Zeffiro User Interface for Electromagnetic Brain Imaging

a GPU Accelerated FEM Tool for Forward and Inverse Computations in Matlab

Wrench feasible workspace analysis of cable-driven parallel manipulators using LMI approach

Who is moving - User or device? Experienced quality of mobile 3D video in vehicles

Variance Preserving Initialization for Training Deep Neuromorphic Photonic Networks with Sinusoidal Activations

Validating effectiveness of safety requirements' compliance evaluation in process assessments

Using gaze gestures with haptic feedback on glasses

Using elicitation studies to generate collocated interaction methods

Using Deep Learning for price prediction by exploiting stationary limit order book features

Using and collecting fine-grained usage data to improve online learning materials

User generated soundscapes activating museum visitors

User Experience Study of 360° Music Videos on Computer Monitor and Virtual Reality Goggles

User experience of stereo and spatial audio in 360° live music videos

Urban 3D segmentation and modelling from street view images and LiDAR point clouds

Understanding animals

A critical challenge in ACI

Two patterns for minimizing human resources in a startup

Tunable VVC Frame Partitioning based on Lightweight Machine Learning

Trading exploits online

A preliminary case study

Towards secure cloud orchestration for multi-cloud deployments

Towards Efficient Code Generation for Exposed Datapath Architectures

Towards detecting structural branching and cyclicity in graphs

A polynomial-based approach

Towards component-aware function point measurement

Towards certifying the testing process of open-source software

New challenges or old methodologies?

Toward efficient many-core scheduling of partial expansion graphs

Touch gestures in communicating emotional intention via vibrotactile stimulation

Time series trends in software evolution

Time-of-Flight Range Measurement in Low-sensing Environment

Noise Analysis and Complex-domain Non-local Denoising

Time Difference of Arrival Estimation of Speech Signals Using Deep Neural Networks with Integrated Time-frequency Masking

Three patterns for user involvement in startups

Thin form-factor super multiview head-up display system

The visual object tracking VOT2013 challenge results

The usability of text entry systems now and in the future

"The superhero of the university"

Experience-driven design and field study of the university guidance robot

The QualiSPo approach to OSS product quality evaluation

The N∗Fisher-Snedecor F Cascaded Fading Model

The MOBISERV-AIIA eating and drinking multi-view database for vision-based assisted living

The making of Nordic larp

Documenting a tradition of ephemeral co-creative play

The Lord of the shares

Combining attribute-based encryption and searchable encryption for flexible data sharing

The lord of the sense

A privacy preserving reputation system for participatory sensing applications

The influence of developer multi-homing on competition between software ecosystems

The highways and country roads to continuous deployment

The fuzzy front end of experience design

The FitOptiVis ECSEL Project

Highly Efficient Distributed Embedded Image/Video Processing in Cyber-Physical Systems Invited Pape

The Finnish you – An interactive storytelling application for an airport environment

The effect of challenge-based gamification on learning

An experiment in the context of statistics education

The Double Shadowed κ-μ Fading Model

Texture classification using dense micro-block difference

Temporal dimensions of affect in user experience of digital news in the field

Tailored gamification

A review of literature

System level performance simulation of distributed GENESYS applications on multi-core platforms

System integration for real-time mobile manipulation

Systematic literature review on user logging in virtual reality

Systematic integration of flowgraph- and module-level parallelism in implementation of DSP applications on multiprocessor systems-on-chip

Symbol diversification of linux binaries


A flexible picture-based communication platform for users with intellectual disabilities

Supervised subspace learning based on deep randomized networks

Subjective evaluation of Super Multi-View compressed contents on high-end light-field 3D displays

Stop it, and be stubborn!

