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  1. Julkaistu

    Bandwidth reduction of omnidirectional viewport-dependent video streaming via subjective quality assessment

    Curcio, I. D. D., Toukomaa, H. & Naik, D., 27 lokakuuta 2017, AltMM 2017 - Proceedings of the 2nd International Workshop on Multimedia Alternate Realities, co-located with MM 2017. ACM, s. 9-14 6 Sivumäärä


  2. Julkaistu

    360-Degree video streaming and its subjective quality

    Curcio, I. D. D., Toukomaa, H. & Naik, D., 5 helmikuuta 2018, SMPTE 2017 Annual Technical Conference and Exhibition, SMPTE 2017. SMPTE, s. 1-23 23 Sivumäärä


  3. Julkaistu

    360-degree video streaming and its subjective quality

    Curcio, I. D. D., Toukomaa, H. & Naik, D., 1 elokuuta 2018, julkaisussa : SMPTE Motion Imaging Journal. 127, 7, s. 28-38 11 Sivumäärä, 8281390.


  4. Julkaistu

    Subjective quality of spatially asymmetric omnidirectional stereoscopic video for streaming adaptation

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  5. Julkaistu

    Inverse polynomial reconstruction method in DCT domain

    Dadkhahi, H., Gotchev, A. & Egiazarian, K., 2012, julkaisussa : Eurasip Journal on Advances in Signal Processing. 133


  6. Julkaistu

    Determining noisy attractors of delayed stochastic gene regulatory networks from multiple data sources

    Dai, X., Yli-Harja, O. & S. Ribeiro, A., 2009, julkaisussa : Bioinformatics. 25, 18, s. 2362-2368


  7. Julkaistu

    Novel Data Fusion Method and Exploration of Multiple Information Sources for Transcription Factor Target Gene Prediction

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  8. Julkaistu

    Tuning cell differentiation patterns and single cell dynamics by regulating proteins' functionalities in a toggle switch

    Dai, X., Healy, S., Yli-Harja, O. & S. Ribeiro, A., 2009, julkaisussa : Journal of Theoretical Biology. 261, 3, s. 441-448


  9. Julkaistu

    Software Startup Patterns - An Empirical Study

    Dande, A., Eloranta, V-P., Hadaytullah, H., Kovalainen, A-J., Lehtonen, T., Leppänen, M., Salmimaa, T., Syeed, M., Vuori, M., Rubattel, C., Weck, W. & Koskimies, K., 2014, Tampere: Tampere University of Technology. Department of Pervasive Computing. 71 Sivumäärä (Tampere University of Technology. Department of Pervasive Computing. Report; painos 4)


  10. Julkaistu

    Root causes for enterprise architecture problems in the public sector

    Dang, D. & Pekkola, S., 28 heinäkuuta 2016, Proceedings of the 20th Pacific Asian Conference on Information Systems 2016 (PACIS’2016): June 27-July 1, 2016, Chiayi, Taiwan. Association for Information Systems AIS


  11. Julkaistu

    Institutionalising enterprise architecture in the public sector in Vietnam

    Dang, D. & Pekkola, S., 2016, Proceedings of the 24th European Conference on Information Systems (ECIS’2016): Istanbul, Turkey, June 12-15, 2016. Association for Information Systems AIS


  12. Julkaistu

    Enterprise architecture problems in the public sector in a developing country

    Dang, D. & Pekkola, S., 2 helmikuuta 2016, 13th Scandinavian Workshop on e-Government (SWEG2016).


  13. Julkaistu

    Systematic literature review on enterprise architecture in the public sector

    Dang, D. D. & Pekkola, S., 2017, julkaisussa : ELECTRONIC JOURNAL OF E-GOVERNMENT. 15, 2, s. 57-154


  14. Julkaistu

    Problems of enterprise architecture adoption in the public sector: root causes and some solutions

    Dang, D. D. & Pekkola, S., 18 elokuuta 2017, Information technology governance in public organizations: theory and practice. Rusu, L. & Viscusi, G. (toim.). Springer International Publishing, s. 177-198 (Integrated Series in Information Systems).


