A generic method to optimize a redundant serial robotic manipulator's structure

Airtightness of residential buildings in Finland

A life cycle assessment of two residential buildings using two different LCA database-software combinations

Recognizing uniformities and inconsistencies

Analysis of hygrothermal parameters in Finnish and Lithuanian multi-family buildings before and after energy retrofits

Analysis of thermo-active pile structures and their performance under groundwater flow conditions

An approach to combining related notifications in large-scale building management systems with a rehabilitation facility case study

Carbon dioxide permeability of building materials and their impact on bedroom ventilation need

Case study

developing campus spaces through co-creation

Classifying and clustering construction projects by customer satisfaction

Cold-formed RHS T joints with initial geometrical imperfections

Commissioning for nearly zero-energy building projects

Condensation at the exterior surface of windows

Consideration of energy consumption, energy costs, and space occupancy in Finnish daycare centres and school buildings

Corrosion products of carbonation induced corrosion in existing reinforced concrete facades

Cost optimal and nearly zero (nZEB) energy performance calculations for residential buildings with REHVA definition for nZEB national implementation

Designers' performance evaluation in construction projects

Economic viability of energy-efficiency measures in educational buildings in Finland

Effect of energy measures on the values of energy efficiency indicators in Finnish daycare and school buildings

Effects of added glazing on Balcony indoor temperatures

Field measurements

Effects of energy retrofits on Indoor Air Quality in multifamily buildings

Energy consumption of Finnish schools and daycare centers and the correlation to regulatory building permit values

Energy saving and indoor climate effects of an added glazed facade to a brick wall building

Case study

Energy saving in working hydraulics of long booms in heavy working vehicles

Ensuring functionality of a nearly zero-energy building with procurement methods

Environmental and social sustainability–emergence of well-being in the built environment, assessment tools and real estate market implications

Evaluation of a carbonation model for existing concrete facades and balconies by consecutive field measurements

Facilities management research in Finland - state-of-art about current Finnish PhD-projects

Factors affecting service innovations in FM service sector

From walls to experience – servitization of workplaces

Identifying and managing risks involved in the transition to the EU nZEB decree

Impact of building usage and occupancy on energy consumption in Finnish daycare and school buildings

Improving the thermal performance of concrete-sandwich envelopes in relation to the moisture behaviour of building structures in boreal conditions

Initial axial stiffness of welded RHS T joints

Initial in-plane rotational stiffness of welded RHS T joints with axial force in main member

Internal moisture excess of residential buildings in Finland

Investigating the kinetics and biofuel properties of Alstonia congensis and Ceiba pentandra via torrefaction

Measured energy consumption of educational buildings in a Finnish city

Modelling the stressed skin effect by using shell elements with meta-material model

Organizational culture

Case of the finnish construction industry

Parametric study on temperature distribution of square hollow section joints

Potential of renewable fuel to reduce diesel exhaust particle emissions

Radon, fungal spores and MVOCs reduction in crawl space house

A case study and crawl space development by hygrothermal modelling

Recycling lithium mine tailings in the production of low temperature (700–900 °C) ceramics

Effect of ladle slag and sodium compounds on the processing and final properties

Re-engineering of the meal logistics in a sheltered house for elderly people

Relationships between organisational culture and efficiency in Finnish construction projects

Role and nature of systemic innovations in construction and real estate sector

Schedule health assessment of construction projects

Strategy formation in construction firms

Techno-economic evaluation of integrating torrefaction with anaerobic digestion

The assessment of constructability

BIM cases

The corrosion rate in reinforced concrete facades exposed to outdoor environment

The effect of steel grade on weight and cost of warren-type welded tubular trusses

The impact of residential development on nearby housing prices

The potential of electric trucks – An international commodity-level analysis

The role of multi-firm satisfaction in construction project success

Understanding fundamental and practical ingredients of construction project data management

Utilizing mixed-mineralogy ferroan magnesite tailings as the source of magnesium oxide in magnesium potassium phosphate cement

Utilizing the innovation potential of suppliers in construction projects

Variation of CPTu-based transformation models for undrained shear strength of Finnish clays

Work environment preferences - does age make a difference?


Editorial to “The best papers from the 32nd International Symposium on Automation and Robotics in Construction and Mining (ISARC 2015)”

Ulkoseinien rakennusfysikaaliset riskit ja pitkäaikaiskestävät ratkaisut

Koko Julkisivua peittävän lasijulkisivun vaikutus Etelä-Ruotsissa sijaitsevan rakennuksen energiatehokkuuteen

Kosteusvaurioiden vakavuus kuntien rakennuksissa

Lasitetun parvekkeen lämpötilan ja lämpöhäviöiden laskenta

Maanvastaisten seinien lämpö- ja kosteustekninen toiminta

Puukerrostalon työmaavaiheen lämpö- ja kosteusolosuhteiden mittaukset

Puukerrostalorakentamisen kosteudenhallinta

Puurunkoisten tuuletettujen yläpohjien kosteustekninen toiminta

Raudoitteiden korroosionopeuden määrittäminen betonijulkisivussa korkean aikaresoluution säädatan avulla

Uudessa COMBI-hankkeessa tutkitaan energiatehokkaan palvelurakentamisen haasteita ja ratkaisuja

Alkali-silica reaction in finnish swimming pools

A slotted patch antenna for wireless strain sensing

BIM based schedule control for precast concrete supply chain

Buckling length assessment with finite element approach

Building energy-efficiency interventions in North-East Europe

Effects on indoor environmental quality and public health

Characterization of charge in airborne fungal spores

Crack propagation measurement using a battery-free slotted patch antenna sensor

Fatigue loading tests of concrete railway sleepers

Leveraging concepts for environmentally sustainable business management in construction - a focused review

Project feedback as a tool for learning

Second-order analysis of prestressed concrete columns

Structural analysis of tubular truss in fire

The target reliability of the eurocodes

Validation of the method to evaluate the corrosion propagation stage by hygrothermal simulation

Julkisivujen ja parvekkeiden talvikorjaus 2018

Tuulettuvien yläpohjien lämpö- ja kosteustekninen toiminta nykyisessä ja tulevaisuuden ilmastossa

Review of linguistic approach in the workplace management research