Customer-oriented approach in cadastral procedures – Case study from Finland

Deliberate or Instinctive? Proactive and Reactive Coping for Technostress

Evolving customer expectations of hospitality services

Differences in attribute effects on satisfaction and Re-Patronage

Industrial internet platform provider and end-user perceptions of platform openness impacts

Creation processes for radical manufacturing technology innovations

Lifecycle-oriented framing of value at the front end of infrastructure projects

World Heritage meets Smart City in an Urban- Educational Hackathon in Rauma

Business model innovation with platform canvas

A smart manufacturing adoption framework for SMEs

Participatory service design and community involvement in designing future-ready sustainable learning landscapes

Towards a circular economy by leveraging hazardous resources

A case study of Fortum HorsePower

Discovering collaborative and inclusive solutions to co-create multidimensional value in cross-sector collaboration

Identifying different types of social ties in events from publicly available social media data

Disentangling utilitarian and hedonic consumption behavior in online shopping

An expectation disconfirmation perspective

Research-industry collaboration: a review of the literature on evaluation methods and motivations

Development needs of the osh-related risk management process: a companies’ viewpoint

A roadmap for higher research quality in humanitarian operations: A methodological perspective

Connecting project portfolios with their context

Understanding tariff designs and consumer behaviour to employ electric vehicles for secondary purposes in the United Kingdom

Strategic value at the front end of a radical innovation program

Actors’ agency in the routines of innovation project portfolio management

Self-managing the idea for innovation with the Innovator Action Grant Model (IAGM)

Smart City District as a Living Lab Platform in Sustainability Transition: Nutrient Recycling in Hiedanranta, Finland

The role of social media in value cocreation and innovation in service ecosystems

Constructing Innovativeness in the Organization

Knowledge Management and Information Technology Management Perspective

Process Safety Competence of Vocational Students

Ammatillisten oppilaitosten opettajien ja pk-yritysten henkilöstön välinen vuorovaikutus osaamisen hyödyntämisessä ja kehittämisessä

Societal impact as Cost-Benefit Analysis

Comparative analysis of two research infrastructures

Decision making on risky innovative production investments

Industrial internet enabling more strategic maintenance service business

Knowledge management practices to overcome network-level knowledge barriers: an artificial intelligence powered literature review

Normalization of deviance in the construction industry, a managerial perspective

Offshoring versus backshoring: Empirically derived bundles of relocation drivers, and their relationship with benefits

Stakeholders’ involvement in additive manufacturing innovations

The circular economy of projects

Uncertainties and dynamics in the practice of innovation project portfolio management

Holistic Business Learning Environment

Bringing practice and integration to business education

Assessment of the competencies supporting the entrepreneurial attitude of Finnish engineering students

Investigating Firm Performance Link with Product Line Length and Breadth

Customer referencing as business actor engagement behavior – Creating value in and beyond triadic settings

Digitalization in knowledge work: the dream of enhanced performance

Lifecycle view of managing different changes in projects

Special issue: Delivering value in projects and project-based business

Value-oriented stakeholder influence on infrastructure projects.

Knowledge Work Performance Measurement in the New Ways of Working Context

Exploring the microfoundations of end-user interests toward co-creating renewable energy technology innovations

Stages of User Engagement on Social Commerce Platforms

Analysis with the Navigational Clickstream Data

Employees’ agency in the formalisation of knowledge-intensive business service processes: A cross-case comparison

Green entrepreneurship

Service Readiness during Manufacturers’ Servitization

Comparing Three Methods to Capture Multidimensional Service Experience in Children’s Health Care

Video Diaries, Narratives, and Semistructured Interviews

An Overview of the Problems Posed by Plastic Products and the Role of Extended Producer Responsibility in Europe

Circular economy: enabling the transition towards sustainable consumption and production

The potential of electric trucks – An international commodity-level analysis

Eco-Industrial Parks

A proposal for introducing digitalization in a city administration

How experienced professionals develop their expertise in work-based higher education: A literature review

RFM customer analysis for product-oriented services and service business development: an interventionist case study of two machinery manufacturers

What matters for knowledge work productivity?

From Replication to Further Scale Development: A Case Study of Incorporating an Eco-Friendliness Dimension in an Existing Consumer Experience Scale

Purchasing and supply management practices in customer value creation

Advancing Circular Business

Call for papers: Actors, practices and strategy connections in multi-project management.

