Growth of Urban Peripheries with Reference to Inconsistent Spatial Planning Policies: South-east Amman as case study

Mezhdunarodnaya konferencia po pozicionirovaniyu i navigacii vnutri pomeshhenij

Real-time measurements of dissipative solitons in a mode-locked fiber laser

Accurate impedance model of grid-connected inverter for small-signal stability assessment in high-impedance grid

A Co-creation Centre for University–Industry Collaboration – A Framework for Concept Development

Acquisition of E5 Galileo signals in Matlab

A Cross-Cultural and Gender-Based Perspective for Online Security: Exploring Knowledge, Skills and Attitudes of Higher Education Students.

Adaptive fuzzy inference system based directional median filter for impulse noise removal

Air pressure difference between indoor and outdoor or staircase in multi-family buildings with exhaust ventilation system in Finland

Alkyl thiophene vinylene electropolymerization in C8mimPF6, potential use in solar cells

Analysis of outdoor and indoor propagation at 15 GHz and millimeter wave frequencies in microcellular environment

An approval of MPPT based on pv cell’s simplified equivalent circuit during fast-shading conditions

Anticancer activity of THMPP

Downregulation of PI3K/ S6K1 in breast cancer cell line

Architecture beyond signs and symbols : Zumthor's response to the problems of aesthetics

Assessing coupling dynamics from an ensemble of time series

Assessing the usefulness of an early idea development tool among experienced researchers

Assessment of Coordinated Multipoint Transmission Modes for Indoor and Outdoor Users at 28 GHz in Urban Macrocellular Environment

Automatization and stress analysis data of CoCr laser weld fatigue tests

Biocaced nanofibrilated films and yarns via ionic liquids

Building new computational models to support health behavior change and maintenance

new opportunities in behavioral research

Cancer research in the era of next-generation sequencing and big data calls for intelligent modeling

Cold-formed RHS T joints with initial geometrical imperfections

Collagen-immobilized polyimide membranes for retinal pigment epithelial cell adherence and proliferation

Comparative investigation of remote tracking devices for aging care

Comparison of Detection Techniques for Multipath Propagation of Pseudolite Signals Used in Dense Industrial Environments

Core Project Team As a Management Entity for Construction Projects

Cross-Cultural Design of Mobile Mathematics Learning Service for South African Schools

Data including GROMACS input files for atomistic molecular dynamics simulations of mixed, asymmetric bilayers including molecular topologies, equilibrated structures, and force field for lipids compatible with OPLS-AA parameters

Design: A Key Stage of Product Lifecycle

Development of chip-surface stimulus electrode array for fully-implantable subretinal prosthesis chip

Development of Si neural probe module with adjustable gain amplifier for neuronal signal recording

Diffusion of innovation

Case of co-design of cabins in mobile work machine industry

Distributed power allocation over indoor multi-pico stations

DroneRF dataset

A dataset of drones for RF-based detection, classification and identification

Effect of elevated nitrate and sulfate concentrations on selenate removal by mesophilic anaerobic granular sludge bed reactors

Effect of Laser Power on Yield of TiO2 Nanoparticles Synthesized by Pulsed Laser Ablation in Water

Effect of radiation inside square hollow section under moderate non-symmetric fire

Effects of subsampling on characteristics of RNA‑seq data from triple‑negative breast cancer patients

Electro-optic steering of random laser emission in liquid crystals

Energy Retrofits in Multi-family Buildings in North-east Europe: The Impacts on Thermal Conditions

Enhanced outdoor to indoor propagation models and impact of different ray tracing approaches at higher frequencies

Entropy of weighted graphs with Randić weights

Evaluation of Median Root Prior for Robust In-Beam PET Reconstruction

Evolutionary multiobjective optimization for adaptive dataflow-based digital predistortion architectures

First-principles data set of 45,892 isolated and cation-coordinated conformers of 20 proteinogenic amino acids

First principles prediction of the solar cell efficiency of chalcopyrite materials  AgMX2(M=In, Al; X=S, Se, Te)

Fully printed memristors for a self-sustainable recorder of mechanical energy

Genesis of Water supply and sanitation services in Finland

Heat Loss Rate of the Finnish Building Stock

Heat protective properties of enclosure structure from thin-wall profiles with foamed concrete

High efficiency dilute nitride solar cells

Simulations meet experiments

Human Factor in Time Management

Image-based characterization of the pulp flows

Importance and challenges of sharing experiences among an international and interdisciplinary group of doctoral students

Influence of environmental conditions on EMF levels in a span of overhead transmission lines

