1 mJ narrow-linewidth pulsed fiber MOPA source at 1535 nm

A computational approach to construct a multivariate complete graph invariant

A Computationally Efficient Model Predictive Control Strategy for Linear Systems with Integer Inputs

Active scanner control on paper machines

Adaptive and nonlinear control of discharge pressure for variable displacement axial piston pumps

Addressing closed-chain dynamics for high-precision control of hydraulic cylinder actuated manipulators

A detailed chemical mechanism to predict NO Cycle-to-cycle Variation in homogeneous engine combustion

A distributed automation architecture for distribution networks, from design to implementation

A fractional representation approach to the robust regulation problem for SISO systems

A generic method to optimize a redundant serial robotic manipulator's structure

A Hybrid Task Graph Scheduler for High Performance Image Processing Workflows

ALMARVI System Solution for Image and Video Processing in Healthcare, Surveillance and Mobile Applications

A manager’s means to motivate experts at work

A model predictive control strategy for the cascaded H-bridge multilevel rectifier based on enumeration

Analysis of second UE DRX cycle for enhanced CELL FACH 3GPP UTRAN

Analytical model in discrete time for cross-layer video communication over LTE

An approach to combining related notifications in large-scale building management systems with a rehabilitation facility case study

An approval of MPPT based on pv cell’s simplified equivalent circuit during fast-shading conditions

An enumeration-based model predictive control strategy for the cascaded H-bridge multilevel rectifier

A neural network strategy for learning of nonlinearities toward feed-forward control of pressure-compensated hydraulic valves with a significant dead zone

An example of scenario-based evaluation of military capability areas An impact assessment of alternative systems on operations

Anisotropic spatial solitions and their routing in nematic liquid crystals

Applied Artificial Intelligence


Applying SCRUM in an OSS development process

An empirical evaluation

Approximate Controllability for Navier–Stokes Equations in 3D Rectangles Under Lions Boundary Conditions

Approximate robust output regulation of boundary control systems

Architecture for Safe Human-Robot Collaboration

Multi-Modal Communication in Virtual Reality for Efficient Task Execution

A Reduced-Order Two-Degree-of-Freedom Composite Nonlinear Feedback Control for a Rotary DC Servo Motor

A Simple Robust Controller for Port–Hamiltonian Systems

A survey on control of hydraulic robotic manipulators with projection to future trends

Asymptotic behaviour in the robot rendezvous problem

Asymptotics and approximation of large systems of ordinary differential equations

Asynchronous communication platform concept to coordinate large-scale industrial processes

A time-optimal bounded velocity path-following controller for generic Wheeled Mobile Robots

Automated Estimation of Contact Angle on Hydrophobic Fibers using a Microrobotic Platform

Automatic hierarchical discovery of quasi-static schedules of RVC-CAL dataflow programs

A variable switching point predictive current control strategy for quasi-Z-source inverters

Avoiding wow-gaps through wow-canvas in business development

Backshoring of production in the context of a small and open Nordic economy

Bilateral teleoperation of a hydraulic robotic manipulator in contact with physical and virtual constraints

Characteristics of a circular economy framework to support strategic renewal in manufacturing firms

Characterizing the Impact of Diffuse Scattering in Urban Millimeter-Wave Deployments

Characterizing trustworthy digital rights exporting

Charlie and the CryptoFactory

Towards Secure and Trusted Manufacturing Environments

Circular dichroism in the second harmonic field evidenced by asymmetric AU coated gaas nanowires

Class-Specific Reference Discriminant Analysis With Application in Human Behavior Analysis

Client-Side Cornucopia

Comparing the Built-In Application Architecture Models in the Web Browser

Coarse-grained model of protein interaction for bio-inspired nano-communication

Comfort Design in Human Robot Cooperative Tasks

Commissioning for nearly zero-energy building projects

Commitment and motivation in professional organization

Community driven artificial intelligence development for robotics

Comparative energy analysis of a load sensing system and a zonal hydraulics for a 9-tonne excavator