A bibliometric review on innovation systems and ecosystems: a research agenda

Agile performance measurement system development: an answer to the need for adaptability?

A model for profiling information and knowledge management in the public sector

Business environment - emerging external and internal pressures for sustainable production

Business intelligence process model revisited

Challenges in developing data-based value creation

Communicating design knowledge to support technology management in the manufacturing industry: an application of pragmatic constructivism

Correlations between holistic awareness of time and innovativeness

Cross-functional integration for managing customer information flows in a project-based firm

Delivering value in projects and project-based business

Digitalization Changing Work

Employees' View on the Benefits and Hindrances

Dynamics of value in technology inspired value co-creation: Case in homecare value network

Engaging students in cross-disciplinary research and education

a processual approach to educational development

Engaging the economic facts and valuations underlying VfM in public procurement

How workplaces actually carry out OSH-related risk assessment and management

Importance of Knowledge Management at Water Utilities

Improving Fundraising Efficiency in Small and Medium Sized Non-profit Organizations Using Online Solutions

Institutional Perspectives on the Process of Enterprise Architecture Adoption

LeanGame, a digital training tool to implement lean philosophy

Making room to manoeuvre

How firms increase their influence with others in business networks

Mock-ups as a tool for assessing customer value early in the development process

Network level knowledge sharing

Leveraging Riege’s model of knowledge barriers

Obtaining the best supplier solutions: current behavior and future expectations

Organizational development-lean thinking through the LeanGame learning game

Practical approaches to increase girls’ interest in technology education

Promoting project team coordination in repetitive projects

Retail Development Externalities for Housing Values

Retailer service acceptance: simply adding a service to the offer portfolio or committing to marketing it

Revisiting Social Media Tie Strength in the Era of Data Access Restrictions

Social capital and collaborative ties in providing new digital service solutions

The promoters and the barriers for organizational culture change in a Finnish construction company

The role of performance management practices in gaining preferred customer status

The use of social media for knowledge acquisition and dissemination in B2B companies

an empirical study of Finnish technology industries

Tietojohtamisen arviointimalli ja suosituksia maakuntavalmistelun pohjalta

Trading too expensively in the FX market?

Understanding the antecedents and consequences of the perceived usefulness of travel review websites

Unlocking circular business: A framework of barriers and drivers

Value Emergence in the Usage of Mobile News Alerts

Is Openness Really Free? A Critical Analysis of Switching Costs for Industrial Internet Platforms

Perceived Risks and Benefits of Advanced Pay-Per-Use Type of Business Models Based on Industry 4.0 Enabled Technologies in Manufacturing Companies

Prosumers' Digital Business Models for Electric Vehicles: Exploring Microfoundations for a Balanced Policy Approach

Mapping Patient Experience and Journey from Service Providers and Caregivers perspective

Multilayer Aggregation with Statistical Validation

Application to Investor Networks

3D-tulostus: systeeminen innovaatio arvoverkostossa

Benchmark dataset for mid‐price forecasting of limit order book data with machine learning methods

Facebook drives behavior of passive households in stock markets

Liiketoiminnan uudistaminen 3D-tulostuksen innovaatioarvoverkostoissa

Stakeholders in Commercialization and Creating Market for Innovation

Kuinka löytää ja hallita oikeat riskit?

Osuva ja vaikuttava työn turvallisuuteen ja terveellisyyteen liittyvien riskien hallinta

Developing Management Accounting for Long-Term Decision-Making

Empirical Examinations from the Customer and Supplier Perspectives

Julkaisun otsikon käännös: : Johdon laskentatoimen kehittäminen pitkän aikavälin päätöksenteon tueksi: Empiirisiä tarkasteluja asiakkaan ja toimittajan näkökulmasta

Creating value in the circular economy

A structured multiple-case analysis of business models

Tulevaisuuden tietojohtaminen maakunnissa

Workplace violence in Finnish emergency departments

Investors, Information Arrivals, and Market Liquidity

Empirical Evidence from Financial Markets

Rakennusvalvonta digitaalisen muutoksen pyörteessä

Developing Safety Competence Process for Vocational Students

Institutionalization process of service innovation: Overcoming competing institutional logics in service ecosystems.

Disadvantaged Early Entrants? Entry Order Effects on Product Performance

Projektimestarit 2018

Esseekokoelma 6

Robotic process automation - Creating value by digitalizing work in the private healthcare?

