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  1. Julkaistu

    Adaptive district heat load forecasting using neural networks

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  2. Julkaistu

    Adaptive DPCM with Median Type Predictors

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  3. Julkaistu

    Adaptive DPCM with Median Type Predictors

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  4. Julkaistu

    Adaptive edge detection based on 3D Kernel functions for biomedical image analysis

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  5. Julkaistu

    Adaptive equalization and Successive self‐Interference Cancellation (SIC) methods: The European Commission 7th Framework Programme (FP7) project ICT-318362-EMPhAtiC deliverable D3.2

    Nedic, S., Josilo, S., Stanivuk, V., Narandžic, M., Renfors, M., Yli-Kaakinen, J., Kofidis, E., Beikos, A. & Zakaria, R., 2015, ICT-EMPhAtiC. 91 Sivumäärä


  6. Julkaistu

    Adaptive Equalization of Binary Data Bursts

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  7. Julkaistu

    Adaptive Equalization of Binary Data Bursts Using Neural Networks

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  8. Julkaistu

    Adaptive equalization of binary data bursts with cascade-correlation trained multilayer perceptron networks

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  9. Julkaistu

    Adaptive Estimator of Signal Amplitude in Unknown Noise Environment

    Liu, Q., Astola, J. & Neuvo, Y., 1992, Proc. of the Int. Conference on Communications, Chicago, USA, June 1992.


  10. Julkaistu

    Adaptive Feedback in Local Coordinates for Real-time Vision-Based Motion Control Over Long Distances

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  11. Julkaistu

    Adaptive feed control of a forest harvester

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  12. Julkaistu

    Adaptive filter banks for lossless image compression

    Öktem, R., Gerek, Ö. M., Cetin, E., Öktem, L. & Egiazarian, K., 2001, ICASSP 2001 International Conference on Acoustics, Speech, and Signal Processing. s. 4 s


  13. Julkaistu

    Adaptive filtering using multiplicative general parameters for zero-crossing detection

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  14. Julkaistu

    Adaptive filters - Novel structures, algorithms and applications

    Williams, L., 2004, Tampere: Tampere University of Technology. (Tampereen teknillinen yliopisto, Julkaisu; painos 513)


  15. Julkaistu

    Adaptive finite element analysis of geometrically nonlinear elastoplastic structures

    Tuomala, M. & Kouhia, R., 1986, Tampere: Tampereen teknillinen korkeakoulu. 20 Sivumäärä (Tampereen Teknillinen Korkeakoulu, Rakennustekniikan osasto, Rakennusstatiikka, Raportti; nro 10)


  16. Julkaistu

    Adaptive FIR Filter Architectures for Run-Time Reconfigurable FPGAs

    Rissa, T., Uusikartano, R. & Niittylahti, J., 2002, Proceedings of 2002 IEEE International Conference on Field-Programmable Technology (FPT), December 16-18, 2002, Hong Kong. s. 52-59


  17. Julkaistu

    Adaptive FIR-WOS Hybrid Filtering

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  18. Julkaistu

    Adaptive FIR-WOS Hybrid Filtering

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  19. Julkaistu

    Adaptive fuzzy inference system based directional median filter for impulse noise removal

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  20. Julkaistu

    Adaptive fuzzy order statistics-rational hybrid filters for color image processing

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  21. Julkaistu

    Adaptive Generalized Stack Filtering Under the Mean-Absolute-Error Criterion

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  22. Julkaistu

    Adaptive General Parameter Extension for Tuning FIR Predictors

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  23. Julkaistu

    Adaptive General Parameter Extension to FIR Predictors

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  24. Julkaistu

    Adaptive Grayscale Morphological Filters for Image Noise Smoothing

    Wang, Q. & Neuvo, Y., 1992, Proc. of the IEEE Int. Conference on Systems Engineering, Kobe, Japan, September 17-19, 1992. s. 588-591


  25. Julkaistu

    Adaptive Grid-Voltage Feedforward for Three-Phase Inverters Applying Perturb and Observe Algorithm to Minimize Current THD

    Luhtala, R., Messo, T., Roinila, T. & Spagnuolo, G., lokakuuta 2019, IECON 2019 - 45th Annual Conference of the IEEE Industrial Electronics Society. IEEE, (Annual Conference of the IEEE Industrial Electronics Society).