Influence of the rotor eccentricity on the torque of a cage induction machine

Inkjet printed metallic micropillars for bare die flip-chip bonding

In vitro characterization of arylhydrazones of active methylene derivatives

Kactus2: A graphical EDA tool built on the IP-XACT standard

Kehittämistutkimus: vuorovaikutteisten Matlab-opetusohjelmien vaikutus minäpystyvyyteen ja oppimistuloksiin yliopistomatematiikassa

Knowledge Management Practices in Large Companies

Kohti tasapuolisempaa tutkimuksen arviointia


Lean-tuotanto ja sen johtaminen: onnistuminen, haasteet ja soveltuminen Suomen yrityksiin ja muihin organisaatioihin

Linear and nonlinear light beam propagation in chiral nematic liquid crystal waveguides

LTCC-Based Multi-Electrode Arrays for 3D in Vitro Cell Cultures

Management and Planning Under Complexities of Metro Construction

Manipulating Superparamagnetic Microparticles with an Electromagnetic Needle

Micro-parenchymal patterns for breast cancer risk assessment

Microrobotic system for multi-rate measurement of bio-based fibres Z-directional bond strength

Modelling the stressed skin effect by using shell elements with meta-material model

Monitoring urban air quality with a diffusion charger based electrical particle sensor

Natural Gas Engine Emission Reduction by Catalysts

NB-IoT for D2D-enhanced content uploading with social trustworthiness in 5G systems

Parameters Affecting the Upcycling of Waste Cotton and PES/CO Textiles

Preparation and antimicrobial characterization of silver-containing packaging materials for meat

Probabilistic Mapping of Human Visual Attention from Head Pose Estimation

Projektityöskentelyn kehittäminen yläkoulun matematiikan opetuksessa

Reaction heat utilization in aluminosilicate-based ceramics synthesis and sintering

Relational Capital for Shared Vision in Innovation Ecosystems

Resilient Asset Management and Governance Fordeteriorating Water Services Infrastructure

Safety, Space and Structure Quality Requirements in Construction Scheduling

Sata vuotta vesihuoltoa Suomessa

Securing the flow of information in renovation projects

Sustainable synergies from buildings to the urban scale


An Efficient Open Source Tool to Build Tree Models from TLS Clouds

Social and Economic Importance of Water Services in the Built Environment: Need for More Structured Thinking

Stirring the Construction Project Management with Co-creation and Continuous Improvement

Suomen vesihuollon kehitys ja opit kansainvälisessä kontekstissa

Surrogate modeling for initial rotational stiffness of welded tubular joints

Systematic Search and Ranking of Physical Contradictions Using Graph Theory Principles: Toward a Systematic Analysis of Design Strategies and their Impacts

TRIZ and Knowledge-Based Innovation in Science and Industry

Target tracking via combination of particle filter and optimisation techniques

Teacher’s Perceptions and Readiness to Teach Coding Skills

A Comparative Study Between Finland, Mainland China, Singapore, Taiwan, and South Korea

Teoriaa ja kokemuksia arvioinnista MOOCien aikakaudella

Testing the near field/far field model performance for prediction of particulate matter emissions in a paint factory

The effect of tungsten carbide particles content in a weld deposit on its abrasion resistance

The effects of neuron morphology on graph theoretic measures of network connectivity

The analysis of a two-level statistical model

Theoretical 71-Concept Platform for Advancing Construction-related Business Management

Three-color vector nematicon

Time-resolved characterization of primary and secondary particle emissions of a modern gasoline passenger car

Towards a Classification Schema for Development Technologies: an Empirical Study in the Avionic Domain

Tuning plasmon induced reflectance with hybrid metasurfaces

Tutkimuskatsaus: Uusia menetelmiä haavan paranemisen arviointiin ja seurantaan

Yliopistomatematiikan sähköisten tehtävien ja matemaattisen ajattelun kehittäminen


Advanced coatings by novel high-kinetic thermal spray processes

Education and Materials Joining Research methods at Tampere University of Technology

Energiaomavaraiset anturiverkot

Hard Rock (- ei Hallelujah, vaan) Tribology

Pohjoismainen kaivosteollisuuden kulumisongelmiin keskittyvä kurssi ja seminaari Tampereella


Vanhan kulttuuripitäjän uusi kulttuuritalo

Kolloidisten suspensioiden online -analysointi: tutkimuksesta liiketoimintaa

Koteja ja kokonaistaideteoksia

Lasitettujen parvekkeiden ja terassien käyttäytyminen tulipaloissa

Liikenteen päästövähennykset - kaikki keinot käyttön

Muuttuvat ajotilanteet aiheuttavat uudentyyppisiä ajoneuvojen hiukkaspäästöjä

Postmodernismi Suomen rakennusperinnössä

Projektioppiminen yläkoulun matematiikassa

Simulointi nopeuttaa käyttöiän määritystä

Suomen keraaminen seura - Keramiska sällskapet i Finland

Tampereelta valmistuneiden vesihuoltoalan diplomi-insinöörien sijoittuminen ja odotukset yliopisto-opetukselle

Tampereen matemaattisten aineiden aineenopettajakoulutus

Taskinen yksissä kansissa

Vesihuollon instituutiot vaativat taitavaa jalkapallopeliä

Arbitrary Land Use Policy in Jordan between Legal Brand and Property Control

A review study of photovoltoltaic array maximum power point tracking algorithms

Future in wood? Timber construction in boosting local development.