The Effects of Product Line Length on Firm Performance

Technopreneurial Characteristics Rising from the Ashes of Creative Destruction

Education and Future Working Life

Education and Future Working Life

Enhancing the Knowledge-Sharing Culture in Managing Competitive Intelligence in Latvian Enterprises

Comparison of innovation policies for electric vehicle business ecosystems

Digital Social Matching Ecosystem for Knowledge Work

Liikenteen markkinoiden uusjako

Intellectual capital and bi-tools in private healthcare value creation

Radikaalit innovaatiot tuotantoteknologioissa: erilaiset prosessit erilaisille innovaatioille

SerSafe - Turvallisuuspäätöksenteko teollisissa palveluissa


Sustainable Business Model Ideation and Development of Early Ideas for Sustainable Business Models: Analyzing a New Tool Facilitating the Ideation Process

The challenge of facilitating clusters: barriers and drivers originating from different logics between industry, academia and government

Digitalisaatio vaatii taitavaa johtamista

Evaluating the value and costs of technology in the manufacturing industry

Computational analysis of structural properties of economic and financial networks

From walls to experience – servitization of workplaces

Adopting additive manufacturing in SMEs: Exploring the challenges and solutions

Designing serious games for special user groups-design for somebody approach

The Management of Occupational Health and Safety in Vocational Education and Training

Introduction to the special issue on accounting and innovation

Moving toward integrated solutions in project-based firms: Changes in sales practices

Special Issue: Accounting and Innovation

Half Empty or Half Full: Balancing with Openness Strategies

Toward World-class Platforms: Competences of digidriven startups

Knowledge work in a nordic context: flexibility, mobility and atypical work defining performance

Enterprise Architecture in the Public Sector

Adoption and Institutionalization

Individual People as Champions in Building an Emerging Software Ecosystem

Integration for holistic development of apprentices’ competences in Finland

Sustainable electric vehicle - Prosumer framework and policy mix

Additive manufacturing technology driving supply chain innovations in small and medium-sized firms

Agency relationships in global project business

Dynamics of investor spanning trees around dot-com bubble

From Science to Shelves: Path Constitution Across Institutional Fields

Industrial customers’ organizational readiness for service innovations

Adopting data-based advanced services

Kirja-arviointi:Yliopistomme vaarassa hukkua byrokratiaan.

Pekka Kauppi. Kahlittu yliopistomme. Miten vapaudumme byrokratiasta ja opetuksen ylenkatsomisesta. Into Kustannus Oy. 2017.

Lifecycle-oriented framing of value at the front end of infrastructure projects

Requirements from industrial internet for innovations in advanced industrial services

Review on mobility as a service in scientific publications

Understanding the complexity of mobility as a service

What constitutes patient experience and journey in pediatric health services? Contrasting doctors and caregivers perceptions

Looking for a five-legged sheep

Identifying enterprise architects' skills and competencies

Utilizing management accounting information for decision-making

Limitations stemming from the process structure and the actors involved

Real Estate Development Externalities

Impacts on Housing Prices and Socio-Economic Segregation

Improving Suppliers’ Position in Construction Project Networks

Program integration in multi-project change programs

agency in integration practice

Backshoring of production in the context of a small and open Nordic economy

Ready to sell? Requirements for promoting service selling in a manufacturing firm

Quality Driven Scheduling in Construction

Emerging Challenges and Opportunities of Global Information Systems Management

Consolidated Assignments from Spring 2018

Towards a Business-Driven Process Model for Knowledge Security Risk Management

Making Sense of Knowledge Risks

How to move away from the silos of business management education?

Reconciling digital transformation and knowledge protection

A research agenda

Dynamic Activities for Managing an IS-Enabled Organizational Change

Assessing and developing safety management competences

Annual school safety activity calendar to promote safety in VET

Practitioner’s guide to the use of cloud computing in finance

Customer Integration into Service Innovations by Developing Information Integration between Parties and Increasing Customer Opportunity to Influence FM Services

Organizational culture

Case of the finnish construction industry

Finland's Water Services: Looking to its Past to Figure Out its Future.