  15. Julkaistu

    Enterprise architecture and organizational reform: a project debrief

    Dang, D. & Pekkola, S., 20 heinäkuuta 2017, Proceedings the 21st Pacific Asian Conference on Information Systems 2017 (PACIS’2017): Langkawi, Malay, 16-20 July, 2017. Association for Information Systems AIS, 16 Sivumäärä


  16. Julkaistu

    Patterns of Enterprise Architecture Adoption in the Public Sector: A Resource-Based Perspective

    Dang, D., Vartiainen, T. & Pekkola, S., kesäkuuta 2019, Proceedings of the 27th European Conference on Information Systems (ECIS), Stockholm & Uppsala, Sweden, June 8-14, 2019. Association for Information Systems, 16 Sivumäärä 53


  17. Julkaistu

    Decoupled inverse and denoising for image deblurring: variational bBM3d- frame technique

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  18. Julkaistu

    Denoising of multispectral images via nonlocal groupwise spectrum-PCA

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  19. Julkaistu

    Cross-color BM3D filtering of noisy raw data

    Danielyan, A., 2010, Digest of TISE Seminar 2010, Ylöjärvi, Finland, 26.5.2010. TISE Publications. Koivisto, P. (toim.). s. 125-132


  20. Julkaistu

    Image deblurring by augmented Langrangian with BM3D frame prior

    Danielyan, A., Katkovnik, V. & Egiazarian, K., 2010, Proceedings of the Third Workshop on Information Theoretic Methods in Science and Engineering, August 16-18, 2010, Tampere, Finland. s. 6 p


  21. Julkaistu

    Deblurring of Poissonian Images Using BM3D Frames

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  22. Julkaistu

    BM3D Frames and Variational Image Deblurring

    Danielyan, A., Katkovnik, V. & Egiazarian, K., 2012, julkaisussa : IEEE Transactions on Image Processing. 21, 4, s. 1715-1728


  23. Julkaistu

    Spatially adaptive filtering as regularization in inverse imaging: Compressive sensing, super-resolution, and upsampling

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  24. Julkaistu

    Denoising of two-photon fluorescence images with Block-Matching 3D filtering

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  25. Julkaistu

    Attaining Learning Objectives by Ontological Reasoning using Digital Twins

    David, J., Lobov, A. & Lanz, M., 23 huhtikuuta 2019, julkaisussa : Procedia Manufacturing. 31, s. 349-355 55.


  26. Julkaistu

    Navigation Algorithm Combining Building Plans With Autonomous Sensor Data

    Davidson, P., Kirkko-Jaakkola, M., Collin, J. & Takala, J., 2015, julkaisussa : Gyroscopy and Navigation. 6, 3, s. 188-196 9 Sivumäärä


  27. Julkaistu

    A Survey of Selected Indoor Positioning Methods for Smartphones

    Davidson, P. & Piche, R., 2017, julkaisussa : IEEE Communications Surveys and Tutorials. 19, 2, s. 1347-1370 45 Sivumäärä


  28. Julkaistu

    A method for post-mission velocity and orientation estimation based on data fusion from MEMS-IMU and GNSS

    Davidson, P. & Piche, R., 11 joulukuuta 2017, Multisensor Fusion and Information Integration for Intelligent Systems (MFI), 2017 International Conference on . IEEE, s. 576-580 5 Sivumäärä


  29. Julkaistu

    Continuous Analysis of Running Mechanics by Means of an Integrated INS/GPS Device

    Davidson, P., Virekunnas, H., Sharma, D., Piché, R. & Cronin, N., 26 maaliskuuta 2019, julkaisussa : Sensors (Basel, Switzerland). 19, 6, 1480.


  30. Julkaistu

    Depth Estimation from Motion Parallax: Experimental Evaluation

    Davidson, P., Mansour, M., Stepanov, O. & Piche, R., 30 toukokuuta 2019, 2019 26th Saint Petersburg International Conference on Integrated Navigation Systems (ICINS). IEEE


  31. Julkaistu

    On the complexity of restoring corrupted colorings

    De Biasi, M. & Lauri, J., toukokuuta 2019, julkaisussa : Journal of Combinatorial Optimization. 37, 4, s. 1150-1169 20 Sivumäärä


  32. Julkaistu
  33. Julkaistu

    Compressively Sensed Image Recognition

    Değerli, A., Aslan, S., Yamac, M., Sankur, B. & Gabbouj, M., marraskuuta 2018, 2018 7th European Workshop on Visual Information Processing (EUVIP). IEEE, 6 Sivumäärä


  34. Julkaistu

    Structural analysis of treatment cycles representing transitions between nursing organizational units inferred from diabetes

    Dehmer, M., Kurt, Z., Emmert-Streib, F., Them, C., Schulc, E. & Hofer, S., 1 kesäkuuta 2015, julkaisussa : PLoS ONE. 10, 6, e0127152.


  35. Julkaistu

    Graph distance measures based on topological indices revisited

    Dehmer, M., Emmert-Streib, F. & Shi, Y., 18 kesäkuuta 2015, julkaisussa : Applied Mathematics and Computation. 266, s. 623-633 11 Sivumäärä


  36. Julkaistu

    Discrimination Power of Polynomial-Based Descriptors for Graphs by Using Functional Matrices

    Dehmer, M., Emmert-Streib, F., Shi, Y., Stefu, M. & Tripathi, S., 2015, julkaisussa : PLoS ONE. 10, 10, e0139265.


