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  1. Why malicious software makes information systems fail?

    Helenius, M., 2005, EICAR 2005 Conference Best Paper Proceedings, Saint Julians, Malta, 30 April - 3 May 2005. Turner, P. (toim.). s. 12 p


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    Why HDR is important for 3DTV model acquisition

    Huhle, B., Pirinen, O., Fleck, S., Gotchev, A. & Strasser, W., 2008, Proceedings of the 2008 3DTV-Conference: the True Vision - Capture, Transmission and Display of 3D Video, 3DTV-CON 2008, Istanbul, Turkey, 28-30 May 2008. Güdükbay, U. & Alatan, A. A. (toim.). s. 45-48


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    Why do managers from different firms exchange information ? A case study from a knowledge-intensive industry

    Peltoniemi, M., 2006, Proceedings of the 7th European Conference on Knowledge Management 4-5 September 2006, Budapest, Hungary. Fehér, P. (toim.). s. 399-405


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    Why do companies pursue MC manufacturing strategy?

    Sievänen, M. & Mertanen, M., 2008, Proceedings of the 3rd International Conference on Mass Customization and Personalization in Central Europe (MCP - CE 2008), June 3-6, 2008, Serbia. Anisic, Z. & Freund, R. (toim.). Faculty of Technical Sciences in Novi Sad, Serbia, s. 159-164


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    Why do companies pursue MC manufacturing strategies

    Sievänen, M. & Mertanen, M., 2009, julkaisussa : Advances in Production Engineering and Management. 4, s. 69-76


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    Whole cell strategies based on lux genes for high throughput applications toward new antimicrobials

    Galluzzi, L. & Karp, M., 2006, julkaisussa : Combinatorial Chemistry & High Throughput Screening. 9, 7, s. 501-514


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    Who is responsible when it finally happens? - Functional involvement in adopting green initiatives among logistics service providers

    Isaksson, K., Huge-Brodin, M., Liimatainen, H. & Evangelista, P., 2012, Proceedings of the 17th Annual Logistics Research Network Conference LRN2012. Go for Gold - Winning the Supply Chain Triathlon: Creating Social, Economic and Environmental Value. 5-7 September 2012, Cranfield, United Kingdom. Wilding, R. (toim.). Corby, UK: The Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport, s. 8 (Annual Logistics Research Network Conference).


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    White paper of C2NET platform / openness and portability

    Borja Ramis, F., Nieto, A. & Iarovyi, S., 2016, 18 Sivumäärä.


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    White lines in the L2,3 electron energy-loss spectrum of r.f. sputtered (Fe,Cr)2O3 films

    Keränen, J., Stenberg, T., Lepistö, T. & Kuokkala, V-T., 1997, Proceedings of the 49th Annual Meeting of the Scandinavian Society for Electron Microscopy, Extended Abstracts, Göteborg, June 10-13, 1997. Thölen, A. R. (toim.). Göteborg: SCANDEM -97, s. 100-101


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    White-collar worker productivity: challenges in Finland

    Kujansivu, P. & Oksanen, L., 2008, Proceedings of International Forum on Knowledge Asset Dynamics IFKAD 2008, Third edition on: Intellectual Capital Dynamics and Innovation Capabilities, June 26-27, 2008, Matera, Italy. s. 13 p


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    White anorthosite from North Finland - dimension stone with marble look and granite strength

    Uusinoka, R., Ihalainen, P., Rask, M. & Vartiainen, R., 1992, 29th Int. Geol. Congr. Kyoto. Abstracts II-19-7-P-11. s. s. 3152


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    Which structures are sensitive to painful transcranial electric stimulation?

    Häkkinen, V., Eskola, H., Yli-Hankala, A., Nurmikko, T. & Kolehmainen, S., 1995, julkaisussa : Electromyogr. clin Neurophysiol.. 35, s. 377-383


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    Which structures are most sensitive to painful transcranial electrical stimulation ? Abstract

    Häkkinen, V., Eskola, H., Nurmikko, T., Kolehmainen, S. & Yli-Hankala, A., 1993, julkaisussa : Electroenceph clin Neurophysiol. 87


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    Which fields in medicine will benefit from electrical and magnetic stimulation of motor nervous system?