Uudet tuotantoteknologiat käyttöön pk-yrityksissä

3D-tulostuksen käyttöönoton haasteita ja ratkaisuja

Analysing the role of crowdfunding in entrepreneurial ecosystems

A social media event study of two competing product launches

The relation between knowledge transfer and productivity in knowledge work

Virtauttamisen toteutuksen periaatteet ja soveltamismahdollisuudet rakennushankkeissa

Rain-tutkimushankkeen osaraportti 1

Policy Influence on Consumers’ Evolution into Prosumers—Empirical Findings from an Exploratory Survey in Europe

Improving hospital services based on patient experience data

Current feedback practices and future opportunities

Business customers' readiness to adopt manufacturer's new services

Active Digiage? Desirable Futures for Ageing People

A method for anticipating the disruptive nature of digitalization in the machine-building industry

Antecedents of consumer acceptance of a manufacturer’s goods-related service

A social capital perspective on gaining optimal solutions from suppliers as preferred customer

Avoiding wow-gaps through wow-canvas in business development

Balancing Knowledge Protection and Sharing to Create Digital Innovations

Balancing Stability and Creativity: Empirical Study of KIBS Companies in the Middle of Organizational Change

Benchmarking public transport level of service with open data

Building B2B relationships via initiation contributors

Three cases from the Norwegian-South Korean international project business

Business intelligence process model as a learning method

Comparison of performance measurement in different purchasing and supply management practices

Core Project Team As a Management Entity for Construction Projects

Coverage bias in business news

evidence and methodological implications

Creating a shared narrative

the use of causal layered analysis to explore value co-creation in a novel service ecosystem

Designing green marketing across industries: a conceptual framework and implications for consumers and transdisciplinary research

Editorial: Special Issue on digitalization and the actor’s perspective, VIII Actor Reality Construction Conference

Educational Hackathon: Innovation Contest for Innovation Pedagogy

Effectuation as a frame for networking decisions

the case of a Finnish information technology start-up

Enablers and Restraints of Knowledge Work - implications by certain professions?

Energy Prosumers' Role in Accelerating Sustainability-an Empirical Study in Five European Countries

Engaging in knowledge exchange: The instrumental psychological ownership in open innovation communities

Evolution of obstacles restraining productivity improvement

Exploring institutional drivers and barriers of the circular economy: A cross-regional comparison of China, the US, and Europe

Feasibility of B2C Customer Relationship Analytics in the B2B Industrial Context

Finding the wow-factor to enhance business

Finnish Apprenticeship Training Stakeholders’ Perceptions of Vocational Expertise and Experiences of Workplace Learning and Guidance

Forecasting sales in industrial services: modeling business potential with installed base information

Future Prospects of Cyber Security in Manufacturing: Findings from a Delphi Study

Generating the optimal supplier solution: A social capital perspective

Handbook of Research on Predictive Modeling and Optimization Methods in Science and Engineering

High-performance computing in finance

Problems, methods, and solutions

How Can Collaborative Augmented Reality Support Operative Work in the Facility Management Industry?

Information Systems Success and Benefits Realization (mini-track introduction)

Innovation enablers attracting Gen Z at future workplace

Innovativeness of Staff in Higher Education: Do Implicit Theories and Goal Orientations Matter?

Interactions enhancing the impact of the interventionist research: Case service business development

Intercultural Competence: towards intercultural understanding

Management style, focus and purpose in development of lean in university hospital

Manufacturing relocation abroad and back: empirical evidence from the Nordic countries

Neighbors matter

Geographical distance and trade timing in the stock market

On the basis of the sales engineering competences and education

Palvelu korvaa tilan (PATI)

Pohjoismaisten teollisuusyritysten globaalit investoinnit - tuotanto, T&K vai yritysostot?

Practitioner’s guide on the use of cloud computing in finance

Prerequisites for performance measurement supporting purchaser-supplier collaboration

Proceedings of the 1st Transdisciplinary Workplace Research Conference

Projektisysteemien suunnittelu - Suunnitteluperiaatteita ja ratkaisumalleja rakennusalalle

Rain-tutkimushankkeen osaraportti 2

Purchasing category management: providing integration between purchasing and other business functions

Relationships between organisational culture and efficiency in Finnish construction projects

Representational quality challenges of big data

insights from comparative case studies

Skills Competitions for Promoting Vocational Excellence

SMEs as Extended Enterprises: A 360-Degree Model for Profiling SMEs Stakeholder Involvement in R&D

Spilling Hackathon Methodology to Industrial Fuzzy Front End Innovation

Successful Implementation of Lean as a Managerial Principle in Health Care

A Conceptual Analysis From Systematic Literature Review

Teollisten palveluiden kehittäminen turvallisuuden näkökulmasta

The impact of total costs and strategic supply on risk management in project business

The New Era Of Business Intelligence: Big Data Potential in the Private Healthcare Value Creation

The role of personality and motivation on key account manager job performance

Tunnetilojen tunnistaminen Twitteristä

Turvallisuutta teollisiin palveluihin palvelukehityksen alkumetreiltä

Understanding continuance intention to use travel review websites

Utilizing the innovation potential of suppliers in construction projects

WC-tilat ja -opasteet vain likana silmissämme?

