Biomechanical performance of cranial implants with different thicknesses and material properties

A finite element study

Bioprofiling over Grid for eHealthcare

Chapter 3.9-a computer-assisted visual sleep scoring program

The Definition of Informatics Competencies in Finnish Healthcare and Social Welfare Education

Parametric exploration of cellular swelling in a computational model of cortical spreading depression

Prototyping directional UAV-based wireless access and backhaul systems

Optimized wake-up scheme with bounded delay for energy-efficient MTC

Red Alert

Break-Glass Protocol to Access Encrypted Medical Records in the Cloud

Face verification and recognition for digital forensics and information security

Societal impact as Cost-Benefit Analysis

Comparative analysis of two research infrastructures

Error analysis of NOMA-based user cooperation with SWIPT

Open framework for mammography-based breast cancer risk assessment

Hardware-in-the-loop platform for testing autonomous vehicle control algorithms

Identification of Parkinson's Disease Utilizing a Single Self-recorded 20-step Walking Test Acquired by Smartphone's Inertial Measurement Unit

Eigen Posture Based Fall Risk Assessment System Using Kinect

The Accuracy of Atrial Fibrillation Detection from Wrist Photoplethysmography. A Study on Post-Operative Patients

Secure Firmware Updates for IoT

A Survey

Cybersecurity Attacks and Defences for Unmanned Smart Ships

Detection of beat-to-beat intervals from wrist photoplethysmography in patients with sinus rhythm and atrial fibrillation after surgery

A novel technique for analysis of postural information with wearable devices

Improving hospital services based on patient experience data

Current feedback practices and future opportunities

Mobile Microservice Architecture for Patients Self-Care

Random Value Impulse Noise Removal Based on Most Similar Neighbors

Network signatures based on gene pair expression ratios improve classification and the analysis of muscle-invasive urothelial cancer

Security aspects of e-Health systems migration to the cloud

On computation of calcium cycling anomalies in cardiomyocytes data

An image guided treatment platform for prostate cancer photodynamic therapy

Computer aided diagnosis of acoustic neuroma

A neural network perspective


Time-dose integrated modelling of toxicogenomics data

Fusion enhancement for tracking of respiratory rate through intrinsic mode functions in photoplethysmography

Functional electrical stimulation for facial pacing

Effects of waveforms on movement intensity and ratings of discomfort

Separation of HCM and LQT Cardiac Diseases with Machine Learning of Ca 2+ Transient Profiles

Exploring associations between the self-reported values, well-being, and health behaviors of finnish citizens

Cross-sectional analysis of more than 100,000 web-survey responses

Identification of motor symptoms related to Parkinson disease using motion-tracking sensors at home (KÄVELI)

Protocol for an observational case-control study

Robocasting of Bioactive SiO2-P2O5-CaO-MgO-Na2O-K2O Glass Scaffolds

The effect of percutaneous transluminal angioplasty of superficial femoral artery on pulse wave features

Comparison of non-invasive blood pressure monitoring using modified arterial applanation tonometry with intra-arterial measurement

The Digi-NewB project for preterm infant sepsis risk and maturity analysis

Detection of spine structures with Bioimpedance Probe (BIP) Needle in clinical lumbar punctures

A Proxy-Based Solution for Asynchronous Telemedical Systems

Bayes Forest

A data-intensive generator of morphological tree clones

A software tool for studying the size and shape of human cardiomyocytes

Which wavelength is the best for arterial pulse waveform extraction using laser speckle imaging?

User acceptance of electronic health records

A post-implementation study

[COMMODE] a large-scale database of molecular descriptors using compounds from PubChem

Mobile mental wellness training for stress management

Feasibility and design implications based on a one-month field study

Indirect measurement of the vascular endothelial glycocalyx layer thickness in human submucosal capillaries with a plug-in for ImageJ

Three-dimensional skeletonization and symbolic description in vascular imaging

Preliminary results

Elastic image registration for guiding focal laser ablation of prostate cancer

Preliminary results