Comparing requirements decomposition within the Scrum, Scrum with Kanban, XP, and Banana development processes

Comparison of photovoltaic and wind generators as dynamic input sources to power processing interfaces

Complete Odometry Estimation of a Vehicle Using Single Automotive Radar and a Gyroscope

Computational intelligence approaches for digital media analysis and description

Computationally efficient optimization algorithms for model predictive control of linear systems with integer inputs

Contribution of Maxwell stress in air on the deformations of induction machines

Coordinating proactive social devices in a mobile cloud

Lessons learned and a way forward

Correlations between holistic awareness of time and innovativeness

Cosparse dictionary learning for the orthogonal case

Data Flow Algorithms for Processors with Vector Extensions

Handling Actors With Internal State

Data Rate Assessment on L2–L3 CPU Bus and Bus between CPU and RAM in Modern CPUs

Data Vault Mappings to Dimensional Model Using Schema Matching

Degree of agility with an ontology based application

Delphic maxims based applied philosophy for business and governance management

Demonstration of hybrid prototype sealant for encapsulating organic photovoltaics

Depth estimation with ego-motion assisted monocular camera

Design Flow for GPU and Multicore Execution of Dynamic Dataflow Programs

Designing controllers with reduced order internal models

Determining maximum MPP-tracking sampling frequency for input-voltage-controlled PV-interfacing converter

Development of students’ commitment over time—case study from a finnish university of technology

Different roles in leadership styles in modern organization

Digital control of power supplies - opportunities and constraints

Digitalization Changing Work

Employees' View on the Benefits and Hindrances

Digital Predistortion for 5G Small Cell

GPU Implementation and RF Measurements

Dimensional analysis conceptual modeling supporting adaptable reasoning in simulation-based training

Direct model predictive current control of dc-dc boost converters

Direct model predictive current control of quasi-Z-source inverters

Direct position control of electro-hydraulic excavator

Direct voltage control of dc-dc boost converters using model predictive control based on enumeration

Double Shadowing the Rician Fading Model

Dynamic effects of inductor current ripple in peak-current and average-current mode control

Dynamics analysis of a redundant parallel manipulator driven by elastic cables

Ecosystems Here, There, and Everywhere — A Barometrical Analysis of the Roots of ‘Software Ecosystem’

Editorial to “The best papers from the 32nd International Symposium on Automation and Robotics in Construction and Mining (ISARC 2015)”

Eeny, Meeny, Miny, Mo…

A multiple case study on selecting a technique for user-interaction data collecting

Effective variable switching point predictive current control for ac low-voltage drives

Effect of driver and work cycle on losses of a loader

Effect of energy recovery on efficiency in electro-hydrostatic closed system for differential actuator

Effect of rotor pole-shoe construction on losses of inverter-fed synchronous motors

Efficient 3D visual perception for robotic rock breaking

Efficient method for the real-time contingency analysis of meshed HVDC power grids fed by VSC stations

Electroplated nickel microspring and low-friction precision linear slider

A novel micro-force sensing tool

Encapsulation Of MES Functionalities As RESTful Web Services For Knowledge-Driven Manufacturing Systems

Energy-efficient and high-precision control of hydraulic robots

Energy saving in working hydraulics of long booms in heavy working vehicles

Energy System Planning towards Renewable Power System

Energy Matrix Change in Cuba by 2030

Ethical considerations on using learning analytics in finnish higher education

Expectation differences between students and staff of using learning analytics in finnish universities

Experimental analysis on the turning of aluminum alloy 7075 based on Taguchi method and artificial neural network

Explicit dynamics formulation of Stewart-Gough platform

A Newton-Euler approach

Exploiting statically schedulable regions in dataflow programs

Factors affecting the organizational readiness to design autonomous machine systems