Interdisciplinary water research network building within Nordic and Baltic countries.

Local narratives in the long term water conflicts

Case of Turku Region in Finland

Printed and organic diodes: devices, circuits and applications

Sata vuotta Suomen suurimmasta lavantautiepidemiasta

Valkea kaupunki, mustat vedet

Vesi, ongelma ennen ja nyt?

Обзор параметрических методов позиционирования на основе концепции отпечатка пальца

A continuum based macroscopic unified low- and high cycle fatigue model

Behavior of capacitive humidity sensors in monitoring the drying of concrete walls

Calculation method to determine capillary properties of building materials with automatic free water intake test

Comparison between calculated and billed building energy consumption values of schools and daycare centers

Experimental moment resistance of rectangular hollow section T joints

Thermal and moisture properties of calcium silicate insulation boards

Towards low carbon economy - Green bond and asset development

Quenching nematicon fluctuations via photo-stabilization

Kattavasti rivitaloista


Editorial: Experiments in an Organisational Context

Editorial: Information to support decision-making

Julkaisun otsikon käännös: : Pääkirjoitus: Tietoa päätöksenteon tueksi

Arkinen liikkuminen kontekstina kaupunkitilan tarkasteluun

8th Nordic Conference on Construction Economics and Organization

Calcium signaling in astrocytes: modeling Fura-2AM measurements

A new generation sweating thermal manikin for the evaluation of the thermal comfort of protective clothing in Arctic Conditions

Meeting of Vernacular and Modern Architecture in Urbino

Giancarlo De Carlo and reading of the context

Paloturvallisuuden huomiointi ja asenteet nykyaikaisessa älyrakentamisessa

Ulkoseinien rakennusfysikaaliset riskit ja pitkäaikaiskestävät ratkaisut

Advanced Treatments of Aramid Fibers for Composite Laminates

Aluetehokkuuden kustannusvaikutukset

A Proposal of Decentralized Architecture for OKD-MES

Classification of Knowledge Representation Implementations in the Manufacturing Systems Domain

Crowdsourcing in Business-to-Business Markets: A Value Creation and Business Model Perspective

Effects of Social Media on Consumers' Sports Brand Experiences and Loyalty

Framework for optimization and scheduling of a copper production plant

Functional model for organisational and safety culture

Glass and Glass-Ceramic Scaffolds: Manufacturing Methods and the Impact of Crystallization on In-Vitro Dissolution


Tool for fusion and analysis of live-cell images from time-lapse multimodal microscopy

Impact analysis of graph-based requirements models using PageRank algorithm

Jossakin vuoti öljy, muualla tihkuivat tiedot - etiikka katoavien rajojen ja suurten skandaalien aikakaudella

Learning maths with mobiles

Cross-cultural design of technology with experiences in South-Africa and Finland

Learning Maths with mobiles

Cross-cultural design of technology with experiences in South-Africa and Finland

Nanocellulose as a Piezoelectric Material

On Polyglot Programming in the Web

On service composition - dynamic formation and orchestration of service workflows


Guidelines for improving the testing process of open source software

Probabilistic Framework for Modelling the Evolution of Geomorphic Features in 10,000-Year Time Scale: The Eurajoki River Case

Quality evaluation on of contractor’s schedule for building renovation

Reinventing organisational creativity and innovation through adapting a service-based working culture

Re-inventing organizational creativity and innovation through adopting a service-based working culture

Technical suitability of the fine fraction of municipal solid waste incineration bottom ash to the landfill capping liner

The New Era of Crowdsourcing — Industrial Crowdsourcing

The use of mathematical modeling for the development of a low cost fuzzy gain schedule neutralization control system

Tools, pedagogical models, and best practices for digital storytelling

Townhouse-talotyypin rakennuskustannukset: kolmen suunnitteluratkaisun taloudellisuuden analysointi

Two models for hydraulic cylinders in flexible multibody simulations

Water services heritage and institutional diversity

Älylaitteet ja stressi: Aiheuttajat, seuraukset ja hallintakeinot

Digitalisaatio kunnossapidossa

How to co-learn in campus.

