Covalent immobilization of luminescent oxygen indicators reduces cytotoxicity

Paclitaxel, carboplatin and 1,25-D3 inhibit proliferation of ovarian cancer cells in vitro

All-Optical Electrophysiology Refines Populations of In Silico Human iPSC-CMs for Drug Evaluation

Dissecting the in vivo dynamics of transcription locking due to positive supercoiling buildup

High-content imaging and structure-based predictions reveal functional differences between Niemann-Pick C1 variants

Salivary cortisol reactivity to psychological stressors in infancy

A meta-analysis

Utilizing Gelatinized Starchy Waste from Rice Noodle Factory as Substrate for L(+)-Lactic Acid Production by Amylolytic Lactic Acid Bacterium Enterococcus faecium K-1

Evaluation of scaffold microstructure and comparison of cell seeding methods using micro-computed tomography-based tools

Mixed carbon substrates

a necessary nuisance or a missed opportunity?

The effect of start-up on energy recovery and compositional changes in brewery wastewater in bioelectrochemical systems

Utilizing Neurons for Digital Logic Circuits

A Molecular Communications Analysis

Sequential Collinear Photofragmentation and Atomic Absorption Spectroscopy for Online Laser Monitoring of Triatomic Metal Species

A concise synthesis of carbasugars isolated from Streptomyces lincolnensis

Co-culture of human induced pluripotent stem cell-derived retinal pigment epithelial cells and endothelial cells on double collagen-coated honeycomb films

Membrane-Dependent Binding and Entry Mechanism of Dopamine into Its Receptor

Multiphoton microscopy of the dermoepidermal junction and automated identification of dysplastic tissues with deep learning

Pulmonary Surfactant Lipid Reorganization Induced by the Adsorption of the Oligomeric Surfactant Protein B Complex

Surface Stabilization and Dissolution Rate Improvement of Amorphous Compacts with Thin Polymer Coatings

Can We Have It All?

The Na,K-ATPase acts upstream of phosphoinositide PI(4,5)P2 facilitating unconventional secretion of Fibroblast Growth Factor 2

Tidal breathing flow profiles during sleep in wheezing children measured by impedance pneumography

Toward Rigorous Materials Production

New Approach Methodologies Have Extensive Potential to Improve Current Safety Assessment Practices

Enhanced Population Control in a Synthetic Bacterial Consortium by Interconnected Carbon Cross-Feeding

Data-driven multiscale modeling reveals the role of metabolic coupling for the spatio-temporal growth dynamics of yeast colonies

Ensuring Quality Standards and Reproducible Research for Data Analysis Services in Oncology

A Cooperative Service Model

Environmental monitoring with distributed mesh networks

An overview and practical implementation perspective for urban scenario

Key drivers of cloud response to surface-active organics

Programmable responsive hydrogels inspired by classical conditioning algorithm

The role of highly oxygenated organic molecules in the Boreal aerosol-cloud-climate system

Transcription closed and open complex formation coordinate expression of genes with a shared promoter region

Spectral object recognition in hyperspectral holography with complex-domain denoising

Phosphorylation of NFATC1 at PIM1 target sites is essential for its ability to promote prostate cancer cell migration and invasion

Statistical evaluation of barkhausen noise testing (BNT) for ground samples

Estimating RNA numbers in single cells by RNA fluorescent tagging and flow cytometry

Improved water services cooperation through clarification of rules and roles

Effects of elevated pressures on the activity of acidophilic bioleaching microorganisms

Controlled Orientations of Neighboring Tetracene Units by Mixed Self-Assembled Monolayers on Gold Nanoclusters for High-Yield and Long-Lived Triplet Excited States through Singlet Fission

Effects of nanofibrillated cellulose hydrogels on adipose tissue extract and hepatocellular carcinoma cell spheroids in freeze-drying

An efficient auxin-inducible degron system with low basal degradation in human cells

Behavior of the DPH fluorescence probe in membranes perturbed by drugs

Pneumatic unidirectional cell stretching device for mechanobiological studies of cardiomyocytes

Influence of ions to modulate hydrazone and oxime reaction kinetics to obtain dynamically cross-linked hyaluronic acid hydrogels

Sodium channels enable fast electrical signaling and regulate phagocytosis in the retinal pigment epithelium

Characterisation and in vitro and in vivo evaluation of supercritical-CO2-foamed β-TCP/PLCL composites for bone applications

Alkane and wax ester production from lignin-related aromatic compounds

Comparing deep belief networks with support vector machines for classifying gene expression data from complex disorders

An architectural understanding of natural sway frequencies in trees

Synthetic Design of Asymmetric miRNA with an Engineered 3′ Overhang to Improve Strand Selection

The Role of Temperature and Lipid Charge on Intake/Uptake of Cationic Gold Nanoparticles into Lipid Bilayers

Methods for simultaneous robot-world-hand–eye calibration

A comparative study

Technical Note

Noise models for virtual clinical trials of digital breast tomosynthesis

Connection of Collimation, Asymmetric Beaming, and Independent Transmission-Reflection Processes in Concentric-Groove Gratings Supporting Spoof Surface Plasmons

Bioimpedance Sensor Array for Long-Term Monitoring of Wound Healing from Beneath the Primary Dressings and Controlled Formation of H2O2 Using Low-Intensity Direct Current

Understanding the Role of Lipids in Signaling Through Atomistic and Multiscale Simulations of Cell Membranes

Reduced level of docosahexaenoic acid shifts GPCR neuroreceptors to less ordered membrane regions

Effects of percutaneous transluminal angioplasty of superficial femoral artery on photoplethysmographic pulse transit times

Alpha radiation-induced luminescence by am-241 in aqueous nitric acid solution

Positioning information privacy in intelligent transportation systems

An overview and future perspective

Deep Learning in Image Cytometry

A Review

Synthetic metabolic pathway for the production of 1-alkenes from lignin-derived molecules

Vertical stratification of bacteria and archaea in sediments of a small boreal humic lake

Metabolic syndrome is associated with decreased heart rate variability in a sex-dependent manner

a comparison between 252 men and 249 women

Iterative unsupervised domain adaptation for generalized cell detection from brightfield z-stacks

Regulation of asymmetries in the kinetics and protein numbers of bacterial gene expression

Detection of Pancreatic Cancer by Urine Volatile Organic Compound Analysis

Advances in Human Stem Cell-Derived Neuronal Cell Culturing and Analysis

Bioactive glass-ceramics

From macro to nano

Disease modeling of a mutation in α-actinin 2 guides clinical therapy in hypertrophic cardiomyopathy

Do bone geometric properties of the proximal femoral diaphysis reflect loading history, muscle properties, or body dimensions?