Still image/video frame lossy compression providing a desired visual quality

Statistical Evaluation of Visual Quality Metrics for Image Denoising

Squeeze vs. tilt

A comparative study using continuous tactile feedback

Special Issue on Embedded Computer Systems: Architectures, Modeling and Simulation

Sparse extreme learning machine classifier exploiting intrinsic graphs

Sparse approximations in complex domain based on BM3D modeling

Some SonarQube issues have a significant but small effect on faults and changes. A large-scale empirical study

Some background on dialogue management and conversational speech for dialogue systems


Software-defined networking for next-generation underwater communication systems

Software visualization today - Systematic literature review

Software Startups - A Research Agenda

Software evolution and time series volatility

An empirical exploration

Software architectures for implementing achievement badges - Practical experiences

Software architecture design in global software development

An empirical study

Social human-robot interaction in the wild

A workshop proposal for academic mindtrek 2020

Social features in hybrid board game marketing material

Social display...We can see what you are doing on your mobile device

Social behavior in bacterial nanonetworks

Challenges and opportunities

Social and privacy aspects of a system for collaborative public expression


8th workshop on speech and sound in mobile and pervasive environments


7th Workshop on speech and sound in mobile and pervasive environments

Similarity induced group sparsity for non-negative matrix factorisation

Silicon capillary gripper with self-alignment capability

Shearlet Transform-Based Light Field Compression under Low Bitrates


What it Is, What to Do and What Not to Do


Inkjet-printed soil moisture and leaf wetness sensor

Seniors and text messaging on mobile touchscreen phones


Implementing a lightweight cryptographic library based on ECDH and ECDSA for the development of secure and privacy-preserving protocols in contiki-NG


Interactive intent modeling for information discovery

Schoolchildren's user experiences on a physical exercise game utilizing lighting and audio

Scheduling of CAL actor networks based on dynamic code analysis

Satisfaction and willingness to consume immersive journalism

Experiment of differences between VR, 360 video, and article

Salient event detection in basketball mobile videos

Running software research programs

An agile approach

Robust linearized combined metrics of image visual quality

Robustifying correspondence based 6D object pose estimation

Robotic process automation - Creating value by digitalizing work in the private healthcare?

Ripple thermostat

Affecting the emotional experience through interactive force feedback and shape change

Revisiting continuous deployment maturity

A two-year perspective

Reproducible Evaluation of System Efficiency with a Model of Architecture

From Theory to Practice

Redundancy-based visual tool center point pose estimation for long-reach manipulators

Reduction of variables of index generation functions using linear and quadratic transformations

Reducing the number of unit tests with design by contract

Reduced-complexity digital predistortion for massive MIMO

Recording and analyzing in-browser programming sessions

Real-time online drilling vibration analysis using data mining

Reading on-screen text with gaze-based auto-scrolling

Random Forest Oriented Fast QTBT Frame Partitioning

Railway fastener inspection by real-time machine vision

Quantitative Graph Theory

A new branch of graph theory and network science

Quality measures for improving technology trees


A Python library for Generalized Operational Perceptron algorithms

Pure e-learning course in information security

Public and open HEVC encoding service in the cloud

Prototyping real-Time tracking systems on mobile devices

Promoting local culture and enriching airport experiences through interactive storytelling

Programming languages for data-Intensive HPC applications

A systematic mapping study

Programmable lowpower implementation of the HEVC Adaptive Loop Filter

Process configuration framework tool

Probabilistic saliency estimation

Preventing keystroke based identification in open data sets


Special Issue on ‘New Hydraulic Components for Tough Robots’

Prediction models and techniques for Open Source Software projects

A systematic literature review

Predicting OSS trustworthiness on the basis of elementary code assessment

Predicting academic success based on learning material usage

Power mitigation of a heterogeneous multicore architecture on FPGA/ASIC by DFS/DVFS techniques

Power harvesting from microwave oven electromagnetic leakage

Power allocation in multi-node cooperative network in Rician fading channels

Post-deployment data

A recipe for satisfying knowledge needs in software development?