Well-Being in the Information Society. Fighting Inequalities: 7th International Conference, WIS 2018, Turku, Finland, August 27-29, 2018, Proceedings

What's the value in circular economy? Mapping customer value proposition archetypes in circular economy start-ups

The Management of Occupational Health and Safety

Managers’ Perceptions of the Challenges, Necessary Support and Organisational Measures to support Managers

Role of openness in industrial internet platform providers’ strategy

Johtajuuden rakentuminen muutoksessa

Narratiivisen merkityksellistämisen näkökulma

A Dual Perspective of Value in a Bundle of Product and Service

A method for analyzing practicing managers’ perception on the disruptive nature of digitalization in machine-building industry

Mechanisms of disruptive technological change

Case studies in transformation of traditional industries

Change program management

Toward a capability for managing value-oriented, integrated multi-project change in its context

Cross-functional integration for managing customer information flows in a project-based firm

Monitieteisyyttä tuotannon ja kunnossapidon koulutukseen ja työhön

Sata vuotta vesihuoltoa Suomessa

Tuotantoinnovaatiot tuotannon suorituskyvyn kehittämisessä

Vesihuollon ammattilaiset ovat verkostoituneet kautta aikojen

News Arrivals, Jumps and Variance in Stock Markets

Crafting Organizational Information Security Policies

Vulnerability of critical infrastructures and operational capability of authorities

Henkilöstön työturvallisuuden ja työkyvyn edistäminen ammatillisissa oppilaitoksissa


Data-based value creation

Disruptive change and the reconfiguration of innovation ecosystems

Emotions, attitude and mindset – Managing the mental work environment to facilitate performance in changing work setting

Managing Production Complexity with Intelligent Work Orders

Substanssiosaamisen integroinnin vaikutus asenteisiin ja motivaatioon yliopistomatematiikassa

Platform Economy - Interactions & Boundary Resources

Checklist For Companies

Integrating micro-level interactions with social network analysis in tie strength research: the edge-centered approach

Using crowdfunding for extracting feedback: literature review

Business skills laboratory in action: combining a practice enterprise model and an enterprise resource planning-simulation to a comprehensive business learning environment

Shaping client-driven business management concepts for modern construction markets

Shaping future construction-related business management: A review of 77 concepts

Legitimacy Building in a Whole Supply Network during its Formation Phase

“Together we stand, divided we fall”

Constructivist Approach to Support Organizational Change in the Knowledge Work Context

Yhdyskuntien vesihuolto – kehityksen ja elämän ehto

Relationships among Civil Engineering Students' Approaches to Learning, Perceptions of the Teaching-Learning Environment, and Study Success

What drives the sensitivity of limit order books to company announcement arrivals?

Tempoilevasta tiede- ja koulutuspolitiikasta kohti laajempaa näkemystä

Toimittaja-asiakassuhteet vaativat edelleen kehittämistä

Vaatimukset datapohjaisten kunnossapitopalvelujen liiketoimintaan

The role of weak ties in enhancing knowledge work

Ecosystem approach on medical game development: The relevant actors, value propositions and innovation barriers

Interventionist management accounting research: theory contributions with societal impact


Platforms and Ecosystems

Editorial: Platforms and ecosystems (September 2017)

The core interaction of platforms: how startups connect users and producers

Tuotannon "luova tuho" Pohjoismaissa - määrä vähenee, kasvaako jalostusarvo?