L1000 viewer

A search engine and Web interface for the LINCS data repository

Mechanical impact stimulation platform tailored for high-resolution light microscopy

Metabolic profiling of water-soluble compounds from the extracts of dark septate endophytic fungi (DSE) isolated from scots pine (Pinus sylvestris L.) seedlings using UPLC–orbitrap–MS

Optical wireless cochlear implants

O2-requiring molecular reporters of gene expression for anaerobic microorganisms

Prostate cancer gene regulatory network inferred from RNA-seq data

Proteome-transcriptome alignment of molecular portraits achieved by self-contained gene set analysis

Consensus colon cancer subtypes case study

Quality and Capacity Analysis of Molecular Communications in Bacterial Synthetic Logic Circuits

Recurrent moderate-risk mutations in Finnish breast and ovarian cancer patients

Robocasting of Bioactive SiO2-P2O5-CaO-MgO-Na2O-K2O Glass Scaffolds

Synthesis of 6,12-disubstituted methanodibenzo[b,f ][1,5]dioxocins

Pyrrolidine catalyzed self-condensation of 2′-Hydroxyacetophenones


a single-cell image processor toolbox

Beaming random lasers with soliton control

Dynamic decoupling of biomass and wax ester biosynthesis in Acinetobacter baylyi by an autonomously regulated switch

Machine learning plastic deformation of crystals

Normalization of force to muscle cross-sectional area

A helpful attempt to reduce data scattering in contractility studies?

Structural basis of actin monomer re-charging by cyclase-Associated protein

Bi-directional cell-pericellular matrix interactions direct stem cell fate

The importance of controlled mismatch of biomechanical compliances of implantable scaffolds and native tissue for articular cartilage regeneration

Machine learning analysis of extreme events in optical fibre modulation instability

M2M Communication Assessment in Energy-Harvesting and Wake-Up Radio Assisted Scenarios Using Practical Components

Molecular-Scale Ligand Effects in Small Gold-Thiolate Nanoclusters

Understanding Dissolution and Crystallization with Imaging

A Surface Point of View

Super-resolution microscopy for biological specimens

Lensless phase retrieval in noisy conditions

How to minimize dye-induced perturbations while studying biomembrane structure and dynamics

PEG linkers as a rational alternative

Alzheimer's disease and alpha-synuclein pathology in the olfactory bulbs of infants, children, teens and adults ≤ 40 years in Metropolitan Mexico City. APOE4 carriers at higher risk of suicide accelerate their olfactory bulb pathology

Novel osteoconductive β-tricalcium phosphate/poly(L-lactide-co-e-caprolactone) scaffold for bone regeneration

a study in a rabbit calvarial defect

Molecular Communications Pulse-based Jamming Model for Bacterial Biofilm Suppression

Quantifying branch architecture of tropical trees using terrestrial LiDAR and 3D modelling

Temperature control as key factor for optimal biohydrogen production from thermomechanical pulping wastewater

Assessment of mutation probabilities of KRAS G12 missense mutants and their long-timescale dynamics by atomistic molecular simulations and Markov state modeling

Computational modeling of electrophysiology and pharmacotherapy of atrial fibrillation

Recent advances and future challenges

Comparative analysis of tissue reconstruction algorithms for 3D histology

Nocturnal Heart Rate Variability Spectrum Characterization in Preschool Children with Asthmatic Symptoms

Physiologically-relevant levels of sphingomyelin, but not GM1, induces a β-sheet-rich structure in the amyloid-β(1-42) monomer

Comparison of food frequency questionnaire data and shopping records for the assessment of food intake

Production of alkanes from CO2 by engineered bacteria

The effect of S53P4-based borosilicate glasses and glass dissolution products on the osteogenic commitment of human adipose stem cells

Selenate removal in biofilm systems

Effect of nitrate and sulfate on selenium removal efficiency, biofilm structure and microbial community

Metabolic pairing of aerobic and anaerobic production in a one-pot batch cultivation

Pectin and Mucin Enhance the Bioadhesion of Drug Loaded Nanofibrillated Cellulose Films

Segmentation of vessel structures from photoacoustic images with reliability assessment

Automatic optimization of an in silico model of human iPSC derived cardiomyocytes recapitulating calcium handling abnormalities

Monitoring of heart rate and inter-beat intervals with wrist plethysmography in patients with atrial fibrillation

Structure and dynamics of a human myelin protein P2 portal region mutant indicate opening of the β barrel in fatty acid binding proteins

Effect of surfactant type and sonication energy on the electrical conductivity properties of nanocellulose-CNT nanocomposite films

Acquiring respiration rate from photoplethysmographic signal by recursive bayesian tracking of intrinsic modes in time-frequency spectra

Altered polyamine profiles in colorectal cancer

Enhancing the usability of low-cost eye trackers for rehabilitation applications

Evaluation of dry electrodes in canine heart rate monitoring

Photo-antimicrobial efficacy of zinc complexes of porphyrin and phthalocyanine activated by inexpensive consumer LED lamp

Cholesterol Protects the Oxidized Lipid Bilayer from Water Injury

An All-Atom Molecular Dynamics Study

The precision of the symmetry in Z-ring placement in Escherichia coli is hampered at critical temperatures

Crystallization Kinetics of an Amorphous Pharmaceutical Compound Using Fluorescence-Lifetime-Imaging Microscopy