Phase masks optimization for broadband diffractive imaging

Performance evaluation of bandwidth reservation for mmWave 5G NR systems

Performance analysis of single-query 6-DoF camera pose estimation in self-driving setups

Peer to Peer Offloading with Delayed Feedback

An Adversary Bandit Approach

Patterns for subsidiaries as innovation tools

Patterns for serverless functions (Function-as-a-Service)

A multivocal literature review

Patterns for safety system bus architecture

Patterns for controlling chaos in a startup

Participatory development of user experience design guidelines for a B2B company

Parameterized scheduling for signal processing systems using topological patterns


A holistic data privacy and security by design framework for cloud services

Optimizing spatial and temporal reuse in wireless networks by decentralized partially observable markov decision processes

Optimizing gaze direction in a visual navigation task

Optimized viewport dependent streaming of stereoscopic omnidirectional video

Optimization equivalence of divergences improves neighbor embedding

Optimal sensing via multi-armed bandit relaxations in mixed observability domains

Optimal neighborhood preserving visualization by Maximum satisfiability

Opportunities and Challenges of Mobile Applications as "Tickets-to-Talk": A Scenario-Based User Study

Julkaisun otsikon käännös: : Opportunities and Challenges of Mobile Applications as "Tickets-to-Talk": A Scenario-Based User Study

Operationalizing the experience factory for effort estimation in agile processes

On the zeros of the partial Hosoya polynomial of graphs

On the Secrecy Capacity of Fisher-Snedecor F Fading Channels

On the optimal class representation in linear discriminant analysis

On the kernel Extreme Learning Machine classifier

On the diffuseness of technical debt items and accuracy of remediation time when using SonarQube

On the degeneracy of the Randić entropy and related graph measures

On the Definition of Microservice Bad Smells

On the definition of dynamic software measures

On the costs of multiple trajectory pointing methods

On the arity gap of finite functions

Results and applications

On the Architecture of Liquid Software: Technology Alternatives and Design Space

On Renyi's entropy estimation with one-dimensional Gaussian kernels

One-Class Classification based on Extreme Learning and Geometric Class Information

On delay distribution in IEEE 802.11 wireless networks

On continuous deployment maturity in customer projects

On constructibility and unconstructibility of LTS operators from other LTS operators

On application of rational Discrete Short Time Fourier Transform in epileptic seizure classification

Julkaisun otsikon käännös: : On Application of Rational Discrete Short Time Fourier transform in Epileptic seizure Classification

Of discs, boxes and cartridges

The material life of digital games

OASIS deck of cards - House of colleagues

A playful

Nyström-based approximate kernel subspace learning

Novel pairwise coupled kinematic solution for algebraic angular acceleration estimation of serial link manipulators

Novel approaches to crawling important pages early

Network signatures based on gene pair expression ratios improve classification and the analysis of muscle-invasive urothelial cancer

Need to touch, wonder of discovery, and social capital

Experiences with interactive playful seats

Necessary and sufficient conditions for the existence of solution of generalized fuzzy relation equations A ⇔X = B

Narrative friction in Alternate Reality Games

Design insights from conspiracy for good

MVP Explained

A Systematic Mapping Study on the Definitions of Minimal Viable Product

MurMur Moderators, the talking playful seats

Multi-view predictive latent space learning

Multi-view action recognition based on action volumes, fuzzy distances and cluster discriminant analysis

Multisensor Time–Frequency Signal Processing MATLAB package

An analysis tool for multichannel non-stationary data

Multi-robot active information gathering with periodic communication

Multimodal subspace support vector data description

Multimodal and mobile conversational Health and Fitness Companions

Multilinear class-specific discriminant analysis

Multi-factor authentication for wearables

Configuring system parameters with risk function

Multichannel Sound Event Detection Using 3D Convolutional Neural Networks for Learning Inter-channel Features

Modular audio story platform for museums

Models for mobile application maintenance based on update history

Model selection for linear classifiers using Bayesian error estimation

Modeling and estimation of signal-dependent and correlated noise

Model checking and validity in propositional and modal inclusion logics


1st workshop on mobile, social and culturally oriented learning

Mobile Journalist Toolkit

A field study on producing news articles with a mobile device

Mixed reality with multimodal head-mounted pico projector

Mixed-integer linear programming approach for global discrete sizing optimization of frame structures

Minimum Variance Extreme Learning Machine for human action recognition

Microservices in agile software development

A workshop-based study into issues, advantages, and disadvantages

Methods and tools for denoising of complex-valued images based on block-matching and high order singular value decomposition

