How consumers’ respect for nature and environmental self-assets influence their car brand experiences

Role of Lubricating Oil Properties in Exhaust Particle Emissions of an Off-Road Diesel Engine

Acid and ferric sulfate bioleaching of uranium ores

A review

A comprehensive review of the photopolymerization of ceramic resins used in stereolithography

Adjoint-based optimization in the development of low-emission industrial boilers

Assessing the maturity and benefits of digital extended enterprise

Concept for distributed robotics learning environment

Increasing the access to the robotics via modularisation of systems and mobility

Interactive learning activities for education of factory level order-to-delivery process

Kinetics and modelling of thiosulphate biotransformations by haloalkaliphilic Thioalkalivibrio versutus

Mapping the types of business experimentation in creating sustainable value

A case study of cleantech start-ups

Modelling of a pressure swing adsorption unit by deep learning and artificial Intelligence tools

Normalising deviance in construction project organizations

a case study on the collapse of Carillion

Creation processes for radical manufacturing technology innovations

Effects of anode materials on electricity production from xylose and treatability of TMP wastewater in an up-flow microbial fuel cell

Towards a circular economy by leveraging hazardous resources

A case study of Fortum HorsePower

Societal impact as Cost-Benefit Analysis

Comparative analysis of two research infrastructures

Double-side pumped membrane external-cavity surface-emitting laser (MECSEL) with increased efficiency emitting > 3 W in the 780 nm region

Frequency Comb Generation in a Continuous-Wave Pumped Second-Order Nonlinear Waveguide Resonator

High-Q resonance train in a plasmonic metasurface

Optical Frequency Comb Photoacoustic Spectroscopy

Antibacterial activity of silver and titania nanoparticles on glass surfaces

Why social sustainability counts

The impact of corporate social sustainability culture on financial success

A knowledge-based approach to the IoT-driven data integration of enterprises

Characteristics of a circular economy framework to support strategic renewal in manufacturing firms

Circular economy in integrated product and production development education

Customized dimensional analysis conceptual modelling framework for design optimization—a case study on the cross-flow micro turbine model

Experimental analysis on the turning of aluminum alloy 7075 based on Taguchi method and artificial neural network

Fabrication and Characterization of a Wireless Bioresorbable Pressure Sensor

Hidden product knowledge

Problems and potential solutions

Integration of multi-camera vision system for automatic robotic assembly

Learning environment for robotics education and industry-academia collaboration

Model for evaluating additive manufacturing feasibility in end-use production

Task balancing between human and robot in mid-heavy assembly tasks

The virtual FMS - An engineering education environment

Validation of Printed, Skin-Mounted Multilead Electrode for ECG Measurements

Active scanner control on paper machines

Creating value in the circular economy

A structured multiple-case analysis of business models

Enhanced multiaxial fatigue criterion that considers stress gradient effects

A Framework for Data Collection, Transformation and Processing in Industrial Systems

An ISA-95 based Ontology for Manufacturing Systems Knowledge Description Extended with Semantic Rules

Supporting a Cloud Platform with Streams of Factory Shop Floor Data in the Context of the Intustry 4.0

Towards the Adoption of Cyber-Physical Systems of Systems Paradigm in Smart Manufacturing Environments

Post operation inactivation of acidophilic bioleaching microorganisms using natural chloride-rich mine water

Recent progress in biohydrometallurgy and microbial characterisation

High surface quality welding of aluminum using adjustable ring-mode fiber laser

Geometry Analysis in Screen-Printed Stretchable Interconnects

Model-based cosimulation for industrial wireless networks

An approach for implementing key performance indicators of a discrete manufacturing simulator based on the ISO 22400 standard

Towards the deployment of cloud robotics at factory shop floors

A prototype for smart material handling

Investigating the kinetics and biofuel properties of Alstonia congensis and Ceiba pentandra via torrefaction

Backshoring of production in the context of a small and open Nordic economy

Adsorption of furfural from torrefaction condensate using torrefied biomass

A variable switching point predictive current control strategy for quasi-Z-source inverters

Bringing stimulated ideation in a web environment

Students’ evaluations of a basic software release

Effect of paint baking treatment on the properties of press hardened boron steels

Evaluating the contrast of planar periodic patterns on paper

Fabrication and characterization of magnetic cotton yarns for textile applications

High-speed manufacturing of antimicrobial paper

Knowledge-based PPR modelling for assembly automation

Simultaneous removal of tetrathionate and copper from simulated acidic mining water in bioelectrochemical and electrochemical systems

Towards the encapsulation and decentralisation of OKD-MES services within embedded devices

A Dual Perspective of Value in a Bundle of Product and Service

Noncovalent functionalization of reduced graphene oxide with pluronic F127 and its nanocomposites with gum arabic

A demand-based nutrient utilization approach to urban biogas plant investment based on regional crop fertilization