Topography of "Faceless" actors in a context: examples from public management

Prevalence and Characteristics of International Sourcing in Finland and Sweden

Advancing the design of concepts for international business management with contexts in capital investment markets

Emotions in customer experience: Systematic review on theoretical approaches and conceptualizations

Problems of enterprise architecture adoption in the public sector: root causes and some solutions

Business Model Innovation of Startups Developing Multisided Digital Platforms

Projektimestarit 2017

Esseekokoelma 5

Job Crafting Aspects to Support Well-being at Work in an Activity-based Office

Sustainable project management through project control in infrastructure projects

Eco-Friendly Brands to Drive Sustainable Development: Replication and Extension of the Brand Experience Scale in a Cross-National Context

Enterprise architecture and organizational reform: a project debrief

Mediator’s role in an innovation ecosystem

Understanding consumers' renewable energy behaviour beyond 'homo economicus'

An exploratory survey in four European countries

Finnish water services

Experiences in global perspective

The front end of radical manufacturing technology innovations

Editorial on research on innovation and business ecosystems

Are Software Start-Ups Different? An empirical study on performance of Finnish software companies

Developing of a Quadruple Model for Collaborative Research Actions between Higher Education Institutions and Industry

Knowledge transfer and work productivity

Pop up -kehittämismalli tuottavaan tietotyöhön

Positioning Organizational Culture Studies Between the Construction Industry and Other Industries

How do companies decide? Emotional triggers and drivers of investment in natural gas and biogas vehicles

Knitting company performance and board interlocks

An exploration with the Finnish software industry

Examining service experiences: comparing methods to capture children's experiences

Knowledge Management and Retention

A Case of a Water Utility in Finland

Managing intellectual liabilities by service recovery

Why don't one maximizes database utilization in product and service development in manufacturing?

Advocator, jester, spokesperson, provocateur and boundary spanner? Exploring different communication styles at twitter

Customer Perceived Value - A Key in Marketing of Integrated Solutions

Reliability and Perceived Value of Sentiment Analysis for Twitter Data

Social Media Analytics Empowering Customer Experience Insight

Knowledge Management for Open Innovation

Comparing Research Results Between SMEs and Large Companies

Affective interactive movements in B2B environments: Using the dynamic customer journey and explorative space to address the B2B interactions in a logistics consultancy project

A typology of inter-firm project networks

Critical oil & gas markets in Norway

Developing the project-based firm’s relationship with distributors in the delivery of complex systems

Introducing the project value framework: An integrative view of the multidimensionality of project success measurement

Managing different types of changes during the lifecycle of a complex delivery project

Practices for program scope definition and goal setting in change programs

Safety considerations in industrial service development: triumphs and pittfalls

Surviving project discontinuities: Relationship quality and extrabusiness relationship maintenance practices in project relationships

The business of projects in and across organizations

Top Ten Futures XI: teesit. Ihmistyön tulevaisuus älykkäiden koneiden maailmassa (mainly in Finnish)

Using sales agents in project marketing

Tunteeko yrityksesi asiakkaiden laitekannan liiketoimintapotentiaalin?

Relocation of Nordic Manufacturing

Global challenges and role of institutions in water services

Tuunaa & viilaa

Yritysyhteistyön työkirja korkeakouluille

Hankintatoimen kyky luoda arvoa kehittyy

Ways to measure user experience in co-working places

How to measure impacts of work environment changes on knowledge work productivity – validation and improvement of the SmartWoW tool

Suurhankkeiden virheistä on otettava opiksi

Emerging Challenges and Opportunities of Global Information Systems Management

Consolidated Assignments from Spring 2017

Dialogista mutualismiin. Systeemiajattelu kokonaisuuden hallinnan välineenä

Explaining the challenges in ERP development networks with triggers, root causes, and consequences

Toimiva vesihuolto ei ole itsestäänselvyys.

Vesihuollon koulutus on erinomaista kehitysyhteistyötä


Challenges of collecting B2B customer insight from multiple channels

Managers’ viewpoint on factors influencing their commitment to safety: An empirical investigation in five Finnish industrial organisations

Role of industrial internet platforms in the management of product lifecycle related information and knowledge

Expert knowledge integration

A systematic approach for multi-stakeholder innovation

Relational factors as part of network relationship evaluation

Third-party-supported benchmarking for reciprocal learning

Liiketoimintamahdollisuuksien luominen kodin älyteknologian tehokkaampaan hyödyntämiseen

Educators’ open educational collaboration online: The dilemma of emotional ownership

Knowledge management for open innovation: comparing research results between SMEs and large companies

Orchestrating Innovation Ecosystems: A Qualitative Analysis of Ecosystem Positioning Strategies