Methodology to obtain the security controls in multi-cloud applications

Method for Simulating Dose Reduction in Digital Breast Tomosynthesis

Memory Tampering Attack on Binary GCD Based Inversion Algorithms

Memory-Constrained vectorization and scheduling of dataflow graphs for hybrid CPU-GPU platforms

Mashing Up Software Issue Management, Development, and Usage Data

Managing concern knowledge in software systems

Making the cloud work for software producers

Linking architecture, operating cost and revenue

Majorization-minimization for manifold embedding

LTE indoor MIMO performances field measurements

Low-Power Reconfigurable Miniature Sensor Nodes for Condition Monitoring

Low-Latency Sound-Source-Separation using Non-Negative Matrix Factorisation with Coupled Analysis and Synthesis Dictionaries

Low latency edge rendering scheme for interactive 360 degree virtual reality gaming

Low-latency Deep Clustering for Speech Separation

Low-energy graph fourier basis functions span salient objects

Low-complexity robust DOA estimation

Looking for a five-legged sheep

Identifying enterprise architects' skills and competencies

Long-term tracking through failure cases

Log analysis of 360-degree video users via MQTT

Liking the game

How can spectating motivations influence social media usage at live esports events?

Learnings from the Finnish game industry

Learning movement synchronization in multi-component robotic systems

Lean manufacturing methods in simulation literature

Review and association analysis

Layers of user expectations of future technologies

An early framework

Kvazaar 2.0

Fast and efficient open-source HEVC inter encoder

Kernel reference discriminant analysis

Is Texture Denoising Efficiency Predictable?


Implementing a lightweight cryptographic library based on ecdh and ecdsa for the development of secure and rivacy-preserving protocols in contiki-ng

Investigation of egocentric social structures for diversity-enhancing followee recommendations

Interaction strategies for an affective conversational agent


Smart parallel search streams for branching exploratory search


Search user interface that anticipates user's search intents

Integrated controller for an over-constrained cable driven parallel manipulator


Institutional Perspectives on the Process of Enterprise Architecture Adoption

Innovation challenges as a novel multidisciplinary learning platform

Inkjet-printed monopole antennas for enhanced-range WBAN and wearable biomonitoring application

Information wall

Evaluation of a gesture-controlled public display

Information retrieval perspective to meta-visualization

Information retrieval approach to meta-visualization

Information models and information exchange in plant-wide monitoring and control of industrial processes

Information Exchange Architecture for Collaborative Industrial Ecosystem

Indirect measurement of the vascular endothelial glycocalyx layer thickness in human submucosal capillaries with a plug-in for ImageJ

Increasing collocated people's awareness of the mobile user's activities

A field trial of social displays

Inband full-duplex radio access system with self-backhauling

Transmit power minimization under QOS requirements

Improving the delivery cycle

A multiple-case study of the toolchains in Finnish software intensive enterprises

Implications of audio and narration in the user experience design of virtual reality

Image database TID2013

Peculiarities, results and perspectives

Human-technology choreographies

Re-thinking body, movement and space in interaction design

HTML5-based mobile agents for Web-of-Things

How to study programming on mobile touch devices - Interactive Python code exercises

How to design gamification? A method for engineering gamified software

How do academics experience use of recorded audio feedback in higher education? A thematic analysis

How developers perceive smells in source code

A replicated study

High-performance SIMD implementation of the lattice-Boltzmann method on the Xeon Phi processor

High-performance and low-energy buffer mapping method for multiprocessor DSP systems

Highly unique network descriptors based on the roots of the permanental polynomial

Hermitian normalized Laplacian matrix for directed networks

Head movement and facial expressions as game input

HCI and homecare

Connecting families and clinicians

Hardware design methodology using lightweight dataflow and its integration with low power techniques

Haptic user interface enhancement system for touchscreen based interaction

A novel system for multimodal interaction with touchscreen interfaces

Haptic feedback of gaze gestures with glasses

Localization accuracy and effectiveness

Guidelines for improving the testing process of open source software

Guidelines for development and evaluation of usage data analytics tools for human-machine interactions with industrial manufacturing systems