Impedanssipneumografia pienten lasten alahengitytiesoireiden selvittelyssä

Liite 6: Yleistä kaivannaisjätealueista ja patoturvallisuudesta

Matkalla joustaviin asuinympäristöihin

Puurakentamisesta potkua alueiden ja kaupunkien kehittämiseen

Rakennusten rakennusfysikaalisen suunnittelun ja toteutuksen periaatteet

Rakenteiden ääneneristyskyvystä asumismelun kokemiseen

Tammerkoski ja Hämeenkatu Tampereen arkkitehtonisen identiteetin ankkureina

Uudet arkkitehtoniset ratkaisumallit muuttavat kampuksien ilmettä

Uusia tuulia Euroopasta

1800-luvun Helsingin kadonneiden konserttitilojen akustiikan mallintaminen

ÄKK-hankkeen suositukset tulevaisuuden ääneneristysmääräyksiä koskien

Alipaineistetun tuulettuvan ryömintätilan rakennusfysikaaliset FEM-simuloinnit

A model for anisotropic magnetostriction

An anisotropic continuum damage model for concrete

An experimental and numerical study of the dynamic Brazilian disc test on Kuru granite

Asuinhuoneistojen betonivälipohjien askelääneneristyksen subjektiivinen ja objektiivinen arviointi

Automated Tonal Balance Enhancement for Audio Mastering Applications

Background-Free Second-Harmonic Generation Microscopy of Individual Carbon Nanotubes

Barkhausen noise Potcore sensor simulations with Comsol

Beyond ic 4.0 : the future potential of bi-tool utilization in the private healthcare

Breathers Emergence in Spontaneous Modulation Instability

By64 Tuulettuvat julkisivut 2016 -suunnittelu- ja toteusohjeen laadinta

Case depth prediction of nitrided components

Cavitation wear characteristics of Al2O3-ZrO2-ceramic coatings deposited by APS and HVOF -processes

Characteristics of Digital Hydraulics with Commercial Controllers

Clean Components of Fluid Power System Reduce Maintenance Costs

Computational modelling of high-cycle fatigue using a continuum based model

Detailed analysis of laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy of single particles using electrodynamic balance trapping

Development of New Kinds of Plasmonics Materials Through Swift Heavy Ion Shaping Technique

Digital Hydraulics on Rails – Pilot Project of Improving Reliability on Railway Rolling Stock by Utilizing Digital Valve System

Dual-Mode Behavior in Multi-Section DFB Semiconductor Lasers with Laterally-Coupled Ridge-Waveguide Surface Gratings

Dynamics of rogue wave and soliton emergence in spontaneous modulation instability

EMCCD imaging of strongly ionizing radioactive materials for safety and security

Emergency Voice/Stress - level Combined Recognition for Intelligent House Applications

Emotion measurement services for knowledge workers

Energiatehokkuusinformaatio palvelurakennuksissa

Energiatehokkuus on entistä enemmän sähkötehon hallintaa

Energiatehokkuus rakennusalan ammattityövoiman täydennyskoulutuksessa

Engelin teatterin huoneakustiikan mallintaminen

Enhancement mechanisms for second-harmonic generation from metal nanostructures

Experimental demonstration of temporal ghost imaging

Exploration of different boundary conditions in the sideways falling situation in hip fracture finite element modelling

Fabrication of Fluorescent Silver Nanoclusters-based Micro-Label in Polymers

High-efficiency yellow VECSEL with 20 W output power

Hometalolle suoritettavat toimenpiteet ja niiden valinta - case-esimerkki

Hydraulic Hybrid Actuator: Theoretical Aspects and Solution Alternatives

Ilmaääneneristysluku sekä standardisoitu ja normalisoitu äänitasoeroluku huoneistojen välisen ilmaääneneristävyyden kuvaajina

Ilmastonmuutoksen vaikutus betonijulkisivujen vaurioitumisen etenemiseen

Intensity Interferometry of Supercontinuum Light

Investigating Auditory Human-Machine Interaction: Analysis and Classification of Sounds Commonly Used by Consumer Devices

Julkisivujen ja parvekkeiden talvikorjausohje

Kapillaaristen vedenimuominaisuuksien määrittämiseen sopivan vapaan vedenimukoelaitteiston kehittäminen

Knowledge transfer and work productivity

Koko Julkisivua peittävän lasijulkisivun vaikutus Etelä-Ruotsissa sijaitsevan rakennuksen energiatehokkuuteen

Kosteus- ja mikrobivaurioiden laajuus kuntien rakennuksissa

Kosteusvaurioiden vakavuus kuntien rakennuksissa

Koulujen ja päiväkotien laskettu ja toteutunut energiankulutus

Kuorielementtien kuivumisen mallintaminen hydrataation huomioivalla FEM-laskennalla