Governmental Governance of Megaprojects: The Case of EXPO 2010 Shanghai

Etenemisen seurannasta elinkaariohjaukseen ratkaisutoimituksissa


Ratkaisua täydentävän palvelun omaksuminen ja käytön edistäminen

Sosiaalisen median hyödyntäminen konepajateollisuusyritysten viestinnässä ja erityisesti asiakasarvon viestimisessä

Teollinen internet uudistaa palveluliiketoimintaa ja kunnossapitoa

Tietotyön suunnittelu monitilatoimistossa

Visualizing the Geography of Platform Boundary Resources: The Case of the Global API Ecosystem

Winner does not take all

Selective attention and local bias in platform-based markets

"Alustatalous on vuorovaikutustaloutta"

Arvon yhteisluonnin analysointi

Business intelligence approach – a practical tool for competence based curriculum development

Business intelligence tools for private healthcare data-driven value creation

Challenges in the paradigm change from mobility as a self-service to mobility as a service

Coping with technostress: when emotional responses fail

Digitaalinen alustatalous

Ecosystem creating experiences: a case from pediatric health care


Editorial: Experiments in an Organisational Context

Editorial: Pragmatic Constructivism for making a difference in organizations

Effects of Social Media on Consumers' Sports Brand Experiences and Loyalty

Emotion-Gauge: Analyzing affective experiences in B2B customer journeys

Enterprise architecture institutionalization

A tale of two cases

Firms' knowledge profiles

Mapping patent data with unsupervised learning

Forecasting stock prices from limit order book using convolutional neural networks

Future industrial services: pathways and tools for service business renewal

Historian hajuista tuoksujen tulevaisuuteen

Pääkaupunkiseudun jäetevedenpuhdistuksen keskeiset päätökset Espoon näkökulmasta

How can crowds be used in developing complex industrial products? An analysis of factors impacting the usefulness of crowdsourcing outcomes

How consumers prefer to innovate in renewable energy and what they expect to get in return for co-creation

How to manage innovation processes in extensive networks: a longitudinal study

Implied volatility smile dynamics in the presence of jumps

Infrastructures, integration and architecting during and after digital transformation

Inter-organizational knowledge sharing barriers within an sme network: a case study

Introduction to part II

knowledge integration in networks

Introduction to the handbook

Kilpailuetua turvallisuudesta

Kirja-arviointi: Kuinka vesiensuojelu saatiin pääosin kuntoon?

Koulutuksen ja tutkimuksen murros yliopistoissa uuden vuosikymmenen kynnyksellä

Limit Order Books and Liquidity around Scheduled and Non-Scheduled Announcements: Empirical Evidence from NASDAQ Nordic

Long-range autocorrelations in limit order book markets: inter- and cross-event analysis

Managing business networks for value creation in facilities and their external environments: A study on co-location

Master data management and its organizational implementation: an ethnographical study within the public sector

Measuring technological diversity over technology lifecycle

Mittareista lisäarvoa palveluiden kehittämiseen

Modeling variance risk premium

Network management in the era of ecosystems: Systematic review and management framework

Network visualisations of knowledge assets

Their value and user experiences for innovation development

Nordic workplace concept development from office as a city to city as an office

Organizational effects of digitalization

A literature review

Partnering in offshore drilling projects

Perspectives on tools and applications supporting co-creation in knowledge work

ProcuValue Value Creating Procurement

Project Report

Prosumer centric innovation system and how it is influenced by multi-regime interactions: Exploratory interviews

Reinventing organisational creativity and innovation through adapting a service-based working culture

S4Fleet – Service Solutions for Fleet Management


Samsung and Volkswagen crisis communication in Facebook and Twitter

A comparative study

Securing the flow of information in renovation projects

Sustainable synergies from buildings to the urban scale

Seeking New Ways of Innovating in Industry- Research Collaboration Practice

Something old, something new: Path dependence and path creation during the early stage of a project

Start-ups initiating business relationships: process and asymmetry

Start-ups innovating digital platforms: towards successful interaction

Stimuli of collaboration in product development: a case study in a project manufacturing company

Systematic literature review on enterprise architecture in the public sector

Tarinoita kansainvälistymisen poluilta: Pk-yrityksen kansainvälistyminen - onnistumisia ja haasteita

Tensor representation in high-frequency financial data for price change prediction

The adoption of green initiatives in logistics service providers-a strategic perspective

The future of customer value-multi-industry insights of value determinants in service networks

