Physicochemical and elemental analyses of sandstone quarrying wastes to assess their impact on soil properties

Are there environmental or agricultural benefits in using forest residue biochar in boreal agricultural clay soil?

Effect of tungsten and selenium on C1 gas bioconversion by an enriched anaerobic sludge and microbial community analysis

Structural Compatibility of Infrastructures Utilizing Alternative Earth Construction Materials

CFD modeling the diffusional losses of nanocluster-sized particles and condensing vapors in 90° bends of circular tubes

Particle growth with photochemical age from new particle formation to haze in the winter of Beijing, China


A microsimulation model for quantifying the impacts of environmental policies on population health and health inequalities

Power production and microbial community composition in thermophilic acetate-fed up-flow and flow-through microbial fuel cells

Anaerobic treatment of LCFA-containing synthetic dairy wastewater at 20 °C

Process performance and microbial community dynamics

Effects of elevated pressures on the activity of acidophilic bioleaching microorganisms

Application of an indoor air pollution metamodel to a spatially-distributed housing stock

Effects of energy retrofits on Indoor Air Quality in multifamily buildings

Semi-continuous mono-digestion of OFMSW and Co-digestion of OFMSW with beech sawdust

Assessment of the maximum operational total solid content

Why social sustainability counts

The impact of corporate social sustainability culture on financial success

High-solids anaerobic digestion requires a trade-off between total solids, inoculum-to-substrate ratio and ammonia inhibition

Bio-hydrogen Production from Sewage Sludge

Screening for Pretreatments and Semi-continuous Reactor Operation

Biological treatment of selenium-laden wastewater containing nitrate and sulfate in an upflow anaerobic sludge bed reactor at pH 5.0

Temperature control as key factor for optimal biohydrogen production from thermomechanical pulping wastewater

Performance of a biotrickling filter for the anaerobic utilization of gas-phase methanol coupled to thiosulphate reduction and resource recovery through volatile fatty acids production

Radon, fungal spores and MVOCs reduction in crawl space house

A case study and crawl space development by hygrothermal modelling

Nutrient management via struvite precipitation and recovery from various agroindustrial wastewaters

Process feasibility and struvite quality

Assessing urban population vulnerability and environmental risks across an urban area during heatwaves – Implications for health protection

Effects of different nickel species on autotrophic denitrification driven by thiosulfate in batch tests and a fluidized-bed reactor

Biological removal of selenate and ammonium by activated sludge in a sequencing batch reactor

Fate of metallic engineered nanomaterials in constructed wetlands

prospection and future research perspectives

Indoor thermal environment, air exchange rates, and carbon dioxide concentrations before and after energy retro fits in Finnish and Lithuanian multi-family buildings

Cultivation of Scenedesmus acuminatus in different liquid digestates from anaerobic digestion of pulp and paper industry biosludge

The effect of low-temperature pretreatment on the solubilization and biomethane potential of microalgae biomass grown in synthetic and wastewater media

Magnesium aminoclay enhances lipid production of mixotrophic Chlorella sp. KR-1 while reducing bacterial populations

Mild pressure induces rapid accumulation of neutral lipid (triacylglycerol) in Chlorella spp.

Performance of a sonic jet-type charger in high dust load

Sustainable nutrients recovery and recycling by optimizing the chemical addition sequence for struvite precipitation from raw swine slurries

Long-term stability of bioelectricity generation coupled with tetrathionate disproportionation

Methodological approaches for fractionation and speciation to estimate trace element bioavailability in engineered anaerobic digestion ecosystems

An overview

Hydrothermal carbonization of pulp mill streams

Effect of heavy metal co-contaminants on selenite bioreduction by anaerobic granular sludge

Mapping indoor overheating and air pollution risk modification across Great Britain

A modelling study

Release and characteristics of fungal fragments in various conditions

Agronomic characteristics of five different urban waste digestates

Pre-use phase LCA of a multi-story residential building

Can greenhouse gas emissions be used as a more general environmental performance indicator?