    Eskola, H., 1992, Proceedings of the First Ragnar Granit Symposium - Electrical and Magnetic Stimulation of Motor Nervous System. Tampere University of Technology, Ragnar Granit Institute, Report. Suihko, V., Eskola, H. & Malmivuo, J. (toim.). s. 102-103 2 Sivumäärä


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    Where to spend the bits? Efficiency of source and channel coding in MBMS

    Ugur, K., Wenger, S., Tian, D. & Gabbouj, M., 2005, Proceedings of 13. European Signal Processing Conference, EUSIPCO, Antalya, Turkey, 4-8 September 2005. s. 4 p


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    Where Do you Start to Design a Dwelling?

    Kotilainen, S., 2014, Landscape Accessibility, Landscape Accessibility International Workshop - Milazzo 2014. Morabito, V. (toim.). ARACNE, 2 Sivumäärä (Intelligent landscape; nro 3).


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    When is a linear convolution system stabilizable ?

    Mäkilä, P., 2002, julkaisussa : Systems and Control Letters. 46, s. 371-378


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    When are two weighted median filters identical?

    Cheikh Alaya, F., Astola, J. & Gabbouj, M., 1994, Proc. IS&T/SPIE Symposium on Electronic Imaging Science & Technology, Nonlinear Image Processing V, February 6-10, 1994, San Jose Convention Center, CA. San Jose, USA


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    When and how innovation begins?

    Eloranta, K. & Hilliaho, E., 2004, Product Development in Changing Environement, Proceedings of NordDesign 2004 Conference, 18-20 August 2004, Tampere, Finland. Lehtonen, T., Pulkkinen, A. & Riitahuhta, A. (toim.). s. 10 p


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    When Alvar Aalto found his own voice - Why I think Paimio tuberculosis sanatorium shoud be on the world heritage list

    Koponen, O-P., 2010, Integrity and authenticity in modern movement architecture - Case Paimio hospital. International expert semianr 1-2 October in 2009 in the Paimio Hospital. Salastie, R. (toim.). s. 112-114 3 Sivumäärä


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    What the small Rubik's cube taught me about data structures, information theory, and randomisation

    Valmari, A., 2006, julkaisussa : International Journal on Software Tools for Technology Transfer. s. 1-15 15 Sivumäärä


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    What´s wrong with energy utilization in hydraulic cranes

    Liang, X. & Virvalo, T., 2001, Proceedings of the Fifth International Conference on Fluid Power Trasmission and Control (ICFP´2001) April 3-5, 2001, Hangzhou, China. Lu, Y., Chen, Y. & Xu, L. (toim.). Kiina, s. 419-424


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    What matters - user values or value to the end-user?

    Nurkka, P. & Kujala, S., 2008, CHI 2008 Proceedings of 26th Annual CHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems, April 5-10, 2008, Florence, Italy. s. 4 p


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    What mathemathical algorithms should be used for the adaptive segmentation of the long-term EEG recordings in epilepsy

    Frey, H., Värri, A., Loula, P. & Neuvo, Y., 1991, 19th Int.Epilepsy Congress, Rio Janeiro, Brazil, 14-19.10.1991.


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    What makes a Place? Claiming Spaces for Informal and Social Learning

    Poutanen, J., 2015, How to Co-Create Campus?. Tampere: Suomen Yliopistokiinteistöt Oy, s. 248-265 18 Sivumäärä


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    What is value for customer of characteristics of innovation?

    Tapaninen, A., 2010, Proceedings of the XXI ISPIM Conference, 6-9 June 2010, Bilbao, Spain. Huizingh, K., Coss, S., Torkkeli, M. & Bitran, I. (toim.). s. 1-12 12 Sivumäärä


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    What is the Role of Knowledge Management in Capturing Effectiveness of Public Welfare Services?

    Laihonen, H. & Sillanpää, V., 2013, 8th International Forum on Knowledge Asset Dynamics, IFKAD 2013, 12.-14.6.2013, Zagreb, Croatia. Zagreb, Croatia: Institute of Knowledge Asset Management, s. 974-986 9 Sivumäärä (International Forum on Knowledge Asset Dynamics).


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    What is the customer perceived value of e-invoicing for SMEs?

    Lamminen, K. & Kuokkala, H-R., 2011, Proceedings of the 5th International Conference on Business Market Management (BMM), 18-20.5.2011, Tampere, Finland. Mahlamäki, T., Uusitalo, O. & Jansson, D. (toim.). Tampere: Tampere Univeristy of Technology, s. 245-251 (International Conference on Business Market Management BMM).