The impact of workplaces and self-management practices on the productivity of knowledge workers

The palgrave handbook of humanitarian logistics and supply chain management

The potential of management accounting and control in global operations

Profitability-driven service business development

The role of performance measurement in supplier-buyer value-creation

The use of performance measurement information in the work of middle managers

Time-series classification using neural bag-of-features

Towards evidence-based management of external resources

Developing design propositions and future research avenues through research synthesis

Using a tailored project management methodology to promote project team integration

Using deep learning to detect price change indications in financial markets

Valkea kaupunki, mustat vedet

Value co-creation analysis in customer-supplier network relationships

Value components of a digital business-to-business sales configurator

Value in buyer-supplier relationships: the impact of relational purchasing practices

Vesihuolto kaupungistuvissa yhteiskunnissa

Yet another ecosystem literature review

10 + 1 research communities

Yritysten väliset suhteet digitalisaation aikakaudella

Liikennejärjestelmän ja -hankkeiden kokonaisvaltainen arviointi

Esteettömyyskorjausten toteuttamismahdollisuudet kerrostalokannassa (ESMA)

Assessing business learning by analysing ERP simulation log files

Projektimestarit 2016

Esseekokoelma 4

Importance of the business-to-business sales configurator characteristics

Processing Data for Visual Network Analysis

Impact assessment and the future of HCT trucks in Finland

Tieliikenteen kuljetusyritysten vastuullisuusmalli: Tilaajaohjeistus

Tunnedata toimintaprosessien kehittämisessä - faktaa vai fiktiota?

Älypölkky, radan monitorointi, kreosoottipölkyn korvaavat vaihtoehdot

Ballast bed

Näkökulma-kolumni: Putkiremontit kestävät aivan liian kauan


Näkökulmia poliisin liikenneturvallisuustyön toimintaympäristöön

Enterprise Architecture Benefit Realization

Tutkimusohjelma Elinkaaritehokas RAta (TERA)

Kokonaisvaltainen ote ratarakennetutkimukseen

The nexus between social media behaviour, negative consumer emotions and brand disloyalty

Performance Measurement for Managing Welfare Services

Perceived risks in social media use – a longitudinal study among university students.

Editorial to “The best papers from the 32nd International Symposium on Automation and Robotics in Construction and Mining (ISARC 2015)”

Project change stakeholder communication

Boundary Objects as Part of Knowledge Integration for Networked Innovation

Servitization in global business-to-business distribution: The central activities of manufacturers

Co-design, co-teaching and co-learning in technology hands-on university tuition

Identifying weak ties from publicly available social media data in an event

The 5C categorization of social media tools

Challenges and success factors in creating radical manufacturing technology innovations

Assessing Regional Cooperation in Water Services

Finnish Lessons Compared With International Findings

Learning by playing

A cross-sectional descriptive study of nursing students' experiences of learning clinical reasoning

Comparison of community managed projects and conventional approaches in rural water supply of Ethiopia

Sosiaalinen media brändi- ja asiakastiedon lähteenä

Developing a conceptual model for the relationship between social media behavior, negative consumer emotions and brand disloyalty

Students as mystery shoppers

lowering knowledge sharing barriers in higher education

Methods for identifying and measuring the performance impacts of work environment changes

Industrial distribution networks transformed: The distruptive power of digitalization

Knowledge barriers in university-industry knowledge networks

Integrating mobile orienteering to team forming activity in a software engineering course

Combining mineral fractions of recovered MSWI bottom ash: improvement for utilization in civil engineering structures

Digiselvitys 2016

Digitaalisuuden nykytila ja kehityssuunnat kiinteistö- ja rakennusalalla

Enterprise Architecture Benefit Realization: Review of the Models and a Case Study of a Public Organization

How can FM service providers improve their service delivery through value co-creation?

Third places and user preferences – affordances in the cities

A laboratory listening experiment on subjective and objective rating of impact sound insulation of concrete floors

A method for design of sound insulation of glazed balconies against traffic noise

A manager’s means to motivate experts at work

Space for company democracy

Schedule health assessment of construction projects

Teoriaa ja kokemuksia arvioinnista MOOCien aikakaudella

Power bases in lead organization network governance form: a multi-level approach

Customer value management framework for supply chains

Experienced risks in social media use – longitudinal study among university students

I feel great - university students affective experiences on learning and teaching

Towards a maturity modeling approach for the implementation of industrial internet