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  1. Julkaistu

    3D component method for welded tubular T joints

    Garifullin, M., Pajunen, S., Mela, K. & Heinisuo, M., 2017, Tubular Structures XVI: Proceedings of the 16th International Symposium for Tubular Structures (ISTS 2017 4-6 December 2017, Melbourne, Australia). Heidarpour, A. & Zhao, X-L. (toim.). CRC Press


  2. Julkaistu

    3D DCT based filtering of color and multichannel images

    Ponomarenko, N. N., Lukin, V. V., Zelensky, A. A., Koivisto, P. T. & Egiazarian, K. O., 2008, julkaisussa : Telecommunications and Radio Engineering. 67, 15, s. 1369-1392


  3. Julkaistu

    3D-DCT based multi-scale full-reference quality metric for stereoscopic video

    Jin, L., Boev, A., Gotchev, A. & Egiazarian, K., 2012, Proceedings of the Sixth International Workshop on Video Processing and Quality Metrics for Consumer Electronics VPQM-2012, January 19 - 20, 2012, Scottsdale, Arizona. Scottsdale, Arizona, USA: Workshop on Video Processing and Quality Metrics VPQM; Arizona State University, s. 1-4 4 Sivumäärä (International Workshop on Video Processing and Quality Metrics for Consumer Electronics).


  4. Julkaistu

    3D-DCT Based Perceptual Quality Assessment Of Stereo Video

    Jin, L., Boev, A., Gotchev, A. & Egiazarian, K., 2011, 18th IEEE International Conference on Image Processing, September 11-14, 2011, Brussels, Belgium. Piscataway, NJ: IEEE, s. 2569-2572 (IEEE International Conference on Image Processing ICIP).


  5. Julkaistu

    3D eddy current computation with an A-formulation using Whitney elements

    Kettunen, L., 1993, Oxford, England: Vector Fields Ltd. (Vector Fields report; nro 06-01-93)


  6. Julkaistu

    3D FE-modeling of reinforced railway culvert

    Mäkelä, E., 2002, XV European Young Geotechnical Engineers Conference, 11. - 14.9.2002. Dublin: XV EYGEC, s. 9 s


  7. Julkaistu

    3D-field computations for accelerator magnets using finite element and integral codes (invited paper)

    Turner, L. R., Kim, S. H., Kim, K. & Kettunen, L., 1992, Proc. of the ICEF '92 Hangzhou Int. Conf. on Electromagnetic Field Problems and Applications, Hangzhou, China, 1992.


  8. Julkaistu

    3D Finite Element Model as a Tool for Analyzing the Structural Behavior of a Railway Track

    Kalliainen, A., Kolisoja, P. & Nurmikolu, A., 2016, julkaisussa : Procedia Engineering. 143, s. 820-827 8 Sivumäärä


  9. Julkaistu

    3D finite elements modelling of percussive rock drilling: Estimation of rate of penetration based on multiple impact simulations with a commercial drill bit

    Saksala, T., Fourmeau, M., Kane, P-A. & Hokka, M., 2018, julkaisussa : Computers and Geotechnics. 99, s. 55-63 9 Sivumäärä


  10. Julkaistu

    3D folded loop UAV antenna design

    Pyattaev, A., Solomitckii, D. & Ometov, A., 2018, Wired/Wireless Internet Communications - 16th IFIP WG 6.2 International Conference, WWIC 2018, Proceedings. Springer Verlag, s. 269-281 13 Sivumäärä (Lecture Notes in Computer Science (including subseries Lecture Notes in Artificial Intelligence and Lecture Notes in Bioinformatics); painos 10866 LNCS).


  11. Julkaistu

    3D Forming of Paperboard: The Influence of Paperboard Properties on Formability

    Vishtal, A., Hauptmann, M., Zelm, R., Majschak, J-P. & Retulainen, E., 2013, julkaisussa : Packaging Technology and Science. s. 1-15 15 Sivumäärä


  12. Julkaistu

    3D Fractal Compression for Real-time Video

    Chabarchine, A. & Creutzburg, R., 2001, Proceedings of the 2nd International Symposium on Image and Signal Processing and Analysis (ISPA 2001), June 19-21, Pula, Croatia. Loncaric, S. (toim.). s. 570-573


  13. Julkaistu

    3-Dimensional Median Filters for Image Sequence Processing

    Bilge Alp, M. & Neuvo, Y., 1991, Proc.of ICASSP 91, 1991 International Conference on Acoustics, Speech, and Signal Processing, Toronto, Canada, 14-17 May 1991. s. 2917-2920


  14. Julkaistu

    3D/inkjet-printed origami antennas for multi-direction RF harvesting

    Kimionis, J., Georgiadis, A., Isakov, M., Qi, H. J. & Tentzeris, M. M., 24 heinäkuuta 2015, 2015 IEEE MTT-S International Microwave Symposium, IMS 2015. Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Inc., 7166878


  15. Julkaistu

    3D integration of electronics and mechanics

    Peltola, T., Mansikkamaki, P. & Ristolainen, EO., 2005, 2005 IEEE/CPMT 10th International Symposium on Advanced Packaging Materials. Processes, Properties and Interfaces. March 16-18, 2005, Irvine, CA, USA. IEEE, s. 5-8 4 Sivumäärä


  16. Julkaistu


    Halima, T., Silén, J. & Kuokkanen, S., 1999, Tampere: Tampereen teknillinen korkeakoulu. 46 Sivumäärä (Tampereen teknillinen korkeakoulu, Materiaaliopin laitos, Muovitekniikka, Raportti; nro 16/99)


  17. Julkaistu

    3D Measurements of Tropical Forest Structure for BIOMASS, Morphology and Calibration and Validation of Satellite Observations.

    Disney, M., Burt, A., Calders, K., Raumonen, P. A., Herold, M., Lewis, P., Boni Vicari, M., Rowland, L., Meir, P. & Mitchard, E., toukokuuta 2016.

    Tutkimustuotos: Konferenssiesitys, posteri tai abstrakti

  18. Julkaistu

    3-D mechanical modeling of 20 T HTS clover leaf end coils - Good practices and lessons learned

    Murtomäki, J. S., Van Nugteren, J., Stenvall, A., Kirby, G. & Rossi, L., 1 elokuuta 2019, julkaisussa : IEEE Transactions on Applied Superconductivity. 29, 5, 8642381.


  19. Julkaistu

    3-D Median Based Prediction for Image Sequence Coding

    Mickos, R., Öktem, L., Sun, T., Campbell, G. & Neuvo, Y., 1992, 1992 IEEE International Symposium on Circuits and Systems, 1992. ISCAS '92. Proceedings, 3-6 May 1992, San Diego, CA. s. 1656-1659


  20. Julkaistu

    3-D median Structures for Image Sequence Filtering and Coding

    Viero, T. & Neuvo, Y., 1993, Motion Analysis and Image Sequence Processing. Sezan, M. I. & Lagendijk, R. L. (toim.). Kluwer Academic Publishers


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