  26. Julkaistu

    Adaptive gripper system for small optical assemblies

    Heikkilä, R., Prusi, T., Ha, T. H., Song, J. Y., Lee, C. W. & Tuokko, R., 2010, Proceedings of the 7th International Workshop on Microfactories, IWMF 2010, 24-27 October, 2010, Daejeon, Korea. s. 308-312


  27. Julkaistu

    Adaptive Haar transforms with arbitrary time and scale splitting

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  28. Julkaistu

    Adaptive hotel polling

    Sirola, N., Emet, S. & Hirvonen, J., 2004, Proceedings of the 50th European Study Group with Industry, 12.11.2004, Helsinki. Piche, R. (toim.). s. 10-15


  29. Julkaistu

    Adaptive I2I wavelet trees with quotient-reminder updating for lossless signal compression

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  30. Julkaistu

    Adaptive image classification based on folksonomy

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  31. Julkaistu

    Adaptive incremental approach to construction of classification models

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  32. Julkaistu

    Adaptive incremental framework for performance-driven data mining

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  33. Julkaistu

    Adaptive Inference Using Hierarchical Convolutional Bag-of-Features for Low-Power Embedded Platforms

    Passalis, N., Raitoharju, J., Tefas, A. & Gabbouj, M., syyskuuta 2019, 2019 IEEE International Conference on Image Processing (ICIP). IEEE, s. 3048-3052 5 Sivumäärä (IEEE International Conference on Image Processing).


  34. Julkaistu

    Adaptive interpolation filter with flexible symmetry for coding high resolution high quality video

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  35. Julkaistu

    Adaptive interpolation with flexible filter structures for video coding

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  36. Julkaistu

    Adaptive JPEG lossy compression of color images

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  37. Julkaistu

    Adaptive L-Filters Based on Local Statistics

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  38. Julkaistu

    Adaptive L-filters with applications in signal and image processing

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  39. Julkaistu

    Adaptive line enhancement with FIR-WOS hybrid filters

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  40. Julkaistu

    Adaptive LMS FFT-ordered L-Filters

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  41. Julkaistu

    Adaptive local phase approximations and global unwrapping

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  42. Julkaistu

    Adaptive Lowpass Filters for Zero-Crossing Detectors

    Vainio, O. & Ovaska, S., 2002, Proceedings of IECON-2002, 2002 International Conference on Industrial Electronics, Control and Instrumentation, November 5-8, 2002, Sevilla, Spain. s. 4 s


  43. Julkaistu

    Adaptively varying transform size selection by ICI rule for transform domain image de-noising

    Öktem, H., Egiazarian, K. & Katkovnik, V., 1999, Proceedings of the IEEE-EURASIP Workshop on Nonlinear Signal and Image Processing (NSIP'99), June 20-23, 1999, Antalya, Turkey. Cetin, A. E. (toim.). s. 391-394


  44. Julkaistu

    Adaptive mass flow sensor calibration method for crushing circuits

    Väyrynen, T., Itävuo, P., Jaatinen, A., Vilkko, M. & Peltonen, M., 2014, Proceedings of Comminution '14, April 7-10, 2014, Cape Town, South Africa. s. 1-6 6 Sivumäärä


  45. Julkaistu

    Adaptive matching pursuit using coordinate descent and double residual minimization

    Onose, A. & Dumitrescu, B., 2013, julkaisussa : Signal Processing. 93, 11, s. 3143-3150 8 Sivumäärä


  46. Julkaistu

    Adaptive mesh generation in 2D magnetostatic integral formulations

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  47. Julkaistu

    Adaptive Method for 1-D Signal Processing Based on Nonlinear Filter Bank and Z-Parameter

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  48. Hyväksytty/In press

    Adaptive method for control tuning of grid-connected inverter based on grid measurements during start-up

    Luhtala, R., Reinikka, T., Alenius, H., Roinila, T. & Messo, T., 20 helmikuuta 2019, (Hyväksytty/In press) European Control Conference (in cooperation with IFAC) - ECC 2019 : Jun 25-28, Naples, Italy. IEEE, s. 417-422


  49. Julkaistu

    Adaptive mobile tracking in unknown non-line-of-sight conditions with application to digital TV networks

    Chen, L., Piche, R., Kuusniemi, H. & Chen, R., 2014, julkaisussa : Eurasip Journal on Advances in Signal Processing. 2014, 10 Sivumäärä, UNSP 22.


  50. Julkaistu

    Adaptive model predictive control of consistency

    Kokko, T., Lautala, P. & Huhtelin, T., 2002, Preprints of the 15th Triennial World Congress of the International Federation of Automatic Control.