Kustannusoptimaaliset energiakorjaus- ja uusiutuvan energian tuotannon ratkaisut kunnallisissa palvelurakennuksissa

Laastien vedenimukertoimen määrittämisen virhelähdekokeet

Laastin ja betonin lämmönjohtavuuden ja ominaislämpökapasiteetin määrittäminen lämpövirtalevylaitteella

Lasitetun parvekkeen lämpötilan ja lämpöhäviöiden laskenta

Lessons for data-based value creation

Low-cost 3D lidar for the mapping of autonomous mobile work machine

Maanvastaisten seinien lämpö- ja kosteustekninen toiminta

Menetelmä parvekelasien ääneneristävyyden mitoittamiseksi liikennemelualueilla

Mykkäelokuvakauden elokuvateatterien huoneakustiikka

Numerically Efficient Flow Model for On/Off Valves

Onnistumistekijät valtion tukemissa homekorjaushankkeissa

On the choice of damage variable in the continuum fatigue model based on a moving endurance surface

On the effect of damping on stability of non-conservative systems

Paine-erot Pirkanmaan ja Helsingin julkisissa palvelurakennuksissa

Performance management practices in construction business - a service recovery perspective

Puukerrostalon työmaavaiheen lämpö- ja kosteusolosuhteiden mittaukset

Puukerrostalorakentamisen kosteudenhallinta

Puurunkoisten tuuletettujen yläpohjien kosteustekninen toiminta

Puuvälipohjien akustiset ominaisuudet

Pystytäänkö haitallisia ilmanvaihtovikoja havaitsemaan ja poistamaan

Raudoitetun betonirakenteen taivutuksen mallintaminen Ansys-ohjelmalla

Raudoitteiden korroosionopeuden määrittäminen betonijulkisivussa korkean aikaresoluution säädatan avulla

Revisiting technological depths and breadths effects on firm performance: the case of pharmaceutical industry

Scanning of radioluminescence emission with a PMT for remote detection of alpha contamination

Second-harmonic generation from thermally-evaporated indium selenide thin films

Shadow Ghost Imaging in the Time Domain

Single micro-particle scattering detection based on Edge Filter Enhanced Self-Mixing Interferometry

Smart microphone sensor system platform

Sosiaalinen media brändi- ja asiakastiedon lähteenä

Standardizing the service delivery system for repetitive industrial services

Suuren lämmöneristämättömän maanvastaisen alapohjan vaikutus rakennuksen energiankulutukseen

Temporal Ghost Imaging

The Parallel Diode and Trap Behaviour of Ternary Polymer Solar Cells

Thermomechanical properties of overmold epoxies in MEMS packaging

Transpositions and duals high-order tensors. On theory and applications in mechanics

Tunable nonlinear effects through focused spatially phase-shaped beams

Use of equipment lifecycle data in industrial services

Uudessa COMBI-hankkeessa tutkitaan energiatehokkaan palvelurakentamisen haasteita ja ratkaisuja

Uusi Rakennusfysiikan käsikirja

Uusi Rakennusfysiikan käsikirja - perustiedot rakennusfysikaalisesta suunnittelusta ja tutkimuksista

Valtion tukemien homekorjaushankkeiden arviointi (HKPro 2)

Valtion tukemien homekorjaushankkeiden arviointi -jatkotutkimus (HKPro 3)

Wood compression model for radial compression of earlywood and latewood

1180 nm GaInNAs quantum well based high power DBR laser diodes

1180nm VECSEL with 50 W output power

1.3μm U-bend traveling wave SOA devices for high efficiency coupling to silicon photonics

1.55-μm wavelength wafer-fused OP-VECSELs in flip-chip configuration

2D Video Coding of Volumetric Video Data

360 panorama super-resolution using deep convolutional networks

405-nm pumped Ce3+-doped silica fiber for broadband fluorescence from cyan to red

50 W VECSEL emitting at 1180 nm

A 1.5-W frequency doubled semiconductor disk laser tunable over 40 nm at around 745 nm

A Batteryless Semi-Passive RFID Sensor Platform

A bibliometric study on authorship trends and research themes in knowledge management literature

A Capacity Bound for mmWave-based Channel Access in Ultra-Dense Wearable Deployments

Accessible Games for Blind Children, Empowered by Binaural Sound

Accurate depth estimation from a sequence of monocular images supported by proprioceptive sensors

A computationally feasible optimization approach to inverse SAR translational motion compensation