  37. Julkaistu

    Computational Network Analysis with R: Applications in Biology, Medicine, and Chemistry

    Dehmer, M. (toim.), Shi, Y. (toim.) & Emmert-Streib, F. (toim.), joulukuuta 2016, Wiley-VCH. 343 Sivumäärä


  38. Julkaistu

    Quantitative Graph Theory: A new branch of graph theory and network science

    Dehmer, M., Emmert-Streib, F. & Shi, Y., 1 joulukuuta 2017, julkaisussa : Information Sciences. 418-419, s. 575-580 6 Sivumäärä


  39. Julkaistu

    Properties of graph distance measures by means of discrete inequalities

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  40. Julkaistu

    Graph measures with high discrimination power revisited: A random polynomial approach

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  41. Julkaistu

    Towards detecting structural branching and cyclicity in graphs: A polynomial-based approach

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  42. On the degeneracy of the Randić entropy and related graph measures

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  43. Julkaistu

    On efficient network similarity measures

    Dehmer, M., Chen, Z., Shi, Y., Zhang, Y., Tripathi, S., Ghorbani, M., Mowshowitz, A. & Emmert-Streib, F., 1 joulukuuta 2019, julkaisussa : Applied Mathematics and Computation. 362, 124521.


  44. Julkaistu

    Measuring the complexity of directed graphs: A polynomial-based approach

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  45. Julkaistu

    Mathematical Foundations and Applications of Graph Entropy

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  46. Julkaistu

    Programmable and Scalable Architecture for Graphics Processing Units

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  47. Julkaistu

    Time–Frequency Domain Spatial Audio Enhancement

    Delikaris-Manias, S. & Pertilä, P., 2017, Parametric Time-Frequency Domain Spatial Audio. John Wiley & Sons, s. 251-264 14 Sivumäärä


  48. Julkaistu

    Network signatures based on gene pair expression ratios improve classification and the analysis of muscle-invasive urothelial cancer

    De Matos Simoes, R., Mitsiades, C., Williamson, K. E. & Emmert-Streib, F., 16 joulukuuta 2015, 2015 IEEE International Conference on Bioinformatics and Biomedicine (BIBM). IEEE, s. 1216-1223 8 Sivumäärä


  49. Julkaistu

    Measurement challenge: Protocol for international case-control comparison of mammographic measures that predict breast cancer risk

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  50. Julkaistu

    Motivating scholars’ responses in academic social networking sites: An empirical study on ResearchGate Q&A behavior

    Deng, S., Tong, J., Lin, Y., Li, H. & Liu, Y., 1 marraskuuta 2019, julkaisussa : INFORMATION PROCESSING AND MANAGEMENT. 56, 6, 102082.


  51. Julkaistu

    Model-Based GUI Testing. Case Smartphone Camera and Messaging Development.

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  52. Julkaistu

    Integrating Heterogeneous Learning Spaces through Portable Education Portfolios

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  53. Julkaistu

    Developing Mobile Mixed Reality Application Based on User Needs and Expectations

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  55. Julkaistu

    Modified Group Delay Feature for Musical Instrument Recognition

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  56. Julkaistu

    Semi-Supervised Learning for Musical Instrument Recognition

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  57. Julkaistu

    Group Delay Function from All-Pole Models for Musical Instrument Recognition

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  58. Julkaistu

    Automatic recognition of environmental sound events using all-pole group delay features

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  59. Julkaistu

    Transfer Learning of Weakly Labelled Audio

    Diment, A. & Virtanen, T., 2017, IEEE Workshop on Applications of Signal Processing to Audio and Acoustics. s. 6-10 5 Sivumäärä (IEEE Workshop on Applications of Signal Processing to Audio and Acoustics).


  60. Julkaistu

    Detection of Typical Pronunciation Errors in Non-native English Speech Using Convolutional Recurrent Neural Networks

    Diment, A., Fagerlund, E., Benfield, A. & Virtanen, T., 1 heinäkuuta 2019, 2019 International Joint Conference on Neural Networks, IJCNN 2019. IEEE


  61. Julkaistu

    Tensor-based linear dynamical systems for action recognition from 3D skeletons

    Ding, W., Liu, K., Belyaev, E. & Cheng, F., toukokuuta 2018, julkaisussa : Pattern Recognition. 77, s. 75-86 12 Sivumäärä


  62. Julkaistu

    Fuzzy Logic of Quasi-Truth: An Algebraic Treatment

    Di Nola, A., Grigolia, R. & Turunen, E., 2016, Switzerland: Springer. 116 Sivumäärä (Studies in Fuzziness and Soft Computing; painos 338)


  63. Julkaistu

    Weighing trees with lasers: Advances, challenges and opportunities

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  64. Julkaistu

    Synthesis and biological screening for cytotoxic activity of N-substituted indolines and morpholines