  51. Julkaistu

    Adaptive Morphological Filters with Nonflat Structuring Elements

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  52. Julkaistu

    Adaptive Motion Vector Prediction for Omnidirectional Video

    Ghaznavi Youvalari, R. & Aminlou, A., 9 joulukuuta 2018, IEEE Visual Communications and Image Processing (VCIP). Taichung, Taiwan: IEEE


  53. Julkaistu

    Adaptive multiresolution method for MAP reconstruction in electron tomography

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  54. Julkaistu

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  55. Julkaistu

    Adaptive myriad filter

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  56. Julkaistu

    Adaptive neighborhood inerpolation of noisy images on quincunx grid

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  57. Julkaistu

    Adaptive Neural Filters

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  58. Julkaistu

    Adaptive noise cancellation of biomagnetic signals

    Venho, O., Heinonen, P. & Malmivuo, J., 1984, Tampere: Tampere University of Technology. (Tampere University of Technology, Electronics Laboratory, Research Report; painos 5/1984)


  59. Julkaistu

    Adaptive Nonlinear Digital Self-interference Cancellation for Mobile Inband Full-Duplex Radio: Algorithms and RF Measurement

    Korpi, D., Choi, Y. S., Huusari, T., Anttila, L., Talwar, S. & Valkama, M., 2015, Proceedings of IEEE Global Communications Conference (IEEE GLOBECOM 2015).


  60. Julkaistu

    Adaptive Nonlinear L2 and L3 Filters for Speckled Image Processing

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  61. Julkaistu

    Adaptive nonlinear modeling of periodic signals

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  62. Julkaistu

    Adaptive Nonlinear Multivariate Image Filtering for Mixed Noise Removal

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  63. Julkaistu

    Adaptive Nonlinear RF Cancellation for Improved Isolation in Simultaneous Transmit-Receive Systems

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  64. Julkaistu

    Adaptive Nonlocal Signal Restoration and Enhancement Techniques for High-Dimensional Data

    Maggioni, M., 16 tammikuuta 2015, Tampere University of Technology. 148 Sivumäärä (Tampere University of Technology. Publication; painos 1277)


  65. Julkaistu

    Adaptive nonlocal transform-based signal restoration

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  66. Julkaistu

    Adaptive Notch Filtering in Impulsive Noise Environment

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  67. Julkaistu

    Adaptive on/off position control of low-pressure water hydraulic cylinder

    Linjama, M., Koskinen, K. T. & Vilenius, M., 2002, Proceedings of the 3rd International Fluid Power Conference, March 5th and 6th 2002, Aachen, Germany. s. 303-314


  68. Julkaistu

    Adaptive optics and lightcurve data of asteroids: Twenty shape models and information content analysis

    Viikinkoski, M., Hanuš, J., Kaasalainen, M., Marchis, F. & Ďurech, J., 1 marraskuuta 2017, julkaisussa : Astronomy and Astrophysics. 607, A117.


  69. Hyväksytty/In press

    Adaptive Optimization of Current-Control Loop for Grid-Connected Inverters

    Luhtala, R., Alenius, H. & Roinila, T., 14 toukokuuta 2020, (Hyväksytty/In press) The Applied Power Electronics Conference.


  70. Julkaistu

    Adaptive Order Statistics Rational Hybrid Filters for Multichannel Image Processing

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  71. Julkaistu

    Adaptive predictive modeling of stereo LPC with application to lossless audio compression

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  72. Adaptive Profiling Tool for Teacher Education

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  73. Julkaistu

    Adaptive Randomized Coordinate descent for Solving sparse Systems

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  74. Julkaistu

    Adaptive Randomized Coordinate Descent for Sparse Systems: Lasso and Greedy Algorithms

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  75. Julkaistu

    Adaptive Repetitive Controller for a three-phase Dynamic Voltage Restorer

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  76. Julkaistu

    Adaptive Resource Management Strategy in Practical Multi-Radio Heterogeneous Networks

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  77. Julkaistu

    Adaptive retention control in a paper machine

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  78. Julkaistu

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  79. Julkaistu

    Adaptive Reweighted Compressed Sensing For Image Compression

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  80. Julkaistu

    Adaptive robust DOA estimation for a 60-GHz antenna-array system

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  81. Julkaistu

    Adaptive robust output regulation control design

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  82. Julkaistu

    Adaptive sampling for compressed sensing based image compression

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  83. Julkaistu

    Adaptive sampling for compressed sensing based image compression

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  84. Julkaistu

    Adaptive scales as a structural similarity indicator for image quality assessment

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  85. Julkaistu

    Adaptive Scheme for Oversampled Front Ends

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  86. Julkaistu

    Adaptive segmentation of burst-suppression pattern in isoflurane and enflurane anesthesia

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  87. Julkaistu

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  88. Julkaistu

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  89. Julkaistu

    Adaptive-size block transforms for signal-dependent noise removal

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  90. Julkaistu

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  91. Julkaistu

    Adaptive solution of non-linear fluid transmission lines

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