Switchable light reflectance in dilute magneto-optical colloids based on nickel ferrite nanowires

A review of connectivity map and computational approaches in pharmacogenomics

Non-intersecting leaf insertion algorithm for tree structure models

Uncertainty in multispectral lidar signals caused by incidence angle effects

Weighing trees with lasers

Advances, challenges and opportunities

Driver Fusions and Their Implications in the Development and Treatment of Human Cancers

The characterization of surgical smoke from various tissues and its implications for occupational safety

Depletion of nuclear import protein karyopherin alpha 7 (KPNA7) induces mitotic defects and deformation of nuclei in cancer cells

Functional Outcome of Human Adipose Stem Cell Injections in Rat Anal Sphincter Acute Injury Model

Soft hydrazone crosslinked hyaluronan- and alginate-based hydrogels as 3D supportive matrices for human pluripotent stem cell-derived neuronal cells

An activity recognition framework deploying the random forest classifier and a single optical heart rate monitoring and triaxial accelerometer wrist-band

In a quest for engineering acidophiles for biomining applications

Challenges and opportunities

Improved fatty aldehyde and wax ester production by overexpression of fatty acyl-CoA reductases

Molecular mechanism for inhibition of twinfilin by phosphoinositides

A Bioscreening Technique for Ultraviolet Irradiation Protective Natural Substances

Archaea are prominent members of the prokaryotic communities colonizing common forest mushrooms

Bioactive glass induced osteogenic differentiation of human adipose stem cells is dependent on cell attachment mechanism and mitogen-activated protein kinases

Differential processing in modality-specific Mauthner cell dendrites

Effect of N/S ratio on anoxic thiosulfate oxidation in a fluidized bed reactor

Experimental and artificial neural network model analysis

Gloriosa superba Mediated Synthesis of Platinum and Palladium Nanoparticles for Induction of Apoptosis in Breast Cancer

Knitted 3D Scaffolds of Polybutylene Succinate Support Human Mesenchymal Stem Cell Growth and Osteogenesis

Mapping microscale wetting variations on biological and synthetic water-repellent surfaces

Lessons from the human genome project

Modesty, honesty, and realism

Evaluation of optogenetic electrophysiology tools in human stem cell-derived cardiomyocytes

Azopolymer photopatterning for directional control of angiogenesis

Excessive aggregation of membrane proteins in the Martini model

Comparison of different coating techniques on the properties of FucoPol films

Concerted regulation of npc2 binding to endosomal/lysosomal membranes by bis(monoacylglycero)phosphate and sphingomyelin

Strong FGFR3 staining is a marker for FGFR3 fusions in diffuse gliomas

Inhibition of Aβ Amyloid Growth and Toxicity by Silybins

The Crucial Role of Stereochemistry

Nanofibrillar cellulose-alginate hydrogel coated surgical sutures as cell-carrier systems

How management intensity and neighborhood composition affect the structure of beech (Fagus sylvatica L.) trees


An R package for simulating gene expression data from an underlying real gene network structure considering delay parameters

Atomistic fingerprint of hyaluronan–CD44 binding

The relationship between loading history and proximal femoral diaphysis cross-sectional geometry

Dynamics of a True Moving Bed separation process

Linear model identification and advanced process control

Calcium Assists Dopamine Release by Preventing Aggregation on the Inner Leaflet of Presynaptic Vesicles

Androgen Receptor Deregulation Drives Bromodomain-Mediated Chromatin Alterations in Prostate Cancer

Phase partitioning of GM1 and its bodipy-labeled analog determine their different binding to Cholera Toxin

Clinical association analysis of ependymomas and pilocytic astrocytomas reveals elevated FGFR3 and FGFR1 expression in aggressive ependymomas

Long-chain GM1 gangliosides alter transmembrane domain registration through interdigitation

Elucidation of Compression-Induced Surface Crystallization in Amorphous Tablets Using Sum Frequency Generation (SFG) Microscopy

Tunable Plasmonic Silver Nanodomes for Surface-Enhanced Raman Scattering

Hexaphyrin as a Potential Theranostic Dye for Photothermal Therapy and 19F Magnetic Resonance Imaging

Calcium Directly Regulates Phosphatidylinositol 4,5-Bisphosphate Headgroup Conformation and Recognition

Hierarchical Self-Assembly of Halogen-Bonded Block Copolymer Complexes into Upright Cylindrical Domains

Atomistic Molecular Dynamics Simulations of Mitochondrial DNA Polymerase γ

Novel Mechanisms of Function and Pathogenesis

Twin-layer biosensor for real-time monitoring of alkane metabolism

Membrane cholesterol access into a G-protein-coupled receptor

Magnetic routing of light-induced waveguides

The use of mathematical modeling for the development of a low cost fuzzy gain schedule neutralization control system

Multivariate statistical analysis for the identification of potential seafood spoilage indicators

Polarization resolved photoluminescence in GaAs1−xBix/GaAs quantum wells


Bioconductor package for Gene Set analysis in R

Aligned Poly(ε-caprolactone) Nanofibers Guide the Orientation and Migration of Human Pluripotent Stem Cell-Derived Neurons, Astrocytes, and Oligodendrocyte Precursor Cells In Vitro

Dynamics and energetics of the mammalian phosphatidylinositol transfer protein phospholipid exchange cycle

Electrical Contacts in SOI MEMS Using Aerosol Jet Printing

Extracting the strongest signals from omics data

Differentially expressed pathways and beyond

Metastasis detection from whole slide images using local features and random forests

Oxysterols Versus Cholesterol in Model Neuronal Membrane. I. The Case of 7-Ketocholesterol. The Langmuir Monolayer Study

Synthesis, Structural Characterization, Hirshfeld Surface and Antioxidant Activity Analysis of a Novel Organic Cation Antimonate Complex

The Association Between Liver and Tumor [18F]FDG Uptake in Patients with Diffuse Large B Cell Lymphoma During Chemotherapy

