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Sustainable business - Case studies from Finnish forerunners



KustantajaVTT Technical Research Centre of Finland
ISBN (elektroninen)978-951-38-7447-6
TilaJulkaistu - 2016
OKM-julkaisutyyppiD4 Julkaistu kehittämis- tai tutkimusraportti taikka -selvitys


The quest for sustainability has already transformed the competitive landscape and is changing the mindsets of companies. Since natural resources are scarce, actors doing business must take into account not just the economic goals, but they also need to address the environmental and social objectives in executing business. This publication presents the results of practical case studies where different approaches for sustainable business were created. The results offer an opportunity for different representatives of various companies to compare their own practices and learn from practical cases in sustainable business models and governance.

This publication shows the path towards sustainable business through the following themes:
1) understanding the value of sustainability, and considering it in:
2) strategic decision making,
3) business development and
4) innovation orchestration.
Tools and methods were applied and further developed within the case companies: Ekokem, Fortum Power Solutions, Nokia, Solita and Vapo Clean Waters.


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