Towards an evaluation framework

Fast neural predictive control algorithm

Feed-hopper level estimation and control in cone crushers

Fifty years of graph matching, network alignment and network comparison

Finding the wow-factor to enhance business

FinnForest dataset

A forest landscape for visual SLAM

Floating frame of reference formulation for a flexible manipulator with hydraulic actuation - Modelling and experimental validation

Flow-bounded trajectory-scaling algorithm for hydraulic robotic manipulators

Fluid Transmission Line Modeling Using a Variational Method

Julkaisun otsikon käännös: : Fluid Transmission Line Modeling Using a Variational Method

Forward kinematic analysis of a planar cable driven redundant parallel manipulator using force sensors

From theories to game mechanics

Developing a game for training rational numbers

Functional size measures and effort estimation in agile development

A replicated study

Gaussian mixture models for signal mapping and positioning

Generative modeling for maximizing precision and recall in information visualization

Generator Platform of Benchmark Time-Lapsed Images Development of Cell Tracking Algorithms

Implementation of New Features Towards a Realistic Simulation of the Cell Spatial and Temporal Organization

Geometry-Based V2V Channel Modeling over Millimeter-Wave in Highway Scenarious

Graph Embedded Extreme Learning Machine

Graph measures with high discrimination power revisited

A random polynomial approach

Guest Editorial

Implementation Issues in System-on-Chip

Guest editorial introduction to the focused section on design and control of hydraulic robots

Hardware-in-the-loop platform for testing autonomous vehicle control algorithms

Hermitian normalized Laplacian matrix for directed networks

Highly unique network descriptors based on the roots of the permanental polynomial

How workplaces actually carry out OSH-related risk assessment and management

IEEE 802.11ac MIMO Transceiver Baseband Processing on a VLIW Processor

Implementation of 3GPP LTE Cat-M1 Technology in NS-3

System Simulation and Performance

Implementation of a low-complexity low-latency arbitrary resampler on GPUs

Implementation of a Multirate Resampler for Multi-carrier Systems on GPUs

Improving Session Continuity with Bandwidth Reservation in mmWave Communications

Improving tracking performance of composite nonlinear feedback controllers via new reset and hold feature of nonlinear functions

Indirect NOx emission monitoring in natural gas fired boilers

Influences of digital band-pass filtering on the BCG waveform

Information retrieval perspective to meta-visualization

Innovativeness through time management

Input filter interactions in current-mode controlled converters - A unified analysis approach

Instrumentation-Driven Validation of Dataflow Applications

Integrated controller for an over-constrained cable driven parallel manipulator


Integration of dataflow-based heterogeneous multiprocessor scheduling techniques in GNU radio

Interaction strategies for an affective conversational agent

Introducing Multi-Convexity in Path Constrained Trajectory Optimization for Mobile Manipulators

Investigation on positioning control strategy and switching optimization of an equal coded digital valve system

Leadership focus in modern expert organization

LeanGame, a digital training tool to implement lean philosophy

Lean software startup – an experience report from an entrepreneurial software business course

Learning movement synchronization in multi-component robotic systems

Lessons learnt from real-time monitoring of the low voltage distribution network

Linear accelerometers and rate gyros for rotary joint angle estimation of heavy-duty mobile manipulators using forward kinematic modeling

Low-cost flexible all-inkjet-printed microfluidic sensor

Majorization-minimization for manifold embedding

Management style, focus and purpose in development of lean in university hospital

Mapping parameterized cyclo-static dataflow graphs onto configurable hardware

Mass balance control of crushing circuits

Master’s students’ commitment and engagement in their course behavior

Minimum viable user experience

A framework for supporting product design in startups

Mixed-integer linear programming approach for global discrete sizing optimization of frame structures

Mobile devices and professional equipment synergies for sport video summary production

Model-based control of a digital hydraulic transformer-based hybrid actuator

Model-Based Dynamic Scheduling for Multicore Signal Processing

Model-based force and position tracking control of an asymmetric cylinder with a digital hydraulic valve

Modeling and analysis of a self-oscillating peak-current controlled flyback converter