The Integrin Receptor in Biologically Relevant Bilayers

Insights from Molecular Dynamics Simulations

Transcription Initiation Controls Skewness of the Distribution of Intervals Between RNA Productions

Abstract: Direction as a vibration loading parameter in bone tissue engineering


Exploring reproducibility and robustness of RNA-seq results based on SAM files

Increased survival rate by local release of diclofenac in a murine model of recurrent oral carcinoma

Effects of σ factor competition are promoter initiation kinetics dependent

Identifying involvement of Lys251/Asp252 pair in electron transfer and associated proton transfer at the quinone reduction site of Rhodobacter capsulatus cytochrome bc1

Lipid membranes

Theory and simulations bridged to experiments

Efficient preparation and analysis of membrane and membrane protein systems

Functionalized lipids and surfactants for specific applications

Controlling the motion of multiple objects on a Chladni plate

Current densities and total contact currents during forest clearing tasks under 400kV power lines

Distribution and dynamics of quinones in the lipid bilayer mimicking the inner membrane of mitochondria


environmental significance, pollution, and biological treatment technologies

Against dataism and for data sharing of big biomedical and clinical data with research parasites

The role of the K-channel and the active-site tyrosine in the catalytic mechanism of cytochrome c oxidase

Abstract: Direction as a vibration loading parameter in osteogenic differentiation of adipose stem cells

Bioluminescence-based system for rapid detection of natural transformation

Effect of particle size and dispersion status on cytotoxicity and genotoxicity of zinc oxide in human bronchial epithelial cells

Indocyanine Green-Loaded Liposomes for Light-Triggered Drug Release

Robust statistical approaches for RSS-based floor detection in indoor localization

Characterizing rate limiting steps in transcription from RNA production times in live cells

The need for formally defining "modern medicine" by means of experimental design

Human Adipose Stem Cells Differentiated on Braided Polylactide Scaffolds is a Potential Approach for Tendon Tissue Engineering

Texture descriptors ensembles enable image-based classification of maturation of human stem cell-derived retinal pigmented epithelium

Cell-based bioreporter assay coupled to HPLC micro-fractionation in the evaluation of antimicrobial properties of the basidiomycete fungus Pycnoporus cinnabarinus

Biological and Bioelectrochemical Recovery of Critical and Scarce Metals

Cholesterol oxidation products and their biological importance

Improved properties for packaging materials by nanoscale surface modification and ALD barrier coating

Morphological Differentiation Towards Neuronal Phenotype of SH-SY5Y Neuroblastoma Cells by Estradiol, Retinoic Acid and Cholesterol

Non-Brownian diffusion in lipid membranes

Experiments and simulations

Robustness of the process of nucleoid exclusion of protein aggregates in Escherichia coli

Role of charged lipids in membrane structures

Insight given by simulations

Roll-to-roll application of photocatalytic TiO2 nanoparticles for printed functionality

The biophysical properties of ethanolamine plasmalogens revealed by atomistic molecular dynamics simulations

The Effects of Pharmacological Compounds on Beat Rate Variations in Human Long QT-Syndrome Cardiomyocytes

Urinary thrombomodulin levels were significantly higher following occupational exposure to chemicals, in the presence of dipstick protein, but not in the presence of dipstick blood

Validity of parameters in static linear testing of flexor tendon repair

A Comparative View on Easy to Deploy non-Integrating Methods for Patient-Specific iPSC Production

A new algorithm to improve assessment of cortical bone geometry in pQCT

Bone morphogenetic protein-2 induces donor-dependent osteogenic and adipogenic differentiation in human adipose stem cells

European Code against Cancer 4th Edition

Medical exposures, including hormone therapy, and cancer

European Code against Cancer 4th Edition

Ionising and non-ionising radiation and cancer

European Code against Cancer 4th Edition

Ultraviolet radiation and cancer

Gene expression analysis upon lncRNA DDSR1 knockdown in human fibroblasts

Improving the Immunogenicity of the Mycobacterium bovis BCG Vaccine by Non-Genetic Bacterial Surface Decoration Using the Avidin-Biotin System

Metabolic engineering of Acinetobacter baylyi ADP1 for removal of Clostridium butyricum growth inhibitors produced from lignocellulosic hydrolysates

Tuning the Plasmonic Extinction Resonances of Hexagonal Arrays of Ag Nanoparticles

Simultaneous nutrient removal and lipid production with Chlorella vulgaris on sterilized and non-sterilized anaerobically pretreated piggery wastewater

The Molecular Taxonomy of Primary Prostate Cancer

A BRCA1-interacting lncRNA regulates homologous recombination

Comparison of different cationized proteins as biomaterials for nanoparticle-based ocular gene delivery

Submolecular Plasticization Induced by Photons in Azobenzene Materials

Cancer incidence and mortality in patients treated either with RAI or thyroidectomy for hyperthyroidism

Effects of single and fractionated irradiation on natural killer cell populations

Radiobiological characteristics of viability and cytotoxicity in vitro

ESD qualification data used as the basis for building electrostatic discharge protected areas

Multiple novel prostate cancer susceptibility signals identified by fine-mapping of known risk loci among Europeans

Transcriptome sequencing reveals PCAT5 as a Novel ERG-Regulated long Noncoding RNA in prostate cancer

Atomic-level characterization of transport cycle thermodynamics in the glycerol-3-phosphate

Phosphate antiporter

Reducing overdiagnosis by polygenic risk-stratified screening

Findings from the Finnish section of the ERSPC

Intraprostatic inflammation is positively associated with serum PSA in men with PSA <4 ngml-1, normal DRE and negative for prostate cancer

Effects of anode potentials on bioelectrogenic conversion of xylose and microbial community compositions

Is Daylight-PDT a good treatment option during solar eclipse?