Cell-wall disruption and lipid/astaxanthin extraction from microalgae

Chlorella and Haematococcus

Composites of high-temperature thermomechanical pulps and polylactic acid

High efficiency dilute nitride solar cells

Simulations meet experiments

Simultaneous nutrient removal and lipid production with Chlorella vulgaris on sterilized and non-sterilized anaerobically pretreated piggery wastewater

Airtightness of residential buildings in Finland

Cultivation of Nannochloropsis for eicosapentaenoic acid production in wastewaters of pulp and paper industry

Assessing uncertainty in housing stock infiltration rates andassociated heat loss

English and UK case studies

Effects of anode potentials on bioelectrogenic conversion of xylose and microbial community compositions

Lipid production by eukaryotic microorganisms isolated from palm oil mill effluent

Fluidized-bed denitrification of mining water tolerates high nickel concentrations

Combination of a novel electrode material and artificial mediators to enhance power generation in an MFC

Struvite precipitation in raw and co-digested swine slurries for nutrients recovery in batch reactors

The modifying effect of the building envelope on population exposure to PM2.5 from outdoor sources

Improved biomass and lipid production in a mixotrophic culture of Chlorella sp. KR-1 with addition of coal-fired flue-gas

The impact of occupancy patterns, occupant-controlled ventilation and shading on indoor overheating risk in domestic environments

The relative importance of input weather data for indoor overheating risk assessment in dwellings

Using probabilistic sampling-based sensitivity analyses for indoor air quality modelling

Repeated use of stable magnetic flocculant for efficient harvest of oleaginous Chlorella sp.

Magnetophoretic harvesting of oleaginous Chlorella sp. by using biocompatible chitosan/magnetic nanoparticle composites

The effect of organic loading rate and retention time on hydrogen production from a methanogenic CSTR

Two-stage anaerobic digestion of tomato, cucumber, common reed and grass silage in leach-bed reactors and upflow anaerobic sludge blanket reactors

Effect of micro-aeration and leachate replacement on COD solubilization and VFA production during mono-digestion of grass-silage in one-stage leach-bed reactors

Weathering of gasification and grate bottom ash in anaerobic conditions

Biogas production from boreal herbaceous grasses - Specific methane yield and methane yield per hectare

Impact of crop species on bacterial community structure during anaerobic co-digestion of crops and cow manure

Julkaisun otsikon käännös: : Impact of crop species on bacterial community structure during anaerobic co-digestion of crops and cow manure

Internal leachate quality in a municipal solid waste landfill

Vertical, horizontal and temporal variation and impacts of leachate recirculation

Methane oxidation in a boreal climate in an experimental landfill cover composed from mechanically-biologically treated waste

Storing energy crops for methane production

Effects of solids content and biological additive

Effects of storage on characteristics and hygienic quality of digestates from four co-digestion concepts of manure and biowaste

Effects of solid-liquid separation on recovering residual methane and nitrogen from digested dairy cow manure

Biogas from energy crops - Optimal pre-treatments and storage, co-digestion and energy balance in boreal conditions

Anaerobic solubilisation of nitrogen from municipal solid waste (MSW)

Thermophilic aerobic wastewater treatment, process performance, biomass characteristics, and effluent quality

Occurrence of some chlorinated enol lactones and cyclopentene-1,3-diones in chlorine-treated waters

Determination of chlorinated 5-methyl-5-hydroxyfuranones in drinking water, in chlorinated humic water, and in pulp bleaching liquor

Effects of wastewater constituents and operational conditions on the composition and dynamics of anodic microbial communities in bioelectrochemical systems

Recent advances in nutrient removal and recovery in biological and bioelectrochemical systems

Metals removal and recovery in bioelectrochemical systems

A review

Possible impacts of increasing maximum truck weight: Finland case study

Fungal treatment of landfill mining fine fraction to increase its stability and end-use potential

Software design for simulating microbial bioprocesses in bioreactor


Mitigation of propylene glycol emissions to groundwater and soil