q Imbalance

Performance Evaluation of Coordinated Multipoint Transmission at 28 GHz Frequency Using 3D Ray Tracing

Picosecond MOPA with ytterbium doped tapered double clad fiber

Power and wavelength scaling using semiconductor disk laser - bismuth fiber MOPA systems

Preserving natural scene lighting by strobe-lit video

Prioritized centrally-controlled resource allocation in integrated multi-RAT HetNets

Programmable implementation of zero-crossing demodulator on an application specific processor

Programming graphics processing units in the RVC-CAL dataflow language

Propagation dynamics of ultrabroadband terahertz beams with orbital angular momentum for wireless data transfer

Properties of graph distance measures by means of discrete inequalities

Pulsed high-power yellow-orange VECSEL

Julkaisun otsikon käännös: : Pulsed high-power yellow-orange VECSEL

Ray-based evaluation of dual-polarized MIMO in (Ultra-)dense millimeter-wave urban deployments

Real-time depth image-based rendering with layered dis-occlusion compensation and aliasing-free composition

Real-time observation of bacterial gene expression noise

Restoration of low-dose digital breast tomosynthesis

Robust controllers for regular linear systems with infinite-dimensional exosystems

Robust data reconciliation of combustion variables in multi-fuel fired industrial boilers

Robust Inference for State-Space Models with Skewed Measurement Noise

Robust Regulation of SISO Systems: The Fractional Ideal Approach

Rotation Invariant Texture Description Using Symmetric Dense Microblock Difference


An R package for simulating gene expression data from an underlying real gene network structure considering delay parameters

Short-range supercontinuum based lidar for combustion diagnostics

Significance of graph theoretic measures in predicting neuronal network activity

Simultenious binary hash and features learning for image retrieval

Single exposure lensless subpixel phase imaging

Solutions to integrals involving the marcum Q-function and applications

Sparse Overcomplete Denoising

Aggregation Versus Global Optimization

Spatial Interpolation of Cyclostationary Test Statistics in Cognitive Radio Networks

Methods and Field Measurements

Spectral modeling of time series with missing data

Stabilization to trajectories for parabolic equations

State Estimation for a Class of Piecewise Affine State-Space Models

Still image/video frame lossy compression providing a desired visual quality

Structural influence of gene networks on their inference

Analysis of C3NET

Structural Measures for Network Biology Using QuACN

Structural Results for Quaternionic Gabor Frames

Structural Similarity Index with Predictability of Image Blocks

Structural similarity of directed universal hierarchical graphs

A low computational complexity approach

Switchable unidirectional second-harmonic emission through GaAs nanoantennas

Tailoring directional scattering of second-harmonic generation from (111)-GaAs nanoantennas

Target tracking via combination of particle filter and optimisation techniques

The different levels of magneto-mechanical coupling in energy conversion machines and devices

The Impact of Interference from the Side Lanes on mmWave/THz Band V2V Communication Systems with Directional Antennas

The magical world of metamaterials

Thermal effects on a passive wireless antenna sensor for strain and crack sensing

The watching system as a generalization of identifying code

Thickness variation study of RFID-based folded patch antennas for strain sensing

Topological mappings between graphs, trees and generalized trees

Towards Algebraic Modeling of GPU Memory Access for Bank Conflict Mitigation

Transmit Power Optimization and Feasibility Analysis of Self-backhauling Full-Duplex Radio Access Systems

Two-Sided Hypergenic Functions

Ultra-large mode area single frequency anisotropic MOPA with double clad Yb-doped tapered fiber

Unbiased Injection of Signal-Dependent Noise in Variance-Stabilized Range

Uncertainty propagation of iron loss from characterization measurements to computation of electrical machines

Universal construction mechanism for networks from one-dimensional symbol sequences

Urothelial cancer gene regulatory networks inferred from large-scale RNAseq, Bead and Oligo gene expression data

Variance Stabilization for Noisy+Estimate Combination in Iterative Poisson Denoising

Wideband self-adaptive RF cancellation circuit for full-duplex radio

Operating principle and measurements