Guest editorial

Gravity gradient routing for information delivery in fog Wireless Sensor Networks

Graph measures with high discrimination power revisited

A random polynomial approach

Graph Embedded Extreme Learning Machine

Goofy Mus, grumpy Mur and dirty Muf

Talking playful seats with personalities

Glasses with haptic feedback of gaze gestures

Glance awareness and gaze interaction in smartwatches

Gestures and widgets

Performance in text editing on multi-touch capable mobile devices

Generative part-based Gabor object detector

Generative modeling for maximizing precision and recall in information visualization

Generalized model of biological neural networks

Progressive operational perceptrons

Gaze gestures and haptic feedback in mobile devices

Gaze-contingent scrolling and reading patterns

Gaussian mixture models for signal mapping and positioning

Gamified crowdsourcing

Conceptualization, literature review, and future agenda

Games and energy

Profiling power usage during play

Game postmortems vs. developer Reddit AMAs

Computational analysis of developer communication

Full-reference metrics multidistortional analysis


A scalable and delay sensitive cloud routing protocol

Front-camera video recordings as emotion responses to mobile photos shared within close-knit groups

From theories to game mechanics

Developing a game for training rational numbers

Framework for designing and evaluating game achievements

Foveated Nonlocal Self-Similarity

Four patterns for internal startups

Focusing on user experience and business models in startups

Investigation of two-dimensional value creation

Focused multi-task learning in a Gaussian process framework

Flow-bounded trajectory-scaling algorithm for hydraulic robotic manipulators

FinnForest dataset

A forest landscape for visual SLAM

Fifty years of graph matching, network alignment and network comparison

Federated IoT services leveraging 5G technologies at the edge

Feature synthesis for image classification and retrieval via one-against-all perceptrons

Feasibility of FPGA accelerated IPsec on cloud

Fault tolerant control architecture design for mobile manipulation in scientific facilities

Fast and easy live video service setup using lightweight virtualization

Farm detection based on deep convolutional neural nets and semi-supervised green texture detection using VIS-NIR satellite image

Fair testing and stubborn sets

Facilitating the first move

Exploring inspirational design patterns for aiding initiation of social encounters

Facial expression classification based on local spatiotemporal edge and texture descriptors

Exploring the use of deprecated PHP releases in the wild internet

Still a LAMP issue?

Exploring the Stability of Software with Time-Series Cross-Sectional Data

Exploring the role of ten universal values in using products and services

Exploration and exploitation of sensorimotor contingencies for a cognitive embodied agent

Exploiting suppliers' potential in construction innovations

Exploiting subclass information in one-class support vector machine for video summarization

Exemplar-based speech enhancement for deep neural network based automatic speech recognition

Executing dataflow actors as kahn processes

Estimation of time-varying room impulse responses of multiple sound sources from observed mixture and isolated source signals

Estimating software development effort based on phases

Ensembles of dense and dense sampling descriptors for the HEp-2 cells classification problem

Enhancing class discrimination in Kernel Discriminant Analysis

Enhanced gaze interaction using simple head gestures

End-to-End Polyphonic Sound Event Detection Using Convolutional Recurrent Neural Networks with Learned Time-Frequency Representation Input

Enabling cybersecurity incident reporting and coordinated handling for maritime sector

Emotional Reactions to Point-Light Display Animations

Email intensity, productivity and control in the knowledge worker's performance on the desktop

Electroplated nickel microspring and low-friction precision linear slider

A novel micro-force sensing tool

Elastic image registration for guiding focal laser ablation of prostate cancer

Preliminary results

Effects of haptic feedback on gaze based auto scrolling

Effects of extrinsic noise are promoter kinetics dependent

Effects of directional haptic and non-speech audio cues in a cognitively demanding navigation task

DYNAMO sound engine - Exploring the aesthetics of dynamic sound interactions

Dynamic text presentation in print interpreting - An eye movement study of reading behaviour

Dynamic software updating techniques in practice and Educator's guides

A review

Dynamic action recognition based on dynemes and Extreme Learning Machine

Dominant Rotated Local Binary Patterns (DRLBP) for texture classification

Domain based storage protection with secure access control for the cloud

Does migrating a monolithic system to microservices decrease the technical debt?