Modeling and Experimental Characterization of Pressure Drop in Gravity-Driven Microfluidic Systems

Julkaisun otsikon käännös: : Modeling and Experimental Characterization of Pressure Drop in Gravity-Driven Microfluidic Systems

Model predictive control for regular linear systems

Model predictive control in power electronics: Strategies to reduce the computational complexity

Model predictive control of the interleaved dc-dc boost converter

Model predictive pulse pattern control for the five-level active neutral-point-clamped inverter

Multi-Radio Perspectives for Massive MTC Localization

Energy Consumption and Utility

Multi-robot active information gathering with periodic communication

Multi-sensor next-best-view planning as matroid-constrained submodular maximization

Multi-source localization using a DOA Kernel based spatial covariance model and complex nonnegative matrix factorization

Multiuser detection scheme for SCMA with partial extrinsic information transmission

Multi-view action recognition based on action volumes, fuzzy distances and cluster discriminant analysis

Necessary and sufficient conditions for the existence of solution of generalized fuzzy relation equations A ⇔X = B

Nonlinear model predictive energy management of hydrostatic drive transmissions

Nonlocal bi-color vector solitons in liquid crystals

Novel pairwise coupled kinematic solution for algebraic angular acceleration estimation of serial link manipulators

Online tests of Kalman filter consistency

On Load-Aware Cell Association Schemes for Group User Mobility in mmWave Networks

On the basis of the sales engineering competences and education

On the control of the KNTU CDRPM

A cable driven redundant parallel manipulator

On the degeneracy of the Randić entropy and related graph measures

On the Distribution of the Stationary Point of Significance Level for Empirical Distribution Function

On the Sum of Fisher-Snedecor F Variates and its Application to Maximal-Ratio Combining

On the Use of LTSs to Analyze Software Product Line Products Composed of Features

On the windy road to become a service provider

Reflections from designing a mission critical information system provided as a service

On the zeros of the partial Hosoya polynomial of graphs


How to improve the quality of the web portal of open source software products

Optimal observer trajectories for passive target localization using bearing-only measurements

Optimal sensing via multi-armed bandit relaxations in mixed observability domains

Optimization of Flexible Filter Banks Based on Fast Convolution

Optimizing gaze direction in a visual navigation task

Order reduction for a signaling pathway model of neuronal synaptic plasticity

Organizational development-lean thinking through the LeanGame learning game

Output Regulation of Infinite-Dimensional Time-Delay Systems

Overview of the MPEG reconfigurable video coding framework

Parallel Digital Predistortion Design on Mobile GPU and Embedded Multicore CPU for Mobile Transmitters

Parameterized scheduling of topological patterns in signal processing dataflow graphs

Passive condition pre-enforcement for rights exporting

Performance enhancements for embedded software implementation of GNSS navigation algorithms

Performance evaluation of bandwidth reservation for mmWave 5G NR systems

PHIL Test Bench for Online-Identification Methods of Complex Power Grid

Photoluminescence and third harmonic generation in ZnPc thin films

Photostable single KTiOPO4 nanocrystals for second-harmonic generation microscopy

Polynomial Input-Output Stability for Linear Systems

Power flow initialisation of dynamic studies with induction motor loads

Power Mitigation by Performance Equalization in a Heterogeneous Reconfigurable Multicore Architecture


Special Issue on ‘New Hydraulic Components for Tough Robots’

Prerequisites and conditions for socially sustainable manufacturing in Europe’s future factories—results overview from the SO SMART project

Prioritizing corrective maintenance activities for android applications

An industrial case study on android crash reports

Probabilistic approach to physical object disentangling

Pseudo-Random Sequences in DQ-Domain Analysis of Feedforward Control in Grid-Connected Inverters

PVDF Microforce Sensor for the Measurement of Z-directional Strength in Paper Fiber Bonds

Quantifying the pore structure of different biochars and their impacts on the water retention properties of Sphagnum moss growing media