A continuum damage model for creep fracture and fatigue analyses

A coordination-based brokerage architecture for multi-cloud resource markets

Action and power efficiency in self-organization

The case for growth efficiency as a cellular objective in escherichia coli

Action recognition using the 3D dense microblock difference

Actors’ agency in the routines of innovation project portfolio management

Adapting service-based working culture as the key driver for organisational creativity and innovation

Adaptive Feedback in Local Coordinates for Real-time Vision-Based Motion Control Over Long Distances

Advocator, jester, spokesperson, provocateur and boundary spanner? Exploring different communication styles at twitter

A dynamical quality model to continuously monitor software maintenance

A dynamic paper machine simulator for testing of model predictive control applications

Affective experiences and student engagement in higher education

A follow-up case study of the relation of PLM Architecture, Maturity and Business processes

Agency relationships in global project business

Agile methods in performance management system development process

All-fiber mode-locked laser at 0.98 µm

Alpha radiation induced luminescence in solar blind spectral region

A membrane external-cavity surface-emitting laser (MECSEL) with emission around 825 nm

A mixed-integer linear programming approach for global discrete size optimization of frame structures

A model based analysis of the measurement errors in inductively coupled passive resonance sensors

A model for profiling information and knowledge management in the public sector

An accurate small-signal model of a three-phase VSI-based photovoltaic inverter with LCL-filter

Analysis of Cognitive Cooperative Networks with Best Relay Selection and Diversity Reception

Analysis of Crowdsensed WiFi Fingerprints for Indoor Localization

Analysis of Real Mobility Records in Urban and Suburban Environments

Analysis of the aircraft operational reliability research series: From statistical models to avionics data monitoring

Julkaisun otsikon käännös: : Analysis of the aircraft operational reliability research series: From statistical models to avionics data monitoring

Analysis of upconversion nanoparticles as an active medium for upconversion light sources

Analysis of User Exploration Patterns during Scene Cuts in Omnidirectional Videos

A new method to calculate natural convection heat transfer from a non-isothermal fin array

Julkaisun otsikon käännös: : Heat transfer enhancement with water mist in glass tempering

A new waveguiding mechanism based upon geometric phase

An example of scenario-based evaluation of military capability areas An impact assessment of alternative systems on operations

An Initial Homophily Indicator to Reinforce Context-Aware Semantic Computing

A NLOS-robust TOA positioning filter based on a skew-t measurement noise model

Anomaly Detection and Diagnostics of a Wheel Loader Using Dynamic Mathematical Model and Joint Probability Distributions

Appearance of a Drift Problem in Variable-step Perturbative MPPT Algorithms

Applying third-party moocs in programming education: a case study

Architectural patterns for microservices

A systematic mapping study

Architecture for Open, Knowledge-Driven Manufacturing Execution System

A Semantic Meta-Model Repository for Lightweight M2M

A social capital perspective on gaining optimal solutions from suppliers as preferred customer

A Socially-Intelligent Multi-Robot Service Team for In-Home Monitoring

Assessing business learning by analysing ERP simulation log files

Assessing sustainability orientations of first year university students

Assessment of student retention using the Evolute approach, an overview

A study on the behaviour of the weathered crust in the Perniö failure test

A Survey of People Movement Analytics Studies in the Context of Smart Cities

A trial of yoking-proof protocol in RFID-based smart-home environment

Augmenting Technology Trees: Automation and Tool Support

Automated pile transfer work cycles with a robotic wheel loader

Automatic Classification of Z-ring Formation Stages at the Single Cell Level in Escherichia Coli by Machine Learning

A Variable Battery Supply DC-DC Buck Converter Designed for 45nm-CMOS Technology

Back-calculation of the Saint-Alban A test embankment with a new modelling approach in LEM

Backend infrastructure supporting audio augmented reality and storytelling

Balancing Expectations to the Health Software Production Process Standard

Beaconing in a highway scenario

Vulnerable vehicles problem

BEADS: A dataset of Binaural Emotionally Annotated Digital Sounds

Being a start-upper in Italy

Motivations, obstacles and success factors

Benchmarking of Factory Level ESD Control

Benchmarking of several disparity estimation algorithms for light field processing

Bioimpedance measurement system for evaluation of the status of wound healing

Bispectrum-based demodulation technique using triple-channel heterodyning of triplet-signal

Blind estimation of speckle variance in synthetic aperture radar images

Building Codes and Demand Response of Energy Use

Building energy retrofits, occupant health and wellbeing

Business analytics enabling future insights in the private healthcare

Business catalysts for the Circular Economy innovations

Business intelligence approach – a practical tool for competence based curriculum development

Business intelligence process model revisited

Business models in the circular economy: a structured multiple-case analysis

Bus Transportation Accessibility - Does It Impact Housing Values?