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    What is the Added Value of Web-based Learning and Teaching? The Case of Tampere University of Technology

    Forsblom, N. & Silius, N., 2002, The New Educational Benefits of ITC in Higher Education, Rotterdam 2 - 4 September 2002. Kallenberg, A. J. (toim.). Rotterdam: Erasmus Plus OECR, s. 18-25


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    What Is Stakeholder Thinking? A Snapshot of a Social Theory of the Firm

    Näsi, J., 2002, Management Tensions and Configurations, Papers on Strategic Management Issues in the Stakeholder Society,. Näsi, J. & Näsi, S. (toim.). Jyväskylä: University of Jyväskylä, s. 15-29 (Reports from the School of Business and Economics, University of Jyväskylä; nro 30).


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    What is seen as the best practice of site management?

    Koskenvesa, A. & Sahlstedt, S., 2012, 20th Conference of the International Group for Lean Construction, IGLC 2012,17-22 July 2012, San Diego, CA. International Group for Lean Construction, s. 1-10 10 Sivumäärä (Conference of the International Group for Lean Construction).


  32. What is project strategy?

    Artto, K., Kujala, J., Dietrich, P. & Martinsuo, M., 2007, Proceedings of the EURAM European Academy of Management Conference, Paris, France, 16-19 May 2007.


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    What is product lifecycle management (PLM) maturity? Analysis of current PLM maturity models

    Kärkkäinen, H. & Silventoinen, A., 1 tammikuuta 2016, julkaisussa : Journal of Modern Project Management. 3, 3, s. 96-103 8 Sivumäärä


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    What Is It That Gives a Soul to a Place?

    Dupre, K., 2004, Tampere: Unknown Publisher.


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    What is customization?

    Sievänen, M., 2002, Proceedings of the 9th International EurOMA Conference "Operations Management and the New Economy", Copenhagen, 2-4 June 2002. Boer, H. & Christiansen, J. (toim.). s. 1367-1378


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    What is being measured in R&D: Contradictions between the need and the practice

    Jämsen, M., Suomala, P. & Paranko, J., 2005, Business Performance Measurement, Towards Functional Excellence. Kambhammettu, S. S. (toim.). s. 235-263


  37. Julkaistu

    What is being measured in R&D: Contradictions between the need and the practice

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  38. Julkaistu

    What do information reuse and automated processing require in engineering design? Semantic process

    Nykänen, O., Salonen, J., Markkula, M., Ranta, P., Rokala, M., Helminen, M., Alarotu, V., Nurmi, J., Palonen, T., Koskinen, K. T. & Pohjolainen, S., 2011, julkaisussa : Journal of Industrial Engineering and Management. 4, 4, 329.


  39. Julkaistu

    What does the Purchasing Orientation Tell about the Buyer, the Organization, and the Supplier Selection Criteria?

    Mahlamäki, T., Ojala, M. & Mikkola, T., 2014, The 30th Annual IMP Conference, 1-6 September 2014, Bordeaux, France. Bordeaux, France: IMP Group, s. 1-13 13 Sivumäärä (Industrial Marketing and Purchasing Conference).


  40. Julkaistu

    What criris? Architecture and the myth of progress

    Griffiths, G., 2004, UmBau. s. 121-134


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    What constitutes patient experience and journey in pediatric health services? Contrasting doctors and caregivers perceptions

    Litovuo, L., Jaakkola, E., Aarikka-Stenroos, L., Kaipio, J., Karisalmi, N. & Nieminen, M., kesäkuuta 2018, In the Proceedings of SERVSIG 2018 Opportunities for Services in a Challenging World, Paris, June 14-16, 2018. Paris, France: SERVSIG COMMUNITY, 12 Sivumäärä


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    What are the effects of implementing an intellectual capital management system?

    Lönnqvist, A., Kujansivu, P. & Väisänen, J., 2006, Proceedings of ICickm 2006, 3rd International Conference on Intellectual Capital, Knowledge Management and Organisational Learning, 19-20 October, 2006 Santiago, Chile. Remenyi, D. (toim.). s. 285-294


  43. Julkaistu

    What are the boundary objects in tacit knowledge communication?

