Ranking of human risk assessment models for manufactured nanomaterials along the Cooper stage-gate innovation funnel using stakeholder criteria

Effects of the Coupling of Insulating and Conductive Materials to Limit the Temperature at Chimney-Roof Penetration

Variation of CPTu-based transformation models for undrained shear strength of Finnish clays

Activity Level and Body Mass Index as Predictors of Physical Workload During Working Career

Condensation at the exterior surface of windows

Directions in QPPR development to complement the predictive models used in risk assessment of nanomaterials

Evaluation of screen printed silver trace performance and long-term reliability against environmental stress on a low surface energy substrate

Carbon dioxide permeability of building materials and their impact on bedroom ventilation need

Capability assessment of inkjet printing for reliable RFID applications

Optimization of convectively cooled heat sinks

Experimental and Computational Study of the Temperatures Field Around a Chimney Roof Penetration

RF measurements to pinpoint defects in inkjet-printed, thermally and mechanically stressed coplanar waveguides

Energy saving and indoor climate effects of an added glazed facade to a brick wall building

Case study

Toward Graphene-Based Passive UHF RFID Textile Tags

A Reliability Study

Effects of strain rate and confining pressure on the compressive behavior of Kuru granite

Importance of maintenance data quality in extended warranty simulation

Occupational exposure to electric and magnetic fields during tasks at ground or floor level at 110 kV substations in Finland

Preparation and antimicrobial characterization of silver-containing packaging materials for meat

Experimental study on the behavior of wear resistant steels under high velocity single particle impacts

Scanner abdominal

Étude comparative de l'exposition patient en routine clinique sur des appareils avec et sans reconstruction itérative

Ultrasound assisted method to increase soluble chemical oxygen demand (SCOD) of sewage sludge for digestion

Enabling cybersecurity incident reporting and coordinated handling for maritime sector

PAC it Up

Towards pointer integrity using ARM pointer authentication

Face verification and recognition for digital forensics and information security

Double-side pumped membrane external-cavity surface-emitting laser (MECSEL) with increased efficiency emitting > 3 W in the 780 nm region

Optical Frequency Comb Photoacoustic Spectroscopy

Frequency Comb Generation in a Continuous-Wave Pumped Second-Order Nonlinear Waveguide Resonator

High-Q resonance train in a plasmonic metasurface

Simultaneous Jamming and RC System Detection by Using Full-Duplex Radio Technology

Sweep Jamming Mitigation Using Adaptive Filtering for Detecting Frequency Agile Systems

Full-Duplex Radio - Increasing the Spectral Efficiency for Military Applications

Web of Things Semantic Functionality Distance

Exploiting Multipath Terahertz Communications for Physical Layer Security in beyond 5G Networks

Improved Session Continuity in 5G NR with Joint Use of Multi-Connectivity and Guard Bandwidth

Energy Detection-Based Spectrum Sensing over Fisher-Snedecor F Fading Channels

Buckling length assessment with finite element approach

Sustainable electric vehicle - Prosumer framework and policy mix

A design tool for high performance image processing on multicore platforms

Coordinated voltage control as a replacement for passive network reinforcements-A case study

Detailed Interference Analysis in Dense mmWave Systems Employing Dual-Polarized Antennas

Analyzing Effects of Directional Deafness on mmWave Channel Access in Unlicensed Bands

Modeling Three-Dimensional Interference and SIR in Highly Directional mmWave Communications

Model for efficient development of security audit criteria

Running software research programs

An agile approach

Analyzing Forty years of software maintenance models

A post-mortem empirical investigation of the popularity and distribution of malware files in the contemporary web-facing internet

Multi-user techniques in visible light communications

A survey

Experimental evaluation of dynamic licensed shared access operation in live 3GPP LTE system

Experiences from development of security audit criteria

Experimental Investigation of Cyclic Variability on Combustion and Emissions of a High-Speed SI Engine

Internet-of-things disrupting business ecosystems

A case in home automation

Exploring effects of ecosystem clockspeed on product performance

The target reliability of the eurocodes

Evaluating Particulate Emissions from a Flexible Fuel Vehicle with Direct Injection when Operated on Ethanol and Iso-butanol Blends

Crack propagation measurement using a battery-free slotted patch antenna sensor

Use of a PPS sensor in evaluating the impact of fuel efficiency improvement technologies on the particle emissions of a euro 5 diesel car

Applicability of the Pegasor particle sensor to measure particle number, mass and PM emissions

Application of the pegasor particle sensor for the measurement of mass and particle number emissions

Use of a catalytic stripper as an alternative to the original PMP measurement protocol

Wireless crack sensing using an RFID-based folded patch antenna

Quality of wordpress plug-ins

An overview of security and user ratings

Exhaust particle sensor for OBD application


Tieliikenteen kuljetusyritysten vastuullisuusmalli: Tilaajaohjeistus

Vastuullisuusmallin kokeiluprojekti henkilöliikenneyrityksissä

A simulation case study of production planning and control in printed wiring board manufacturing