Does code quality affect pull request acceptance? An empirical study

Distant speech separation using predicted time-frequency masks from spatial features

Discriminant Bag of Words based representation for human action recognition

DevOps in regulated software development

Case medical devices

DevOps in practice

A multiple case study of five companies

Developing novel multimodal interaction techniques for touchscreen in-vehicle infotainment systems

Detection of Typical Pronunciation Errors in Non-native English Speech Using Convolutional Recurrent Neural Networks

Detection of bubbles as concentric circular arrangements

Designing tactile feedback for piezo buttons

Designing for experiences with socially interactive robots

Designing an Unobtrusive Analytics Framework for Monitoring Java Applications

Designing and evaluating text entry methods

Demographic differences in accumulated types of capital in massively multiplayer online role-playing games

Deep Temporal Logistic Bag-of-features for Forecasting High Frequency Limit Order Book Time Series

Deep Reinforcement Learning for Financial Trading Using Price Trailing

Deep p-Fibonacci scattering networks

Deep multiresolution color constancy

Data Rate Assessment on L2–L3 CPU Bus and Bus between CPU and RAM in Modern CPUs

Data-driven stream mining systems for computer vision

Database-driven tool support for DisCo executable specifications

Cultural influence on online community use

A cross-cultural study on online exercise diary users of three nationalities

Coordinating proactive social devices in a mobile cloud

Lessons learned and a way forward

Convolutional low-resolution fine-grained classification

Convex Energy Optimization of Streaming Applications for MPSoCs

Conversion of sparsely-captured light field into alias-free fullparallax multiview content

Conversion algorithms and implementations for koblitz curve cryptography

Controlled experiments comparing fault-tree-based safety analysis techniques

Continuum approach to high-cycle fatigue. The finite life-time case with stochastic stress history

Continuous Edgewrite

Dictionary-based disambiguation instead of explicit segmentation by the user

Configuring and visualizing the data resources in a cloud-based data collection framework

Configurable, resource-optimized FFT architecture for OFDM communication

Compressive Sensing Image Restoration Using Adaptive Curvelet Thresholding and Nonlocal Sparse Regularization

Compressive sensed video recovery via iterative thresholding with random transforms

Compression of signs of DCT coefficients for additional lossless compression of JPEG images

Compatible natural gradient policy search

Comparison of video-based pointing and selection techniques for hands-free text entry

Comparison of time metrics in programming

Comparison of gaze-to-objects mapping algorithms

Comparison of Feature Selection Techniques in Machine Learning for Anatomical Brain MRI in Dementia

Comparing the Built-In Application Architecture Models in the Web Browser

Comparing communication effort within the scrum, scrum with Kanban, XP, and Banana development processes

Combined no-reference IQA metric and its performance analysis

Combined local and global image enhancement algorithm

Color game

A collaborative social robotic game for icebreaking; Towards the design of robotic ambiences as part of smart building services

Collecting usage data for software development

Selection framework for technological approaches

Collaborative navigation in virtual worlds

How gender and game experience influence user behavior

Collaborative filtering based on group coordinates for smoothing and directional sharpening

Collaborative cloud-based management of home networks

Collaboration change in enterprise software development

Code notes

Designing a low-cost tangible coding tool for/with children

Co-creating digital services for citizens

Activity theory analysis

Class-specific kernel discriminant analysis based on Cholesky decomposition

Classification of large graphs by a local tree decomposition

Classification of iPSC colony images using hierarchical strategies with support vector machines

Children designing videos

Tools, pedagogical models, and best practices for digital storytelling and media-making in the classroom

Checking visual data flow programs with finite process models

Challenges of Multi-Factor Authentication for Securing Advanced IoT Applications

Challenges in developing data-based value creation

Challenges and recommended practices for software architecting in global software development

Censor-Based Cooperative Multi-Antenna Spectrum Sensing with Imperfect Reporting Channels