Campus retrofitting (CARE) methodology: a way to co-create future learning environments

Capturing knowledge from research projects: From project reports to storytelling

Car Type Recognition with Deep Neural Networks

Cavitation erosion, slurry erosion and solid particle erosion performance of metal matrix composite (MMC) coatings sprayed with modern high velocity thermal spray processes

CBRN Defense Using THz Pulse Trains from Semiconductor Disk Lasers

Challenges Facing BIM Education

Development of Appropriate Teaching and Learning Resources

Challenges in developing data-based value creation

Characterising the industrial context of engineering change management

Characterizing the Context of Use in Mobile Work

Charged cable-system ESD event

Charge relaxation of slowly dissipative polymers

Circularly Polarized Textile Antenna For 2.45 GHz

Clothing-Integrated Passive RFID Strain Sensor Platform for Body Movement-Based Controlling

Coarse-grained model of protein interaction for bio-inspired nano-communication

Co-creating digital services for citizens

Activity theory analysis

Color-distribution similarity by information theoretic divergence for color images

Combining Product Innovation With Service Innovation to Increase Value Created With a System

Commercialising reclaimed materials in earthworks – guidelines for productization and the process of appending these materials in the Finnish national code of practice

Comparative evaluation of radio propagation properties at 15 GHz and 60 GHz frequencies

Comparing two methods for Urban Complexity calculation using Shannon-Wiener index

Comparison of food frequency questionnaire data and shopping records for the assessment of food intake

Compensation of PV generator output power fluctuations with energy storage systems

Competence portfolio assessment of research and development center for regional development

Complex-domain sparse imaging in terahertz pulse time-domain holography with balance detection

Composite Nonlinear Feedback Control of a Chemical Reactor

Comprehensive survey of similarity measures for ranked based location fingerprinting algorithm

Computational wavelength resolution for in-line lensless holography

Phase-coded diffraction patterns and wavefront group-sparsity

Computer-supported collaborative learning

Praxes in new cell-oriented configurable PC-classroom

Computer vision aided navigation systems

Conceptualization of hackathon for innovation management

Consensus building in the pre-design phase of building projects

Constrained Long-Horizon Direct Model Predictive Control for Synchronous Reluctance Motor Drives

Consumer acceptance in new service innovation: Enhancing consumer durables with new product-related services.

Contact analysis included in a 3D FEA of tube splices

Control of Electric Vehicle Charging in Domestic Real Estates as Part of Demand Response Functionality

Convolutional Recurrent Neural Networks for Rare Sound Event Detection

Coopetition and company performance

Cost- and time-effective sewing patterns for embroidered passive UHF RFID tags

CueSense: a Wearable Proximity-Aware Display Enhancing Encounters

Culture-Aware Web Information System Development

Culture-Aware Web Information Systems in Dependence of Context

Customer lifetime value in manufacturing services

Customer Perceived Value - A Key in Marketing of Integrated Solutions

Customers’ conscious experience in a coffee shop

Customer value management framework for supply chains

D2D communications for mobile devices: Technology overview and prototype implementation

Data-Driven Approach for Analysis of Performance Indices in Mobile Work Machines

DCASE 2016 Acoustic Scene Classification Using Convolutional Neural Networks

Decision making on sustainability in product development projects

Demolished buildings

Empirical evidence on types, ages and construction materials

Demolition Rates of Buildings with Different Functions and Construction Materials

Design and simulation of a thermal flow sensor for gravity-driven microfluidic applications

Developing Learning and Teaching in Engineering Mathematics with and without Technology

Development of a Low-Cost Fuzzy Gain Schedule Neutralization Control System

Development of efficient electrically pumped nanolasers based on InAlGaAs tunnel junction

Development of students’ multidisciplinary collaboration skills by simulation of the design process

DIC measurements of the human heart during cardiopulmonary bypass surgery

Difference frequency modulation of multi-section dual-mode lasers with nanoscale surface gratings

Different approaches of the PLM maturity concept and their use domains –analysis of the state of the art

Diffraction compensation of finite beams in hyperbolic metamaterials

Digital image correlation study of the deformation and functioning of the human heart during open-heart surgery

Direct Laser Writing of Fluorescent Silver Nanoclusters in Polyvinyl Alcohol Films

Direct Measurement of Temporal Rogue Waves Generated by Spontaneous Modulation Instability

Discovering collaborative and inclusive solutions to co-create multidimensional value in cross-sector collaboration

Disruptive innovation in ecosystems: Path-creation and institutional barriers

Distributed Experiments in Design Sciences, a Next Step in Design Observation Studies?

Distributors As Market Orientation Agents in Innovation Development and Commercialization.

Does Strategic and Innovative Fit Indicate Smart Social Media use in a Company?