Sotalol, but not digoxin is associated with decreased prostate cancer risk

A population-based case-control study

Surface Modified Biodegradable Electrospun Membranes as a Carrier for Human Embryonic Stem Cell-Derived Retinal Pigment Epithelial Cells

Novel analysis software for detecting and classifying Ca2+ transient abnormalities in stem cell-derived cardiomyocytes

Construction of therapeutically relevant human prostate epithelial fate map by utilising miRNA and mRNA microarray expression data

Human breast cancer cells educate macrophages toward the M2 activation status

His-tagged norovirus-like particles

A versatile platform for cellular delivery and surface display

Kinetics of the cellular intake of a gene expression inducer at high concentrations

In-vivo deformation measurements of the human heart by 3D Digital Image Correlation

Bioactive glass ions as strong enhancers of osteogenic differentiation in human adipose stem cells

Biogenesis of Nascent High Density Lipoprotein Particles

Lipid production by eukaryotic microorganisms isolated from palm oil mill effluent

μCT based assessment of mechanical deformation of designed PTMC scaffolds

A robust AMMI model for the analysis of genotype-by-environment data

Bioluminescent whole-cell reporter gene assays as screening tools in the identification of antimicrobial natural product extracts

Cholesterol under oxidative stress

How lipid membranes sense oxidation as cholesterol is being replaced by oxysterols

Effects of remedies made in patient setup process on residual setup errors and margins in head and neck cancer radiotherapy based on 2D image guidance

Single-cell kinetics of a repressilator when implemented in a single-copy plasmid

The influence of SrO and CaO in silicate and phosphate bioactive glasses on human gingival fibroblasts

Dynamics of the peripheral membrane protein P2 from human myelin measured by neutron scattering

A Comparison between wild-type protein and a hinge mutant

A genome-wide expression quantitative trait loci analysis of proprotein convertase subtilisin/kexin enzymes identifies a novel regulatory gene variant for FURIN expression and blood pressure

Apolipoprotein A-I mimetic peptide 4F blocks sphingomyelinase-induced LDL aggregation

MIR-25 modulates invasivenessand dissemination of human prostate cancer cells via regulation of αv-and α6-integrin expression

Structural analysis of treatment cycles representing transitions between nursing organizational units inferred from diabetes

Using shRNA experiments to validate gene regulatory networks

Survival benefit of early androgen receptor inhibitor therapy in locally advanced prostate cancer

Long-term follow-up of the SPCG-6 study

MiRNA profiles in lymphoblastoid cell lines of finnish prostate cancer families

Fine-mapping the 2q37 and 17q11.2-q22 loci for novel genes and sequence variants associated with a genetic predisposition to prostate cancer

The Finnish prostate cancer screening trial

Analyses on the screening failures

Urothelial cancer gene regulatory networks inferred from large-scale RNAseq, Bead and Oligo gene expression data

Antiarrhythmic effects of dantrolene in patients with catecholaminergic polymorphic ventricular tachycardia and replication of the responses using iPSC models

Biomimetic collagen I and IV double layer Langmuir-Schaefer films asmicroenvironment for human pluripotent stem cell derived retinal pigment epithelial cells

Family history in the finnish prostate cancer screening trial

Microarray analysis of differentially expressed genes in ovarian and fallopian tube epithelium from risk-reducing salpingo-oophorectomies

Podocyte apoptosis is prevented by blocking the Toll-like receptor pathway

Sec14-nodulin proteins and the patterning of phosphoinositide landmarks for developmental control of membrane morphogenesis

Transbilayer lipid interactions mediate nanoclustering of lipid-anchored proteins

Role of subunit III and its lipids in the molecular mechanism of cytochrome c oxidase

European code against cancer 4th edition

12 ways to reduce your cancer risk

A Bayesian approach for suppression of limited angular sampling artifacts in single particle 3D reconstruction

Early effects of adjuvant breast cancer radiotherapy on right ventricular systolic and diastolic function

Low-dose ionising radiation and cardiovascular diseases - Strategies for molecular epidemiological studies in Europe

O-glycan repertoires on a mucin-type reporter protein expressed in CHO cell pools transiently transfected with O-glycan core enzyme cDNAs

Ageing-associated changes in the human DNA methylome

Genomic locations and effects on gene expression

Multi-stable dynamics of the non-adiabatic repressilator

Light emitting fabric technologies for photodynamic therapy

The concurrent use of aromatase inhibitors and radiotherapy induces echocardiographic changes in patients with breast cancer

Thermal transport characteristics of human skin measured in vivo using ultrathin conformal arrays of thermal sensors and actuators

Integrated in vitro-in silico screening strategy for the discovery of antibacterial compounds

VEGFR3 and CD31 as prognostic factors in renal cell cancer


A hub for protein information

Computational cancer biology

education is a natural key to many locks

Oxidation half-reaction of aqueous nucleosides and nucleotides via photoelectron spectroscopy augmented by ab initio calculations

A motion artifact generation and assessment system for the rapid testing of surface biopotential electrodes

Cost-effectiveness of prostate cancer screening

A simulation study based on ERSPC data

Estimation of GFP-tagged RNA numbers from temporal fluorescence intensity data

Julkaisun otsikon käännös: : Estimation of GFP-tagged RNA numbers from temporal flourescence intensity data

Adaptive autoregressive model for reduction of noise in SPECT

Efficient preparation of shuffled DNA libraries through recombination (Gateway) cloning

Experimental determination and computational interpretation of biophysical properties of lipid bilayers enriched by cholesteryl hemisuccinate

I microRNA nella placca aterosclerotica

Interaction with serum albumin as a factor of the photodynamic efficacy of novel bacteriopurpurinimide derivatives

Method with high-throughput screening potential for antioxidative substances using Escherichia coli biosensor katG'::lux

Multifunctional ultrasmall nanoplatforms for vascular-targeted interstitial photodynamic therapy of brain tumors guided by real-time MRI


Reversible biotin-avidin-biotin bridges with high affinity and specificity

Comparative evaluation of gene set analysis approaches for RNA-Seq data

Rationally engineered synthetic coculture for improved biomass and product formation

Julkaisun otsikon käännös: : Rationally engineered synthetic coculture for improved biomass and product formation


une cible pour la thérapie photodynamique prophylactique des métastases péritonéales ovariennes?