Application Oriented Wear Testing of Wear Resistant Steels in Mining Industry

Concepts, methods and tools for individualized production

Encapsulation Of MES Functionalities As RESTful Web Services For Knowledge-Driven Manufacturing Systems

Engineering Change Management Data Analysis from the Perspective of Information Quality

Heat Transfer of Impinging Jet

Effect of Compressibility and Turbulent Kinetic Energy Production

The role of base substrate on barrier and convertability properties of Water based barrier coated (WBBC) paper and paperboard

Application oriented wear testing of wear resistant steels in mining industry

Performance of a sonic jet-type charger in high dust load

A Network based modelling approach using the dimensional analysis conceptual modeling (DACM) framework for additive manufacturing technologies

Schedule health assessment of construction projects

Liquid fertilizer products from anaerobic digestion of food waste

Mass, nutrient and energy balance of four digestate liquid treatment systems

A Customer's Possibilities to Increase the Performance of a Service Provider by Adding Value and Deepening the Partnership in Facility Management Service

Organizational Commitment and Engagement in Two Finnish Energy Sector Organizations

Influence of specimen type and reinforcement on measured tension-tension fatigue life of unidirectional GFRP laminates

Benchmarking supplier development

An empirical case study of validating a framework to improve buyer-supplier relationship

Importance of maintenance data quality in extended warranty simulation

Chemical and bacterial leaching of metals from a smelter slag in acid solutions

Comparative environmental impacts of additive and subtractive manufacturing technologies

Learning logs in product development education

Magnetic cotton yarns

optimization of magnetic properties

Management of distributed knowledge encapsulated in embedded devices

Manufacturing backshoring : a systematic literature review

Preferential adsorption of Cu in a multi-metal mixture onto biogenic elemental selenium nanoparticles

Modeling carbon dioxide transport in PDMS-based microfluidic cell culture devices

Tri-functionality of Fe3O4-embedded carbon microparticles in microalgae harvesting

Characteristics and agronomic usability of digestates from laboratory digesters treating food waste and autoclaved food waste

Engineered nanomaterials reduce but do not resolve life cycle environmental impacts of power capacitors

Experimental Investigation of Cyclic Variability on Combustion and Emissions of a High-Speed SI Engine

Iterative and Participative Axiomatic Design Process in complex mechanical assemblies

case study on fusion engineering

Exploring effects of ecosystem clockspeed on product performance

Internet-of-things disrupting business ecosystems

A case in home automation

Towards a concept for realizing sustainability in the manufacturing industry

A Novel Enhanced-Performance Flexible RFID-Enabled Embroidered Wireless Integrated Module for Sensing Applications

Chemolithotrophic denitrification in biofilm reactors

Evaluating Particulate Emissions from a Flexible Fuel Vehicle with Direct Injection when Operated on Ethanol and Iso-butanol Blends

Direct model predictive control

A review of strategies that achieve long prediction intervals for power electronics

Effect of rotor pole-shoe construction on losses of inverter-fed synchronous motors

Design driven world of cellulose-from bulk to luxury?

Use of a PPS sensor in evaluating the impact of fuel efficiency improvement technologies on the particle emissions of a euro 5 diesel car

Model predictive pulse pattern control for the five-level active neutral-point-clamped inverter

Screening pretreatment methods to enhance thermophilic anaerobic digestion of pulp and paper mill wastewater treatment secondary sludge

Julkaisun otsikon käännös: : Screening pretreatment methods to enhance thermophilic anaerobic digestion of pulp and paper mill wastewater treatment secondary sludge

Naturally occurring amino acids

A suitable substitute of N-N/-di-phenyl guanidine (DPG) in silica tyre formulation?

Applicability of the Pegasor particle sensor to measure particle number, mass and PM emissions

Application of the pegasor particle sensor for the measurement of mass and particle number emissions

Integration of evaluation and simulation methods for virtual prototypes

Theory driven design and real proto typing of biomass pyrolitic stove

Use of a catalytic stripper as an alternative to the original PMP measurement protocol

Highly conducting polychloroprene composites based on multi-walled carbon nanotubes and 1-butyl 3-methyl imidazolium bis(trifluoromethylsulphonyl)imide

The role of multi-firm satisfaction in construction project success

Antenna-based smart skin sensors for sustainable, wireless sensor networks

Demonstration of hybrid prototype sealant for encapsulating organic photovoltaics

Environmental and economic evaluation of solar thermal panels using exergy and dimensional analysis

Exhaust particle sensor for OBD application

Multiprocessor scheduling of dataflow programs within the reconfigurable video coding framework

Integrated design framework

Towards an approach for early design

A strategy for cast part shape design optimisation

Combining analysis of different performances through the use of dimensional analysis

Industrial study of cast part development

Highly directive radiation and negative refraction using photonic crystals