Quantitative Graph Theory

A new branch of graph theory and network science

Quasi-static scheduling of CAL actor networks for reconfigurable video coding

Railway fastener inspection by real-time machine vision

Real-time hardware- and software-in-the-loop simulation of decentralised distribution network control architecture

Reduced Order Internal Models in the Frequency Domain

Redundancy-based visual tool center point pose estimation for long-reach manipulators

Relay Selection Based Full-Duplex Cooperative Systems under Adaptive Transmission

Resilient Cooperative Voltage Control for Distribution Network with High Penetration Distributed Energy Resources

Revenue models of application developers in android market ecosystem

Robust and perfect tracking control of a DC servo motor

Robust control design for paralleled dc/dc converters with current sharing

Robust data reconciliation of combustion variables in multi-fuel fired industrial boilers

Robustifying correspondence based 6D object pose estimation

Robust Output Regulation for Continuous-Time Periodic Systems

Robust output regulation of counter-flow heat exchangers

Robust Regulation of Infinite-Dimensional Port-Hamiltonian Systems

Robust Regulation of MIMO systems

A Reformulation of the Internal Model Principle

Role and nature of systemic innovations in construction and real estate sector

Security Analysis of Various Industrial Devices

Silicon capillary gripper with self-alignment capability

Simulated results and experimental verification of a novel magneto-mechanical coupled method

Simultaneous Identification of Multiple Control Loops in DC Microgrid Power Converters

Small-signal modeling of switched-mode converters under direct-on-time control - A unified approach

Soft robotic gripper with compliant cell stacks for industrial part handling

Software vulnerability life cycles and the age of software products

An empirical assertion with operating system products

Space for company democracy

Sparse approximations in complex domain based on BM3D modeling

Spodumene tailings for porcelain and structural materials

Effect of temperature (1050–1200 °C) on the sintering and properties

Stability-Guaranteed Force-Sensorless Contact Force/Motion Control of Heavy-Duty Hydraulic Manipulators

Stabilization to trajectories for parabolic equations

State of the art of cw fibre lasers

Structural development of substance in engineering education

Method of cornerstones

System-level analysis of IEEE 802.11ah technology for unsaturated MTC traffic

Task balancing between human and robot in mid-heavy assembly tasks

Technical debt and the effect of agile software development practices on it - An industry practitioner survey

Technostress and social networking services

Uncovering strains and their underlying stressors

The internal model principle for boundary control systems with polynomially bounded exogenous signals

Timely report production from WWW data sources

To network or not to network? Analysis of the Finnish software industry-A networking approach

Topological patterns for scalable representation and analysis of dataflow graphs

Toward Efficient Execution of RVC-CAL Dataflow Programs on Multicore Platforms

Towards a concept for realizing sustainability in the manufacturing industry

Towards a lean approach to reduce code smells injection

An empirical study

Towards dependable automation

Towards detecting structural branching and cyclicity in graphs

A polynomial-based approach

Towards generic embedded multiprocessing for RVC-CAL dataflow programs

Transparent microelectrode arrays fabricated by ion beam assisted deposition for neuronal cell in vitro recordings

Understanding fundamental and practical ingredients of construction project data management

Unified derivation and analysis of duty-ratio constraints for peak-current-mode control in continuous and discontinuous modes

Using AI to Decrease Demand and Supply Mismatch in ITC Labour Market

Using the entity-attribute-value model for olap cube construction

Utilization of Drum Boilers’ Storage Capacity for Flexible Operation

Utilizing the innovation potential of suppliers in construction projects

UX work in startups

Current practices and future needs

Variable speed digital hydraulic transformer–based servo drive

Vehicle Attribute Recognition by Appearance

Computer Vision Methods for Vehicle Type, Make and Model Classification

Video characterization based on activity clustering

Wealthy, healthy and/or happy —what does ‘ecosystem health’ stand for?

“Wow-factors” for boosting business

Wrench feasible workspace analysis of cable-driven parallel manipulators using LMI approach