Interface matters

The stiffness route to stability of a thermophilic tetrameric malate dehydrogenase

The talin-integrin interface under mechanical stress

Toward computational cumulative biology by combining models of biological datasets

Connection between absorption properties and conformational changes in Deinococcus radiodurans phytochrome

A framework for estimating radiation-related cancer risks in Japan from the 2011 Fukushima nuclear accident

Estimation of optimal matching position for orthogonal kV setup images and minimal setup margins in radiotherapy of whole breast and lymph node areas

Statin use and breast cancer survival

A nationwide cohort study from Finland

Global analysis of human nonreceptor tyrosine kinase specificity using high-density peptide microarrays

Different culture conditions modulate the immunological properties of adipose stem cells

Rapid, Brushless Self-assembly of a PS-b-PDMS Block Copolymer for Nanolithography

A meta-analysis of 87,040 individuals identifies 23 new susceptibility loci for prostate cancer

Mixotrophic cultivation of oleaginous Chlorella sp. KR-1 mediated by actual coal-fired flue gas for biodiesel production

Pharmacokinetics of an injectable modified-release 2-hydroxyflutamide formulation in the human prostate gland using a semiphysiologically based biopharmaceutical model

Advanced Material-Based Sensing Structures

Power Issues in Biomedical Telemetry

Cruciate ligament reconstruction and risk of knee osteoarthritis

The association between cruciate ligament injury and post-traumatic osteoarthritis. a population based nationwide study in Sweden, 1987-2009

Effect of Omeprazole Dose, Nonsteroidal Anti-inflammatory Agents, and Smoking on Repair Mechanisms in Acute Peptic Ulcer Bleeding

Mapping of the chromosomal amplification 1p21-22 in bladder cancer

Calcium transients closely reflect prolonged action potentials in iPSC models of inherited cardiac arrhythmia

Claudins as prognostic factors for renal cell cancer

Molecular engineering of avidin and hydrophobin for functional self-assembling interfaces

ERBB4 promoter polymorphism is associated with poor distant disease-free survival in high-risk early breast cancer

Blood microRNA profile associates with the levels of serum lipids and metabolites associated with glucose metabolism and insulin resistance and pinpoints pathways underlying metabolic syndrome. The cardiovascular risk in Young Finns Study.

Chimeric avidin - NMR structure and dynamics of a 56 kDa homotetrameric thermostable protein

Hydration of the chloride ion in concentrated aqueous solutions using neutron scattering and molecular dynamics

Light-fuelled transport of large dendrimers and proteins


Prostate-specific antigen screening trials and prostate cancer deaths: The androgen deprivation connection

AROS has a context-dependent effect on SIRT1

Chernobyl fallout and cancer incidence in Finland 1988-2007

Impact of epoetin-beta on anemia and health-related quality of life in cancer patients

A prospective observational study using the generic 15D instrument

Interrelations of graph distance measures based on topological indices

Hypermethylation of the GABRẼmiR-452̃miR-224 promoter in prostate cancer predicts biochemical recurrence after radical prostatectomy


An R package for visualizing large network data in biology and medicine

Assessment of metabolic flux distribution in the thermophilic hydrogen producer Caloramator celer as affected by external pH and hydrogen partial pressure

Julkaisun otsikon käännös: : Assessment of metabolic flux distribution in the thermophilic hydrogen producer Caloramator celer as affected by external pH and hydrogen partial pressure

Rewiring the wax ester production pathway of acinetobacter baylyi ADP1

Julkaisun otsikon käännös: : Rewiring the Wax Ester Production Pathway of Acinetobacter baylyi ADP1

A novel chimeric avidin with increased thermal stability using DNA shuffling

KPNA7, a nuclear transport receptor, promotes malignant properties of pancreatic cancer cells in vitro

Network-based methods for computational diagnostics by means of R

Quality of life of recently treated patients with breast cancer

Association analysis of 9,560 prostate cancer cases from the International Consortium of Prostate Cancer Genetics confirms the role of reported prostate cancer associated SNPs for familial disease

Assessing interactions of two loci (rs4242382 and rs10486567) in familial prostate cancer

Statistical evaluation of epistasis

Small-molecule induction promotes corneal epithelial cell differentiation from human induced pluripotent stem cells

Aberrant DNA methylation reprogramming during induced pluripotent stem cell generation is dependent on the choice of reprogramming factors

MicroRNAs in atherosclerosis

Gene Sets Net Correlations Analysis (GSNCA)

A multivariate differential coexpression test for gene sets

Structure and barrier properties of human embryonic stem cell-derived retinal pigment epithelial cells are affected by extracellular matrix protein coating

A 3D Alzheimer's disease culture model and the induction of P21-activated kinase mediated sensing in iPSC derived neurons

Investigating the binding behaviour of two avidin-based testosterone binders using molecular recognition force spectroscopy

Dry computational approaches for wet medical problems

Antioxidant supplementation reduces genomic aberrations in human induced pluripotent stem cells

Activities at the Universal Protein Resource (UniProt)

Natural thermal adaptation increases heat shock protein levels and decreases oxidative stress

USP22 regulates oncogenic signaling pathways to drive lethal cancer progression

Shiga-like toxin binds with high avidity to multivalent O-linked blood group P1 determinants on mucin-type fusion proteins

A Novel MMP12 Locus Is Associated with Large Artery Atherosclerotic Stroke Using a Genome-Wide Age-at-Onset Informed Approach

A prostate cancer susceptibility allele at 6q22 increases RFX6 expression by modulating HOXB13 chromatin binding

Autologous adipose stem cells in treatment of female stress urinary incontinence

Results of a pilot study

Common features of chromatin in aging and cancer

Cause or coincidence?

Electrophoretic mobilities of neutral analytes and electroosmotic flow markers in aqueous solutions of Hofmeister salts

Enhancing our understanding of ways to analyze metagenomes

Evidence-based analysis of a novel symbiotic and epiphytic cyanobacteria associated with Azolla by cyto and molecular taxonomy

Functional and genetic analysis of the colon cancer network.

