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  1. 2008
  2. Recent progress in the genomics of soft tissue sarcomas

    Conley, A. P., Trent, J. & Zhang, W., 2008, julkaisussa : Current Opinion in Oncology. 20, s. 395-399

    Tutkimustuotos: Katsausartikkelivertaisarvioitu

  3. Somatic genetic changes in prostate cancer

    Helenius, M. A., Waltering, K. K. & Visakorpi, T., 2008, prostate Cancer: Signaling Networks, Genetics, and New Treatment Strategies. Pestell, R. G. (toim.). s. 99-128


  4. Somatic mutation analysis of MYHI I in breast and prostate cancer

    Alhopuro, P., Karhu, A., Winqvist, R., Waltering, K., Visakorpi, T. & Aaltonen, L. A., 2008, julkaisussa : BMC Cancer. 8, 263, s. 5 p


  5. The hOGGI Ser326Cys polymorphism and lung cancer risk: a meta-analysis

    Li, H. X., Hao, X. S., Zhang, W., Wei, Q. & Chen, K., 2008, julkaisussa : Cancer Epidemiology Biomarkers and Prevention. 17, 7, s. 1739-1745


  6. Time-frequency analysis of the non-stationary multifrequency signal by using parametrical short-time ispectral density estimation

    Molchanov, P. & Totsky, A., 2008, Proceedings of the International Conference TCSET 2008, Modern Problems of Radio Engineering, Telecommunications and Computer Science, Lviv-Slavsko, Ukraine, 19-23 February 2008. s. 276-279


  7. Towards interruptionless experiments on MEAs

    Mikkonen, J. E., Kandler, S., Okujeni, S., Weihberger, O. & Egert, U., 2008, Proceedings of the 6th International Meeting on Substrate-Integrated Micro Electrode Arrays, MEA Meeting 2008, 8-11 July 2008, Reutlingen, Germany. s. 331-332


  8. Julkaistu

    Transformational pattern system - some assembly required

    Siikarla, M. & Systä, T., 2008, julkaisussa : Electronical Notes in Theoretical Computing. 211, s. 63-74


  9. Julkaistu

    TTY-Piiri - Social web service for TUT students

    Huhtamäki, J., Miilumäki, T., Meriläinen, J., Pohjolainen, S., Silius, K. & Tebest, T., 2008


  10. Julkaistu
  11. WWOX tumor suppressor gene

    Yang, J. & Zhang, W., 2008, julkaisussa : Histology and Histopathology. 23, 7, s. 877-882


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