    Koskinen, K. U., 2003, HAAMAHA 8th International conference on human aspectsof advanced manufacturing: agility & hybrid automation, Conference proceedings, 26-30 2003 May, Rome. Bagnara, S., Rizzo, A., Pozzi, S., Rizzo, F. & Save, L. (toim.). Rooma, Italia, s. 561-562


  44. Julkaistu

    Wetting of Fibers Measured by LPR-90 Equipment

    Jaala, A., Järvelä, P. K. & LeBell, J., 1992, Textiles and Composites '92, Tampere, Finland, 15-18 June, 1992, VTT Symposium 133. Meinander, H. (toim.). s. 125-131


  45. Julkaistu

    Wetting by solder

    Grandi, G., Lepistö, T. & Nykänen, J., 1999, Tampere: TTKK. 29 Sivumäärä (Tampereen Teknillinen Korkeakoulu, Materiaaliopin laitos, Raportti; nro 14/1999)


  46. Julkaistu

    Wetting angles measurements by PISARA and OPTICAL

    Grandi, G., Nykänen, J. & Lepistö, T., 1999, Tampere: TTKK. 17 Sivumäärä (Tampereen Teknillinen Korkeakoulu, Materiaaliopin Laitos, Raportti; nro 19/1999)


  47. Julkaistu

    Wetting and Reactivity between Nitride Ceramics and Molten Copper and Silver Alloys

    Hernesniemi, S., 2012, Tampere: Tampere University of Technology. 122 Sivumäärä (Tampere University of Technology. Publication; painos 1040)


  48. Julkaistu

    Wetting and adhesion in paper and paperbord converting

    Vähä-Nissi, M. & Kuusipalo, J., 1998, Paper and paperboard converting. Papermaking science and technology series, book 12. Savolainen, A. (toim.). s. 24-59


  49. Julkaistu

    Wet spinning of poly-L-DL-lactide copolymers

    Rissanen, M., Puolakka, A. & Nousiainen, P., 2007, Proceedings of Autex 2007, From Emerging Innovations to Global Business, 7th Annual Textile Conference by Autex, 26-28 June 2007, Tampere Finland. Salonen, R. & Heikkilä, P. (toim.). s. 1-6 6 Sivumäärä


  50. Julkaistu

    Wet spinning of poly-l,dl-lactide 96/4 multifilament fibres

    Rissanen, M., Puolakka, A. & Nousiainen, P., 2006, FiberMed06, Fibrous Products in Medical and Health Care, Proceedings, June7-9, 2006 Tampere Hall, Finland. Salonen, R. (toim.). s. 7 p


  51. Julkaistu

    Wet spinning of polylactide stereo copolymer multifilaments

    Rissanen, M., 4 kesäkuuta 2010, Tampere: Tampere University of Technology. 70 Sivumäärä (Tampere University of Technology. Publication; painos 887)


  52. Julkaistu

    Wet Spinning of Polylactic Acid Stereo Copolymers

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  53. Julkaistu

    Wet-spinning of cellulosic fibres from water-based solution prepared from enzyme-treated pulp

    Vehviläinen, M., 4 syyskuuta 2015, Tampere: Tampere University of Technology. 81 Sivumäärä (Tampere University of Technology. Publication; painos 1312)


  54. Julkaistu

    Wet oxidation for detecting surface defect pits of AlGaAs related semiconductors

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  55. Julkaistu

    Wet Abrasion and Slurry Erosion Resistance of Thermally Sprayed Oxide Coatings

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  56. Julkaistu

    Wet Abrasion and Slurry Erosion Recistance of Thermally Sprayed Oxide Coatings

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  57. Julkaistu

    WesQu - Web service quality evaluation tool

    Häkkinen, P., Kailanto, M., Mäkinen, R., Silius, K. & Tervakari, A-M., 2009


  58. Julkaistu

    Werner Holmberg ja fragmentin taide

    Lukkarinen, V., 2008, Hommage a Lauri Anttila. Johansson, H. (toim.). KUVATAIDEAKATEMIA, s. 13-39


  59. Julkaistu

    Wells in Developing Countries. Workshop report

    Katko, T. (toim.), 1985, Tampere University of Technology. 52 Sivumäärä (TUT Water Supply and Sanitation; nro B 16)


  60. Julkaistu

    Well-being, Safety and Well-being at Work

    Heikkilä, J., Reiman, T., Leskinen, T., Rasa, P-L. & Tappura, S., 2013, Proceedings of the 45th Annual International Conference of the Nordic Ergonomics & Human Factors Society NES 2013. Ergonomics for Equality. 11-14 August 2013, Reykjavik, Iceland. s. 1-7 7 Sivumäärä (Annual Conference of the Nordic Ergonomics Society).