Indocyanine green

Photosensitizer or chromophore? Still a debate

Inference and validation of predictive gene networks from biomedical literature and gene expression data

Kinetics of bioconjugate nanoparticle label binding in a sandwich-type immunoassay

Metabolic engineering of Acinetobacter baylyi ADP1 for improved growth on gluconate and glucose

Murein lytic enzyme TgaA of Bifidobacterium bifidum MIMBb75 modulates dendritic cell maturation through its cysteine- and histidine-dependent amidohydrolase/peptidase (CHAP) amidase domain

Julkaisun otsikon käännös: : Murein Lytic Enzyme TgaA of Bifidobacterium bifidum MIMBb75 Modulates Dendritic Cell Maturation through Its Cysteine- and Histidine-Dependent Amidohydrolase/Peptidase (CHAP) Amidase Domain

Novel derivatives of bacteriochlorophyll a

Complex formation with albumin and the mechanism of tumor cell photodamage

Novel in vitro cardiovascular constructs composed of vascular-like networks and cardiomyocytes

Optimal management of metastatic castration-resistant prostate cancer

Highlights from a European Expert Consensus Panel

Origins and functional consequences of somatic mitochondrial DNA mutations in human cancer

Prostate cancer risk and nonsteroidal antiinflammatory drug use in the Finnish prostate cancer screening trial.

Recurrent thyroid cancers have more peritumoural lymphatic vasculature than nonrecurrent thyroid cancers

Relevance of different prior knowledge sources for inferring gene interaction networks

Report from the 2nd Summer School in Computational Biology organized by the Queen's University of Belfast

Talin-bound NPLY motif recruits integrin-signaling adapters to regulate cell spreading and mechanosensing

TgaA, a VirB1-like component belonging to a putative type IV secretion system of Bifidobacterium bifidum MIMBb75

Julkaisun otsikon käännös: : TgaA, a VirB1-Like Component Belonging to a Putative Type IV Secretion System of Bifidobacterium bifidum MIMBb75.

The gene regulatory network for breast cancer

Integrated regulatory landscape of cancer hallmarks

Untangling statistical and biological models to understand network inference

The need for a genomics network ontology

Large-scale evaluation of molecular descriptors by means of clustering

Analysis of free, mono- and diacetylated polyamines from human urine by LC-MS/MS


Assessing gene network inference algorithms by network-based measures

The structural motifs for substrate binding and dimerization of the α subunit of collagen prolyl 4-hydroxylase

Association of neuroimmune guidance cue netrin-1 and its chemorepulsive receptor UNC5B with atherosclerotic plaque expression signatures and stability in human(s) Tampere Vascular Study (TVS)

MicroRNAs in the atherosclerotic plaque

The diverse role of miR-31 in regulating cancer associated phenotypes

Membrane permeation induced by aggregates of human islet amyloid polypeptides

Chk1 targeting reactivates PP2A tumor suppressor activity in cancer cells

Stability of transmembrane amyloid β-peptide and membrane integrity tested by molecular modeling of site-specific Aβ42 mutations

Bi-weekly paclitaxel and capecitabine as a second- Or third-line treatment for advanced breast cancer

A pilot study

Zebavidin - An Avidin-Like Protein from Zebrafish

Reversible biofunctionalization of surfaces with a switchable mutant of avidin

Exogenously added BMP-6, BMP-7 and VEGF may not enhance the osteogenic differentiation of human adipose stem cells

Fallout from the Chernobyl accident and overall cancer incidence in Finland

Fine mapping of 11q13.5 identifies regions associated with prostate cancer and prostate cancer death

Genome-wide association study identifies 3 genomic loci significantly associated with serum levels of homoarginine

The atheroremo consortium

BMP4 inhibits the proliferation of breast cancer cells and induces an MMP-dependent migratory phenotype in MDA-MB-231 cells in 3D environment

The nucleolus as a stress response organelle

Aneuploidy facilitates oncogenic transformation via specific genetic alterations, including Twist2 upregulation

Efficiency of 5-ALA mediated photodynamic therapy on hypoxic prostate cancer

A preclinical study on the dunning R3327-AT2 rat tumor model

Site-specific cancer risk in the Baltic cohort of Chernobyl cleanup workers, 1986-2007

Somatic alterations contributing to metastasis of a castration-resistant prostate cancer

Guggulsterone sensitizes glioblastoma cells to Sonic hedgehog inhibitor SANT-1 induced apoptosis in a Ras/NFκB dependent manner

Mechanisms of acceleration and retardation of water dynamics by ions

Identification, prioritization, and evaluation of glycoproteins for aggressive prostate cancer using quantitative glycoproteomics and antibody-based assays on tissue specimens

Stress Proteins and Heat Shock Proteins

Role in Muscle Building and Sports Nutrition

Somatic mutation profiling and associations with prognosis and trastuzumab benefit in early breast cancer

Development and characterization of poly(ε-caprolactone) hollow fiber membranes for vascular tissue engineering

Genetic markers associated with early cancer-specific mortality following prostatectomy

Elevated concentration of oxidized LDL together with poor cardiorespiratory and abdominal muscle fitness predicts metabolic syndrome in young men

The highly dynamic oligomeric structure of bradavidin II is unique among avidin proteins

Non-coding RNAs in DNA damage and repair

Healthy human CSF promotes glial differentiation of hESC-derived neural cells while retaining spontaneous activity in existing neuronal networks

Movement of NH3 through the human urea transporter B

A new gas channel

Endovenous laser treatment of the great saphenous vein

Measurement of the pullback speed of the fiber by magnetic tracking

Weekly paclitaxel-An effective treatment for advanced breast cancer

Prostate cancer mortality in the finnish randomized screening trial

Interfacing cellular networks of S. cerevisiae and E. coli

Connecting dynamic and genetic information

Overview of Public Cancer Databases, Resources, and Visualization Tools

Statistical Diagnostics for Cancer

Analyzing High-Dimensional Data

Ensuring the statistical soundness of competitive gene set approaches

Gene filtering and genome-scale coverage are essential

Genetic heterogeneity in Finnish hereditary prostate cancer using ordered subset analysis