Dots-on-the-fly electron beam lithography

Double-side pumped membrane external-cavity surface-emitting laser (MECSEL) with increased efficiency emitting > 3 W in the 780 nm region

Dual-frequency signal processing architecture for robust and precise positioning applications

Dual-ID headgear UHF RFID tag with broadside and end-fire patterns based on quasi-Yagi antenna

Durability study on high speed water hydraulic miniature on/off-valve

Dynamic characteristics of three-phase Z-source-based photovoltaic inverter with asymmetric impedance network

Dynamic laser speckle metrology with binarization of speckle patterns

Dynamics of value in technology inspired value co-creation: Case in homecare value network

Economical utilization of high strength steel

Welded slim floor box beams

Educating Computer Science Educators Online - A Racket MOOC for Elementary Math Teachers of Finland

Educating future coders with a holistic ICT curriculum and new learning solutions

Education on the utilization of secondary materials in earthworks

Effect of active damping on the output impedance of PV inverter

Effect of air gap on the adhesion of PET layer on cardboard substrate in extrusion coating

Effect of Inductor Saturation on the Harmonic Currents of Grid-Connected Three-Phase VSI in PV Application

Effects of adiabatic heating estimated from tensile tests with continuous heating

Effects of surface cracks and strain rate on the tensile behavior of Balmoral Red granite

E-learning of ethics, awareness, hacking and research by information security majors

Electrically small UHF RFID tag antenna based on an inductively coupled resonant LC tank

Electricity Distribution Network Tariffs - Present Practices, Future Challenges and Development Possibilities

Electronic Exam in Electronics Studies

Electrostatic discharge characteristics of conductive polymers

Electrostatic Threats in Hospital Environment

Elementary math to close the digital skills gap

Embroidered antennas and antenna-electronics interfaces for wearable RFID tags

Emotion-Gauge: Analyzing affective experiences in B2B customer journeys

Empirical study of good, bad and ugly modular engineering solutions in machinery manufacturing industry

Empowerment in construction: a qualitative analysis of subcontractors' quality assurance

Enablers and Restraints of Knowledge Work – Does profession make a difference?

Enabling cybersecurity incident reporting and coordinated handling for maritime sector

Energy efficiency evaluation method for machine tools

Engaging facts and feelings in management accounting practices

Enhancing old laboratory experiment using flipped learning

Towards self-regulating collaborative groups in blended learning environment

Enhancing the acceptance of advanced services among users of complex systems

ESD and Disturbance Cases in Electrostatic Protected Areas

ESD Sensitivity of 01005 Chip Resistors and Capacitors

Evaluating organizational commitment in support of organizational leadership

Evaluating the contrast of planar periodic patterns on paper

Evaluating the electrode measurement sensitivity of subdermal electroencephalography electrodes

Evaluation of visual object trackers on equirectangular panorama

Evolution equations based approach for modeling of fatigue in amorphous glassy polymers. On the investigation of fatigue damage development in polycarbonate

Examining Innovation Barriers along Innovation Process in Multi-Industry Hygiene-Technology Network.

Experiences from development of security audit criteria

Experimental behaviour of stainless steel cellular beam in fire

Experimental study of bispectrum-based encoding in radio communication system

Experimental study on temperature distribution of sandwich panel joints in fire

Experimenting traditional and modern reliability models in a 3-years european software project

Exploration and exploitation of sensorimotor contingencies for a cognitive embodied agent

Exploring Attitudes, Knowledge and Competencies for Security Technology: A Cross-Cultural Survey in Higher Education

Exploring effects of ecosystem clockspeed on product performance

Exploring how brand experience measurement could be used for integrating marketing and R&D

Extending Professional Fields. Architectural Research and Regional Development

Extreme Nonlinear Signal Amplification

Eye tracking studies focusing on mathematics: a literature review

Fabrication and characterization of broadband superluminescent diodes for 2 μm wavelength

Fabrication and Practical Evaluation of Glove-integrated Passive UHF RFID Tags

Fabrication and reliability evaluation of passive UHF RFID T-shirts

Farm detection based on deep convolutional neural nets and semi-supervised green texture detection using VIS-NIR satellite image

Fault Tolerance of Digital Hydraulics in High Dynamic Hydraulic System

Feasibility characterization of cryptographic primitives for constrained (wearable) IoT devices

Feasibility study of the THz band for communications between wearable electronics

Field Collapse Event ESD Test Method

Finnish Engineering Education for Sustainable Development in 2016 - Call for collaborative learning

Finnish Round Robin Test on Airborne Sound Insulation

Frequency Comb Generation in a Continuous-Wave Pumped Second-Order Nonlinear Waveguide Resonator