Winner does not take all

Selective attention and local bias in platform-based markets

What is project governance and what are its origins?

What is product lifecycle management (PLM) maturity? Analysis of current PLM maturity models

Wealthy, healthy and/or happy —what does ‘ecosystem health’ stand for?

UX work in startups

Current practices and future needs

Utilizing management accounting information for decision-making

Limitations stemming from the process structure and the actors involved

Using the entity-attribute-value model for olap cube construction

Using social media to leverage and develop dynamic capabilities for innovation

Use of services to support the business of a project-based firm

Understanding the complexity of mobility as a service

Understanding tariff designs and consumer behaviour to employ electric vehicles for secondary purposes in the United Kingdom

Towards a lean approach to reduce code smells injection

An empirical study

To network or not to network? Analysis of the Finnish software industry-A networking approach

Timely report production from WWW data sources

The value of customer satisfaction surveys for project-based organizations

symbolic, technical, or none

The use of social media for knowledge acquisition and dissemination in B2B companies

an empirical study of Finnish technology industries

The Management of Values in Project Business

Adjusting Beliefs to Transform Project Practices and Outcomes

The impact of workplaces and self-management practices on the productivity of knowledge workers

The dynamics of repairing multi-project control practice

a project governance viewpoint

The adoption of green initiatives in logistics service providers-a strategic perspective

Technostress and social networking services

Uncovering strains and their underlying stressors

Sustainable project management through project control in infrastructure projects

Stages of User Engagement on Social Commerce Platforms

Analysis with the Navigational Clickstream Data

Special Issue: Accounting and Innovation

Software vulnerability life cycles and the age of software products

An empirical assertion with operating system products

Revenue models of application developers in android market ecosystem

Replacing centralised waste and sanitation infrastructure with local treatment and nutrient recycling

Expert opinions in the context of urban planning

Remote monitoring in industrial services

need-to-have instead of nice-to-have

Reconciling digital transformation and knowledge protection

A research agenda

Purchasing strategies and value creation in industrial turnkey projects

Purchasing category management: providing integration between purchasing and other business functions

Promoting project team coordination in repetitive projects

Project Is as Project Does

Emerging Microactivities and Play Ontology

Project change stakeholder communication

Project-based and temporary organizing

Reconnecting and rediscovering

Program integration in multi-project change programs

agency in integration practice

Prioritizing corrective maintenance activities for android applications

An industrial case study on android crash reports

Practical difficulties encountered in attempting to implement a partnering approach

Possible impacts of increasing maximum truck weight: Finland case study

Passive condition pre-enforcement for rights exporting

Organisational hybridity and fluidity

deriving new strategies for dynamic knowledge management


How to improve the quality of the web portal of open source software products

Offshoring versus backshoring: Empirically derived bundles of relocation drivers, and their relationship with benefits

Nordic workplace concept development from office as a city to city as an office

Network visualisations of knowledge assets

Their value and user experiences for innovation development

Network level knowledge sharing

Leveraging Riege’s model of knowledge barriers

Modelling structure of customer satisfaction with construction

Minimum viable user experience

A framework for supporting product design in startups

Manufacturing relocation abroad and back: empirical evidence from the Nordic countries

Management of project portfolios

Relationships of project portfolios with their contexts

Lifecycle view of managing different changes in projects

Lean software startup – an experience report from an entrepreneurial software business course

Knowledge Management for Open Innovation

Comparing Research Results Between SMEs and Large Companies

Integrating services into solution offerings in the sales work of project-based firms

Insights for the governance of large projects

Analysis of Organization Theory and Project Management: Administering Uncertainty in Norwegian Offshore Oil by Stinchcombe and Heimer

Industrial buyers' use of references, word-of-mouth and reputation in complex buying situation

How governmental stakeholders influence large projects

the case of nuclear power plant projects

Governmental stakeholder and project owner's views on the regulative framework in nuclear projects

Going downstream in a project-based firm

Integration of distributors in the delivery of complex systems

Global footprint of Nordic manufacturing firms

An explorative archive study

Functional size measures and effort estimation in agile development

A replicated study

From the front end of projects to the back end of operations

Managing projects for value creation throughout the system lifecycle

Firms' knowledge profiles

Mapping patent data with unsupervised learning

Enhancing the supplier's non-contractual project relationships with designers

Eeny, Meeny, Miny, Mo…

A multiple case study on selecting a technique for user-interaction data collecting

Editorial: The basics of writing a paper for the International Journal of Project Management


Actors, practices, and strategy connections in multi-project management

Ecosystems Here, There, and Everywhere — A Barometrical Analysis of the Roots of ‘Software Ecosystem’

Data Vault Mappings to Dimensional Model Using Schema Matching

Cost consciousness

Conceptual development from a management accounting perspective

Constructing the market position of a project-based firm

Comparing requirements decomposition within the Scrum, Scrum with Kanban, XP, and Banana development processes

Client-Side Cornucopia

Comparing the Built-In Application Architecture Models in the Web Browser

Characterizing trustworthy digital rights exporting

Change program management

Toward a capability for managing value-oriented, integrated multi-project change in its context

Benchmarking supplier development

An empirical case study of validating a framework to improve buyer-supplier relationship

Benchmarking construction industry, company and project performance by participants’ evaluation

Applying SCRUM in an OSS development process

An empirical evaluation

A new governance approach for multi-firm projects

Lessons from Olkiluoto 3 and Flamanville 3 nuclear power plant projects

A methodology supporting syntactic, lexical and semantic clarification of requirements in systems engineering

A method for anticipating the disruptive nature of digitalization in the machine-building industry

Allocating human resources to projects and services in dynamic project environments

A Dual Perspective of Value in a Bundle of Product and Service

A Customer's Possibilities to Increase the Performance of a Service Provider by Adding Value and Deepening the Partnership in Facility Management Service