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  65. Julkaistu

    Dimensionality Reduction for Information Geometric Characterization of Surface Topographies

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  66. Julkaistu

    Speaker verification using adaptive dictionaries in non-negative spectrogram deconvolution

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  67. Julkaistu

    Binary Non-Negative Matrix Deconvolution for Audio Dictionary Learning

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  68. Julkaistu

    Subjective evaluation of Super Multi-View compressed contents on high-end light-field 3D displays

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  69. Julkaistu

    Stereo Goes Mobile: Spatial Enhancement for Short-distance Loudspeaker Setups

    Drossos, K., Mimilakis, S. . I., Floros, A. & Kanellopoulos, N., kesäkuuta 2012, Intelligent Information Hiding and Multimedia Signal Processing (IIH-MSP), 2012 Eighth International Conference on. IEEE, 4 Sivumäärä


  70. Julkaistu

    Gestural User Interface for Audio Multitrack Real-time Stereo Mixing

    Drossos, K., Floros, A. & Koukoudis, K., syyskuuta 2013, Proceedings of the 8th Audio Mostly Conference. ACM, 6 Sivumäärä


  71. Julkaistu

    A Loudness-based Adaptive Equalization Technique for Subjectively Improved Sound Reproduction

    Drossos, K., Floros, A. & Kanellopoulos, N., huhtikuuta 2014, Audio Engineering Society Convention 136. AES Audio Engineering Society, 8 Sivumäärä


  72. Julkaistu

    Investigating Auditory Human-Machine Interaction: Analysis and Classification of Sounds Commonly Used by Consumer Devices

    Drossos, K., Kotsakis, R., Pappas, P., Kalliris, G. & Floros, A., toukokuuta 2013, Audio Engineering Society Convention 134. AES Audio Engineering Society, 9 Sivumäärä 8812


  73. A Socially-Intelligent Multi-Robot Service Team for In-Home Monitoring

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  74. Julkaistu

    Emergency Voice/Stress - level Combined Recognition for Intelligent House Applications

    Drossos, K., Floros, A., Agavanakis, K., Tatlas, N-A. & Kanellopoulos, N., huhtikuuta 2012, Audio Engineering Society Convention 132. AES Audio Engineering Society, 11 Sivumäärä


  75. Julkaistu

    Affective acoustic ecology: towards emotionally enhanced sound events

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  76. Sound Events and Emotions: Investigating the Relation of Rhythmic Characteristics and Arousal

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  79. Julkaistu

    Evaluating the Impact of Sound Events’ Rhythm Characteristics to Listener’s Valence

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  81. Julkaistu

    Affective Audio Synthesis for Sound Experience Enhancement

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  82. Julkaistu

    Automated Audio Captioning with Recurrent Neural Networks

    Drossos, K., Adavanne, S. & Virtanen, T., 2017, IEEE Workshop on Applications of Signal Processing to Audio and Acoustics. IEEE, 5 Sivumäärä


  83. Julkaistu

    Close Miking Empirical Practice Verification: A Source Separation Approach

    Drossos, K., Mimilakis, S. . I., Floros, A., Virtanen, T. & Schuller, G., 2017, Audio Engineering Society Convention 142. AES Audio Engineering Society


  84. Julkaistu

    MaD TwinNet: Masker-Denoiser Architecture with Twin Networks for Monaural Sound Source Separation

    Drossos, K., Mimilakis, S. I., Serdyuk, D., Schuller, G., Virtanen, T. & Bengio, Y., 10 heinäkuuta 2018, 2018 International Joint Conference on Neural Networks (IJCNN). IEEE


  85. Julkaistu

    Harmonic-Percussive Source Separation with Deep Neural Networks and Phase Recovery

    Drossos, K., Magron, P., Mimilakis, S. I. & Virtanen, T., marraskuuta 2018, 16th International Workshop on Acoustic Signal Enhancement, IWAENC 2018. IEEE, s. 421-425


  86. Julkaistu

    Unsupervised Adversarial Domain Adaptation Based On The Wasserstein Distance For Acoustic Scene Classification

    Drossos, K., Magron, P. & Virtanen, T., 22 lokakuuta 2019, 2019 IEEE Workshop on Applications of Signal Processing to Audio and Acoustics (WASPAA). IEEE, (IEEE Workshop on Applications of Signal Processing to Audio and Acoustics).


  87. Julkaistu

    Language Modelling for Sound Event Detection with Teacher Forcing and Scheduled Sampling

    Drossos, K., Gharib, S., Magron, P. & Virtanen, T., 25 lokakuuta 2019, Proceedings of the Detection and Classification of Acoustic Scenes and Events 2019 Workshop (DCASE2019).


  88. Julkaistu

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