Casual immersive viewing with smartphones

Business intelligence process model revisited

Briefing news reporting with mobile assignments - Perceptions, needs and challenges


An embodied interaction technique for health information systems in developing regions


Content-Adaptive denoising for improved visual quality

Blind sub-Nyquist GNSS signal detection

Blind estimation of white Gaussian noise variance in highly textured images

Bit-sliced binary normal basis multiplication

Big Media Data Analysis

Bayesian receiver operating characteristic metric for linear classifiers

Barriers to task-based information access in molecular medicine

Barriers for bridging interpersonal gaps

Three inspirational design patterns for increasing collocated social interaction

Backshoring of production in the context of a small and open Nordic economy

Automatic word count estimation from daylong child-centered recordings in various language environments using language-independent syllabification of speech

Automatic image-based detection and inspection of paper fibres for grasping

Automated design of networks of transport-triggered architecture processors using dynamic dataflow programs

Augmenting Technology Trees: Automation and Tool Support

A time-optimal bounded velocity path-following controller for generic Wheeled Mobile Robots

A survey on open source software trustworthiness

A survey on aims and environments of diversification and obfuscation in software security

A State Space Tool for Concurrent System Models Expressed In C++

A simulation case study of production planning and control in printed wiring board manufacturing

Are SonarQube Rules Inducing Bugs?

Are architectural smells independent from code smells? An empirical study

Architectural patterns for microservices

A systematic mapping study

Architecting liquid software

A quasi-virtual online analyser based on an artificial neural networks and offline measurements to predict purities of raffinate/extract in simulated moving bed processes

A preliminary network analysis on steam game tags

Another way of understanding game genres

Antroposeeni - A mixed reality game

Anthropometric clothing measurements from 3D body scans

An icon that everyone wants to click

How perceived aesthetic qualities predict app icon successfulness

An exploratory study of eye typing fundamentals

Dwell time, text entry rate, errors, and workload

An evaluation of the virtual curvature with the StickGrip haptic device

A case study

An evaluation framework for cross-platform mobile app development tools

A case analysis of adobe PhoneGap framework

An empirical investigation of perceived reliability of open source Java programs

An Assessment of Errors and Their Reduction in Terrestrial Laser Scanner Measurements in Marmorean Surfaces

An approach to production scheduling optimization a case of an oil lubrication and hydraulic systems manufacturer

Analyzing Forty years of software maintenance models

Analytical model in discrete time for cross-layer video communication over LTE

Analysis of a receiver-based reliable broadcast approach for vehicular networks

Analysis of an efficient parallel implementation of active-set Newton algorithm

An algebraic approach to reducing the number of variables of incompletely defined discrete functions

An accumulative fusion architecture for discriminating people and vehicles using acoustic and seismic signals

A multi-agent approach for processing industrial enterprise data

A movable immaterial volumetric display

A model-based schedule representation for heterogeneous mapping of dataflow graphs

A Mixed Finite Element Method to Solve the EEG Forward Problem

A lightweight many-to-many authentication protocol for near field communications

A k-nearest neighbor multilabel ranking algorithm with application to content-based image retrieval

A joint target localization and classification framework for sensor networks

'Aie-studio' - A pragmatist aesthetic approach for procedural sound design

A design tool for high performance image processing on multicore platforms

A design framework for mapping vectorized synchronous dataflow graphs onto CPU-GPU platforms

Additional lossless compression of JPEG images based on BPG

A Dataset for Camera Independent Color Constancy

Adaptive spatial resolution selection for stereoscopic video compression with MV-HEVC

A frequency based approach

Adaptive Normalization for Forecasting Limit Order Book Data Using Convolutional Neural Networks

A custom processor for protocol-independent packet parsing

Action-Oriented Programming Model

Collective Executions and Interactions in the Fog

A convolutional neural network approach for acoustic scene classification

A computational approach to construct a multivariate complete graph invariant

A comparison of security assurance support of agile software development methods

2nd international workshop on pervasive eye tracking and mobile eye-based interaction (PETMEI 2012)

Proposal for a workshop (mini-track) at UbiComp 2012

1-D Convolutional Neural Networks for Signal Processing Applications