Identification of 23 new prostate cancer susceptibility loci using the iCOGS custom genotyping array

Obesity and physical inactivity are related to impaired physical health of breast cancer survivors

Resonance assignments of the 56 kDa chimeric avidin in the biotin-bound and free forms

Fatty Acid Ethyl Esters Induce Intestinal Epithelial Barrier Dysfunction via a Reactive Oxygen Species-Dependent Mechanism in a Three-Dimensional Cell Culture Model

Bcl-2 associated athanogene 5 (Bag5) is overexpressed in prostate cancer and inhibits ER-stress induced apoptosis

Use of aspirin, but not other non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs is associated with decreased prostate cancer risk at the population level

Structural Properties and Complexity of a New Network Class

Collatz Step Graphs

An anatomically realistic and adaptable prostate phantom for laser thermotherapy treatment planning

How the amyloid-β peptide and membranes affect each other

An extensive simulation study

Image-guided laser therapies for prostate cancer

Visualizing functional motions of membrane transporters with molecular dynamics simulations

Gene ontology annotations and resources

Update on activities at the Universal Protein Resource (UniProt) in 2013

A meta-analysis of genome-wide association studies to identify prostate cancer susceptibility loci associated with aggressive and non-aggressive disease

HOXB13 is a susceptibility gene for prostate cancer

Results from the International Consortium for Prostate Cancer Genetics (ICPCG)

Silencing of the arp2/3 complex disturbs pancreatic cancer cell migration

2D and 3D self-assembling nanofiber hydrogels for cardiomyocyte culture

B-cell lymphoma gene regulatory networks

Biological consistency among inference methods

CIP2A expression and prognostic role in patients with esophageal adenocarcinoma

Comparative analysis of targeted differentiation of human induced pluripotent stem cells (hiPSCs) and human embryonic stem cells reveals variability associated with incomplete transgene silencing in retrovirally derived hiPSCs lines


An R package for integrative analysis and management of gene expression microarray data

Development of fully defined xeno-free culture system for the preparation and propagation of cell therapy-compliant human adipose stem cells

Effects of different serum conditions on osteogenic differentiation of human adipose stem cells in vitro

Epithelium percentage estimation facilitates epithelial quantitative protein measurement in tissue specimens

Genetic and QTL analyses of yield and a set of physiological traits in pepper

Hollow fibers of poly(lactide-co-glycolide) and poly(ε-caprolactone) blends for vascular tissue engineering applications

Influence of the experimental design of gene expression studies on the inference of gene regulatory networks

Environmental factors

Molecular mechanism of T-cell protein tyrosine phosphatase (TCPTP) activation by mitoxantrone

Molecular modeling of the PEGylated bilayer as a model for the PEGylated liposome surface in the bloodstream

Multiple approaches and participation rate for a community based smoking cessation intervention trial in rural Kerala, India

Optimal molecular profiling of tissue and tissue components

De fining the best processing and microdissection methods for biomedical applications

Personalized medicine

Has it started yet? A reconstruction of the early history

Person identification from actions based on Artificial Neural Networks

Person identification from actions based on dynemes and discriminant learning

Roll-to-roll atomic layer deposition for flexible substrates

Smoking cessation intervention in Rural Kerala, India

Findings of a randomised controlled trial

Undercut edges for robust capillary self-alignment in hybrid microassembly

Wear resistance of nanoparticle coatings on paperboard

Standardization of Diagnostic Biomarker Concentrations in Urine

The Hematuria Caveat

Aerobic Fitness Does Not Modify the Effect of FTO Variation on Body Composition Traits

Cancer incidence among Nordic airline cabin crew

Harnessing the complexity of gene expression data from cancer

From single gene to structural pathway methods

Gene set analysis for self-contained tests

Complex null and specific alternative hypotheses

Characteristics of complex formation between monomeric and dimeric bisbenzimidazoles and AT-containing polynucleotide

Culture Conditions Affect Cardiac Differentiation Potential of Human Pluripotent Stem Cells

GFP's Mechanical Intermediate States

Biophysics of lipid bilayers containing oxidatively modified phospholipids

Insights from fluorescence and EPR experiments and from MD simulations

Number of screens for overdetection as an indicator of absolute risk of overdiagnosis in prostate cancer screening

Sarcopenia during androgen-deprivation therapy for prostate cancer

Loss of SUFU function in familial multiple meningioma

Endocrine prevention and treatment of prostate cancer

Cell Model of Catecholaminergic Polymorphic Ventricular Tachycardia Reveals Early and Delayed Afterdepolarizations

Effectiveness of a 12-month exercise program on physical performance and quality of life of breast cancer survivors

Effect of exercise on bone structural traits, physical performance and body composition in breast cancer patients - A 12-month RCT

Photodynamic therapy in urology

What can we do now and where are we heading?

Responder analysis of the effects of denosumab on bone mineral density in men receiving androgen deprivation therapy for prostate cancer

Toxicity in patients receiving adjuvant docetaxel hormonal treatment after radical radiotherapy for intermediate or high-risk prostate cancer

A preplanned safety report of the SPCG-13 trial

Identification of novel CHD1-associated collaborative alterations of genomic structure and functional assessment of CHD1 in prostate cancer

Cytokinesis failure due to derailed integrin traffic induces aneuploidy and oncogenic transformation in vitro and in vivo

No additional benefit of adding ifosfamide to docetaxel in castration-resistant metastatic prostate cancer

Novel Loci for Metabolic Networks and Multi-Tissue Expression Studies Reveal Genes for Atherosclerosis

Validation of prostate cancer risk-related loci identified from genome-wide association studies using family-based association analysis

Evidence from the International Consortium for Prostate Cancer Genetics (ICPCG)

The importance of LDL and Cholesterol metabolism for prostate epithelial cell growth

Molecular mechanisms of ion-specific effects on proteins

Analysis of Xq27-28 linkage in the international consortium for prostate cancer genetics (ICPCG) families