  61. Julkaistu

    Well-being Architecture in Academic Workplace

    Peltoniemi, S., 2014, Proceedings of the 6th Annual Architectural Research Symposium in Finland 2014: Designing and Planning the Built Environment for Human Well-Being, October 23rd to 25th 2014, Oulu, Finland : The 6th Annual Symposium of Architectural Research 2014 and The Annual NAAR Symposium 2014, October 23-25, 2014, Oulu, Finland. s. 283-290 8 Sivumäärä (University of Oulu, Department of Architecture, Publications; nro A61).


  62. Well-behaved evaluation functions for numerical attributes

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  63. Julkaistu

    Weld line strength of (PC+ABS) thin wall mouldings

    Hietaranta, T. J. & Järvelä, P. K., 2001, Proceedings of Baltic Polymer Symposium, BPS 2001, October 11-12 2001, Tallinn, Estonia. s. 82-87


  64. Julkaistu

    Weld line strength

    Pirskanen, J. & Järvelä, P., 2002, Tampere: TTKK. 29 Sivumäärä (Tampereen teknillinen korkeakoulu, Materiaalioppi, Muovi- ja elastomeeritekniikka, Raportti; nro 6)


  65. Julkaistu

    Weld lines in power cable insulation

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  66. Julkaistu

    Welding simulation

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  67. Julkaistu

    Welding research in Tampere University of Technology

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  68. Julkaistu

    Welded steel beam design using particle swarm analysis

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  69. Julkaistu

    Weldcracking in Feedwater Containers of Inkoo Power Plant

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  70. Julkaistu

    Weight initialization with reference patterns

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  71. Julkaistu

    Weight Initialization Techniques in Neural Network Systems and Their Application

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  72. Julkaistu

    Weight initialization techniques

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  73. Julkaistu

    Weighted Vector Median Operation for Filtering Multispectral Data

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  74. Julkaistu

    Weighted Vector Median Operation for Filtering Multispectral Data

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  75. Julkaistu

    Weighted medians - Positive Boolean functions conversion algorithms

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  76. Julkaistu

    Weighted Median Filters: A Tutorial

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  77. Julkaistu

    Weighted Median Filters - Analysis, Optimal Design and Applications

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  78. Julkaistu

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  79. Julkaistu

    Weighted least squares method for the approximation of directional derivatives

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  80. Julkaistu

    Weighted FMH filters

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  81. Julkaistu

    Weighted FIR Median Hybrid Filters for Image Processing

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  82. Julkaistu

    Weighted dilution of precision as quality measure in satellite positioning

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  83. Julkaistu

    Weighted Complementary IIR Digital Filters

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  84. Julkaistu

    Weighted butterfly window structure for two-dimensional sinogram filtering

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  85. Julkaistu

    WEF/AWWA 1995 Joint Management Conference "Facing the Management Challenge" Tulsa, Oklahoma

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  86. Julkaistu

    Web-Wide transmittance imaging measurement variability analysis

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  87. Julkaistu

    Web-wide diagnostics of paper properties based on fault detector system images

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  88. Julkaistu

    Web-sovelluspalveluihin perustuvat käynnissäpidon lisäarvopalvelut

    Viinikkala, M. & Kuikka, S., 2005, Automaatio05 seminaaripäivät , 6.-8.9.2005, Helsinki. s. 263-268


  89. Julkaistu

    Web Semantica para espacios de conocimiento evolutivos entre iquales

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  90. Julkaistu


    Peltomäki, J. & Nykänen, O., 2006, Jyväskylä: DOCENDO.


  91. Julkaistu

    Web ontology languages: theory and practice - will they ever meet?

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  92. Julkaistu

    Web ontology languages: theory and practice - will they ever meet?

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  93. Julkaistu

    Web, mobile and monitoring technologies in self-management of psychophysiological wellbeing: usage and user experiences

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  94. Julkaistu

    Web-kamera hyötykäyttöön

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